Saturday, March 23, 2019

Checking out Cayman’s new hotels

In a spot of good news for the construction sector, Grand Cayman has at least four significant tourism projects lined up.

Business targets lionfish invasion

A Chicago couple are launching the Caribbean’s first commercial fishery targeting lionfish – a venture that, if successful, could turn the tide in the Atlantic-wide battle against the voracious, invasive predator.

US travel market bullish on Cuba

Pent-up demand in the United States for travel to Cuba is about to be unleashed.

New CITA executive director ready for action

Jane van der Bol is the new executive director of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association and she is ready to get her teeth into 2012.

Take a trek to Palm Beach

Get off the rock of Grand Cayman and trek to Palm Beach, Florida.

Jamaican Independence and a very specıal rum

The history of Jamaica's independence and the 50-year Appleton Estate rum will be forever intertwined.

Tourism working for Cayman worldwide

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has offices abroad working to bring visitors to the destination.

Ron Kipp: Out of the water

Dive legend Ron Kipp, author of a new book about his experiences, tells his story to the Journal.

Tourism Accommodations sector reporting good 2012 season

Cayman’s hotel and accommodation tourism sector is reporting a decent recovery of occupancy, although average daily rate and revenue per available room are both lagging behind the inbound bodies.  



CITA’s van der Bol looks to conquer incentives market

Jane van der Bol of CITA is taking up a position in the incentive travel market which should assist Cayman greatly.

Anguilla’s blue-print for tourism

Anguilla’s chief minister, Hubert Hughes, recently outlined his country’s new 10-year Sustainable Tourism Master Plan, which includes a plan to diversify its product to attract visitors all year round, and not just in the traditionally busy winter months.

Special Report: Residential real estate market takes off

By all accounts, the residential real estate market in the Cayman Islands is in boom territory, as demand increases, the economy continues to be healthy, and consumer confidence is on the rise.

Jamaica Independence celebrated in Cayman

Jamaicans in the Cayman Islands are gearing up for their Indepence celebrations slated for Friday, 2 August from early morning until late at night.

Getting there: First steps making Cuba a US tourist destination

The aviation agreement between the governments of the United Sates and Cuba is one step toward a more open tourism market in the island nation.

Take a May trip to Florida

There’s always a reason to trek to Florida, be it shopping, visiting or just playing. The month of May gives even more incentives to fly off the rock and head north. 


Take a trip to the Emerald Isle this year

The beautiful country of Ireland should be on your bucket list as a place to visit for at least a couple of weeks.   



From around the world

Carnival corporation has taken delivery of its 100th ship, a floating golf course is planned for the Maldives and tourism is set to grow steadily in Saudi Arabia and the UAE over the next five years.

Rapid technological advances outpace risk management

Risk management processes are not sufficiently taking account of the business risks associated the rapid adoption of emerging technologies, according to a report by insurance broker Marsh and RIMS, the risk management society.

International Travel News

Space tourism on schedule.  Galactic Suite have revealed that plans to open the first hotel in space are on schedule and The Galactic Suite Space Resort will be open for business and accepting tourists by 2012. 

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway drive between San Francisco and Los Angeles should be on everyone's bucket list.
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