Monday, May 20, 2019

Cruising to Cayman: Making way for super ships

 The Cayman Islands and the Caribbean cruise industry have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for many years. Currently, three business-related themes are converging that could strengthen this alliance substantially in the coming years: 


International Travel News

Space tourism on schedule.  Galactic Suite have revealed that plans to open the first hotel in space are on schedule and The Galactic Suite Space Resort will be open for business and accepting tourists by 2012. 

Air travel growth slows

Unrest in the Middle East, problems in Japan slow air travel.

Caribbean tourism industry hits conference season

It's conference season for the Caribbean tourism industry and Puerto Rico hosted the Hotel and Tourism Investment Conference.

US travel market bullish on Cuba

Pent-up demand in the United States for travel to Cuba is about to be unleashed.

Accommodations: Summer awaits after good high season

Cayman's accommodations sector had a decent high season and is looking to maximise the summer months.

Manning conquers Everest

Climber Guy Manning crossed Mount Everest off his list of seven mountain summits he plans to climb.

Top 10 most affordable US cities

According to a recent article in Fortune Magazine, a report recently released by Deutsche Bank suggests the property tide is turning for some parts of the US and it is now cheaper to purchase a property than to rent in certain locations. The magazine features Deutsche Bank’s ten top cities in the US for home buyers and three out of the ten are located in Florida, perhaps signalling that it’s a good time for Cayman residents to invest in that holiday home in the States?

Accommodations looking at better season

Cayman accommodations experts analyse the new season's possibilities.

Cruising Europe by car

Taking a road trip for a couple of weeks can be a great way to experience a country or countries while traveling at your own pace.

Economic Forum highlights concerns over cruise pier project

Regular readers of the Cayman Compass and other local media are surely used to seeing headlines over the years such as “Cruise dock deal on track,” “Government gives green light to George Town cruise dock,” and “Government plans to go ahead with cruise dock.”

Department of Tourism’s world representatives speak

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism's world offices have the same task - to bring tourists to Cayman - but often different day to day issues.

Carbon scheme will cost travellers more

It is estimated between US$15 and US$57 will be added to the cost of a passenger ticket between New York and London, with longer flights, including those between Grand Cayman and the United Kingdom, costing more due to increased emissions based on tonnes of carbon, according to European Commission analysis.

New moves to involve Caymanians in tourism

As the tourism industry goes from strength to strength, new moves are taking place to ensure Caymanians share the success.

Getting there: First steps making Cuba a US tourist destination

The aviation agreement between the governments of the United Sates and Cuba is one step toward a more open tourism market in the island nation.

Spending a few days at Graham’s Place

When my family and I took a trip to Graham's Place off Guanaja in the Bay Islands, we felt like we were stepping back in time to the Cayman Islands of yesteryear.

Small business bubbles to top of TripAdvisor visitor list

Although a relatively quiet success story here in the Cayman Islands, Beach Bubbles, a business that sells natural soap products all made on island, has taken off on TripAdvisor, one of the leading sources of travel information globally.

Private sector contemplates tourism plans for the future

Cayman's tourism industry is in the middle of a consultation process on six identified key issues for the sector.

Take a May trip to Florida

There’s always a reason to trek to Florida, be it shopping, visiting or just playing. The month of May gives even more incentives to fly off the rock and head north. 


Dallas does it better

A JFK museum, shopping malls with ice rinks and cowboy experiences are just some of the things you can see and do when you visit Dallas, Texas.
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