Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Cayman can be tops in destination weddings

Cayman has the opportunity to become the leader in Caribbean destination weddings.

Optimism over tourism development boom

Developers are confident that the diversity of new hotel projects, in various stages of development, will bring new tourists to the Cayman Islands.

Carbon scheme will cost travellers more

It is estimated between US$15 and US$57 will be added to the cost of a passenger ticket between New York and London, with longer flights, including those between Grand Cayman and the United Kingdom, costing more due to increased emissions based on tonnes of carbon, according to European Commission analysis.

The Best Dressed Chicken is a Jamaican success story

As we approach the anniversary of Jamaican Independence, we take a look at one of the island's most successful companies - Jamaica Broilers and Best Dressed Chicken.

Tourism Accommodations sector reporting good 2012 season

Cayman’s hotel and accommodation tourism sector is reporting a decent recovery of occupancy, although average daily rate and revenue per available room are both lagging behind the inbound bodies.  



Barbados develops health tourism market

The plan is backed by the Barbados Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, who has said that health and wellness tourism is growing faster than the overall travel and tourism industry, and thus Barbados plans to develop its health and wellness market.

Private sector contemplates tourism plans for the future

Cayman's tourism industry is in the middle of a consultation process on six identified key issues for the sector.

Escape to Strawberry Hill

Enjoy a luxury weekend escape at Strawberry Hill, Jamaica, with special packages from Cayman Airways and Island Outpost Resorts

Time for abundance of antiquities


Where does one even begin when it comes to Greece and Egypt? There are so many, you’ll definitely need time to see them all. 



Anguilla’s blue-print for tourism

Anguilla’s chief minister, Hubert Hughes, recently outlined his country’s new 10-year Sustainable Tourism Master Plan, which includes a plan to diversify its product to attract visitors all year round, and not just in the traditionally busy winter months.

Armour Expo: Weather and IT are inseparable for Caribbean businesses

In the wake of a devastating hurricane season, much of the Caribbean has been forced to take on massive rebuilding efforts in coming months.

Checking out Cayman’s new hotels

In a spot of good news for the construction sector, Grand Cayman has at least four significant tourism projects lined up.

It really does happen in Vegas

I guess the best thing about Vegas is you don’t have to be an avid gambler to have fun.

‘Year for Tourism’ celebrates record prices and rebuilds

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association has declared 2017 “The Year for Tourism,” a declaration that comes in the wake of improving economies in Cayman’s North American markets and a long-awaited recovery at home, boosting arrivals, room inventories, new flights by Southwest Airlines, a new Ministry of Tourism outreach to South America, a residential building boom and plans for at least five new hotels.

The filming of Cayman

Since the Cayman Islands Film Commission was set up many films have been shot here.

Major projects, tourism expected to drive growth

While many business leaders express optimism about the economic outlook for 2014, mainly based on major new developments, the hard data still presents a mixed picture.

Tourism working for Cayman worldwide

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has offices abroad working to bring visitors to the destination.

Travel agents are there to ensure all goes smoothly

Travel agents can take the worry out of complicated trips and solve any issues that come up.

Skip off to the Sunshine State for fresh weekend escapes

There is so much more to see in Florida than you might realize, so go for a weekend, rent a car, and explore!

The West Indian Club is an incredible oasis

The gardens that surround the West Indian Club have been created in stages, after Hurricane Ivan did its best to wreak havoc on the island in September 2004.
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