Friday, June 5, 2020

The hedge fund challenge

Hedge funds have been underperforming since the financial crisis. So why are institutional investors still allocating to the industry?

Cayman glassware distributor goes global

For 15 years Cayman’s hospitality industry has benefited from a quality product that is economical to use and helps ensure their clientele get the most from their glass of wine. The company has expanded into the notoriously tough US market and is already showing signs of a good degree of success.


New DCI director’s vision for the future

Ryan Rajkumarsingh is the newly appointed director of the government’s Department of Commerce and Investment. Here he talks with the Journal about how the DCI facilitates business for Cayman and he speaks about his hopes for the development of the Department under his directorship.

The interoperability problem

International cooperation - beyond standard treaties - is needed to catch the modern financial criminal, a U.S. investigator says.

Investing: It’s all about equities

With interest rate rises likely, bonds are going to be a drag on portfolios. Investors should be in North American and European equities.

The opportunity for e-payments

Cayman remains a cash and cheque-based economy, where electronic payment systems that would ensure faster payment for both businesses and individuals are still a rarity

Chinese investment strategy targets the Caribbean, US

When a Chinese delegation from Jiangsu province’s Department of Commerce came to Cayman last month to explore investment opportunities, the visit highlighted a role for which Cayman is less well known:

Petroleum products

After more than a half-century in the Cayman Islands, the last vestiges of the Texaco brand will disappear early this month, replaced by the Rubis brand. Rubis Cayman Country Representative Greg Campeau told The Journal what the rebranding would mean to customers in Cayman. 



Going green in your investment portfolio

Green investing is sometimes used as a catch all phrase for investment disciplines that are closely related but not exactly same.

Oil stocks should be traded – don’t buy and hold

Healthcare and technology are obvious growth sectors for the years to come, but what about oil?

Challenging times in court

While the Grand Court’s August vindication of West Bay MLA Tara Rivers surprised many, the subsequent Court of Appeal petition to overturn it generated outright disbelief, almost despair, about where might all end.

Arbitration rules revised

Court rules governing arbitration proceedings in the Cayman Islands have been wholly revised by virtue of the Grand Court (Amendment No 1) Rules 2013 which took effect on 1 July, 2013. 

All that glitters is not gold

What is influencing the price of gold? Gold is the most sought after precious metal and is primarily used in jewellery making or as a financial asset. 




Right on the Money: From the farm to your wallet

We have strong expectations in the Agribusiness sector, especially when it comes to food producers.

Japan’s brave new world of unconventional easing

Following the re-election of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the appointment of Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda, the NIKKEI 225 soared 45 per cent to 13,568, the highest levels in more than four and a half years.

The Frankenstein Economy

From the great recession of 2008 emerged a new Dr. Frankenstein, in the person of Dr. Bernanke.

RIM sells 1M BlackBerry 10s, surprise 4Q profit

Research In Motion Ltd. sold about 1 million phones running its new BlackBerry 10 system. It also surprised Wall Street by returning to profitability in the most recent quarter. 



Strata titles law reform a hot topic

Experts discuss recent changes to and sweeping prosals for strata titles law.

A road map to grow your wealth in the tumultuous times ahead

How can you invest for the long term when the road ahead is so unpredictable? To increase your chance of success I recommend that you overweight assets or sectors affected by future global drivers that present a high probability of happening.

Legal practice – discrimination or meritocracy?

Caymanian lawyers are deliberately marginalised in the workplace, denied fair opportunities to advance and are subject to a system designed to ensure that Caymanians fail, claims Ian Paget-Brown, the chairman of the Law Reform Commission.
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