Sunday, January 20, 2019

Real estate recovery slowly gains momentum

While “more of the same” does not ordinarily send shivers up the spine, this time it may be worth some enthusiasm as the experts peer into the near-term future for local real estate.

Tax issues for UK expats

HMRC are slowly increasing the U.K. tax net to catch expats.

Wrongful dismissal? The Johnson exclusion area

Concerns have been raised about attempts to bring employment disputes before the Grand Court rather than before a Labour Tribunal.

2015: Conservatism needed in captive investments

The return expectations of captive owners have to moderate, and their investment portfolios need to be more diversified.

A conversation with…Matthew Wight

Local businessman Matthew Wight talks about his numerous enterprises and how he got involved in them at an early age.

Match fixing taints soccer

World football governing body FIFA needs to do more to deal with the illegal gambling rackets tainting the integrity of the game, according to the investigator who brought down a match-fixing ring operating in the U.K.

Mega performance with mega caps

Stocks of the biggest companies worldwide recently witnessed a resurging interest by investors.

KPMG: Investment industry needs to radically change

The global asset management industry will have to drastically change over the next 15 years to remain relevant

The tussle between fund directors and investors

A panel at the GAIM Ops Cayman conference in April presented the latest suggestions for improving fund governance.

Innovation and change in the financial industry

Samuel Ely, managing director at GammaDS, argues that regulation will spark innovation, create opportunity, and lower costs and increase revenue for a range of firms within the financial industry.

Transparency advocate: ‘Corruption kills’

A bleak picture of starvation, illness and death worldwide perpetrated by what is called 'petty corruption'.

Cayman Finance leads global promotion of industry

Cayman Finance has undertaken a rigorous program of promotional events across the globe.

Formation and composition of liquidation committees

Cayman Islands insolvency practitioners received some welcome guidance and clarification recently regarding the Grand Court’s power to make directions relating to the formation and composition of liquidation committees following last year’s amendments to the Companies Winding Up Rules 2008.

The hedge fund challenge

Hedge funds have been underperforming since the financial crisis. So why are institutional investors still allocating to the industry?

New DCI director’s vision for the future

Ryan Rajkumarsingh is the newly appointed director of the government’s Department of Commerce and Investment. Here he talks with the Journal about how the DCI facilitates business for Cayman and he speaks about his hopes for the development of the Department under his directorship.

Cayman glassware distributor goes global

For 15 years Cayman’s hospitality industry has benefited from a quality product that is economical to use and helps ensure their clientele get the most from their glass of wine. The company has expanded into the notoriously tough US market and is already showing signs of a good degree of success.


The interoperability problem

International cooperation - beyond standard treaties - is needed to catch the modern financial criminal, a U.S. investigator says.

Investing: It’s all about equities

With interest rate rises likely, bonds are going to be a drag on portfolios. Investors should be in North American and European equities.

The opportunity for e-payments

Cayman remains a cash and cheque-based economy, where electronic payment systems that would ensure faster payment for both businesses and individuals are still a rarity

Chinese investment strategy targets the Caribbean, US

When a Chinese delegation from Jiangsu province’s Department of Commerce came to Cayman last month to explore investment opportunities, the visit highlighted a role for which Cayman is less well known:
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