Thursday, November 21, 2019

Legal ruling could impact strata developments

Several developers, including Chamber of Commerce President Paul Pearson, say a change in the law to regulate how and when they hand over control of strata developments to owners is unnecessary and would hamper their ability to build and sell.

New law brings Cayman copyright into the digital age

New copyright legislation came into effect June 30, replacing legislation from 1956, with the copyright protections coming from the United Kingdom’s 1988 Copyright Act, which has been updated several times to keep up with digital innovations over the past 28 years.

Cayman disposes of bearer shares

The Companies Law was recently amended by The Companies (Amendment) Law, 2016 (the “Amended Law”), published in the Cayman Islands gazette on May 13.

When modern technology far outpaces the law

It’s common knowledge that most modern Western governments can be exceedingly slow when it comes to implementing new legislation. This is particularly true in the Cayman Islands, and especially as of late.
The $600,000 loan agreement between Forward Sports and the Cayman Islands Football Association was ostensibly concluded to assist with the construction of the National Training Center. - Photo: Matt Lamers

Loans, gifts and graft: CIFA and CONCACAF’s Panama connections

A Panamanian company set up by Canover Watson that was allegedly used to receive a $1.1 million bribe payment from Traffic Sports to Jeffrey Webb is the same entity that had a controversial $600,000 loan agreement with the Cayman Islands Football Association, documents reveal.
OTC Markets Group warns investors with a skull and crossbones symbol to take extra care when investing in certain securities.

Litigation: Skype messages show Caledonian’s trading activity in penny stock frauds

Documents submitted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to a U.S. court in February have shed new light on the involvement of Caledonian executives and clients in trading securities used in four penny stock manipulation fraud schemes.
Kevin Mitnick, who once was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list and is now a computer security consultant, addresses the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit.

Technology: Former hacker shows off new tricks of the trade

Kevin Mitnick, who once was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list and is now a computer security consultant, took to the stage at the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit to show off some of the newest ways hackers are breaking into computer systems.

Beneficial ownership FAQ

Beneficial owners are distinct from legal owners. For example, service providers that act as nominee directors, who may appear on legal documents as the representatives of the company.

Costs, competition vie with innovation in legal sector

The headline writes itself for corporate law as it heads out of 2015 and into 2016: Costs and competition abound, with the former sparking concerns and the latter innovation.

Wall Street in 2016: Clear new trading signals are still missing

Interest rate policy only becomes critical if the rates are raised more quickly than previously planned.

Millennials: An investor’s perspective

Recognizing that Millennials are far from homogenous, it is still possible to draw some broad-based conclusions about the behaviors and attitudes that make this generation decidedly different.

Mixed results for private pensions

Private pensions had mixed returns over the past year, with conservative plans performing worse than more aggressive investments.

UK tax authority criticized for lack of offshore crackdown

The U.K. Public Accounts Committee has criticized the lack of enforcement and prosecutions of offshore tax evasion by HM Revenue and Customs in a performance report.

Why value investment approaches would benefit from a dose of momentum

Combining reasonable relative valuation and existing stock price momentum is more effective.

After the sting: ‘I got a raw deal,’ says Clover’s St-Cyr

St-Cyr says his conviction of conspiracy against the United States through money laundering was only a pretext by the IRS to flush out Americans who evade taxes by using offshore service providers.

ETFs: Passive investments need active care

The volatile price swings in the U.S. on Aug. 24 were a disaster for the reputation of ETFs.

Court decides on fair value determination in merger case

The Cayman Islands Grand Court has for the first time decided on how to value the shares of investors who disagree with the merger of the company they have invested in.

Fat profits seem to follow obesity-related investments

Since all obesity-related industries operate in a growth environment, equity investments in that field are attractive.

Japan: New way of thinking acts as an additional share price driver

Shareholder value thinking is becoming acceptable for Japanese managers.

Diamond exchange idea floated

Global diamond jewelry demand grew 2.9 percent to $81.4 billion in 2014, according to diamond miner De Beers. If longtime Cayman jewelry maker Dennis Smith’s plans come to fruition, Cayman could well take a share of that market.

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