Saturday, March 23, 2019

Residency vs. domicile for UK citizens: What’s the difference?

Many people confuse tax residence and domicile. In particular, it is common for individuals to assume that because they have ceased to be tax resident in the U.K., it must follow that they have also ceased to be U.K. domiciled. But is this necessarily the case? In short, the answer is definitely no.

All that glitters is not gold

What is influencing the price of gold? Gold is the most sought after precious metal and is primarily used in jewellery making or as a financial asset. 




Marijuana hedge funds: An emerging conundrum for regulators?

Will the launching of new marijuana hedge funds seeking to profit from legal cannabis sales in the Canada and the U.S. constitute money laundering by the Financial Action Task Force and federally defined illegal drug acts?
OTC Markets Group warns investors with a skull and crossbones symbol to take extra care when investing in certain securities.

Litigation: Skype messages show Caledonian’s trading activity in penny stock frauds

Documents submitted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to a U.S. court in February have shed new light on the involvement of Caledonian executives and clients in trading securities used in four penny stock manipulation fraud schemes.

Japan’s brave new world of unconventional easing

Following the re-election of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the appointment of Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda, the NIKKEI 225 soared 45 per cent to 13,568, the highest levels in more than four and a half years.

When modern technology far outpaces the law

It’s common knowledge that most modern Western governments can be exceedingly slow when it comes to implementing new legislation. This is particularly true in the Cayman Islands, and especially as of late.

Cayman disposes of bearer shares

The Companies Law was recently amended by The Companies (Amendment) Law, 2016 (the “Amended Law”), published in the Cayman Islands gazette on May 13.

New Chamber Pension appointees strengthen service quality

Transparency and good governance are at the heart of the Chamber Pension Plan’s mission to provide employees in the Cayman Islands with the highest quality pension offering available.

UK Lord Chief Justice: Commercial courts must meet business needs

In an increasingly competitive market for dispute resolution across jurisdictions, commercial courts still need to work together to uphold the rule of law and support international economic cooperation and prosperity. To do so requires the courts to meet the needs of the business community, said Lord John Thomas of Cwmgiedd, the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales in a guest lecture at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

Tax issues for UK expats

HMRC are slowly increasing the U.K. tax net to catch expats.

Market Watch: Emerging threats to developed markets

One of the most significant trends over the last decade has been the increasing influence of politics in the financial markets of advanced economies.

Legally Speaking: Presenting the key to being ‘key’

Contrary to assertions in some press, the maximum period which an expatriate worker can remain in the Cayman Islands is not always seven years....

Hedge fund performance – how good is it really?

According to research commissioned by KPMG and the Alternative Investment Management Association hedge funds were the top performing asset class from 1994 to 2011.

Waiting for the hard market

Three of the top ten costliest natural disasters for the insurance industry occurred in 2011. The hit to the operating performance of reinsurers points to higher rates in 2012, but long-term relationships between insurers and reinsurers might suffer and price increases would be difficult to pass on to consumers, say Garth MacDonald of Island Heritage and Bart Hegdes of Greenlight RE.

The opportunity for e-payments

Cayman remains a cash and cheque-based economy, where electronic payment systems that would ensure faster payment for both businesses and individuals are still a rarity

What’s brewing in housing?

Financial markets were hit with an onslaught of weak economic news across the housing sector recently.

Captives facing asset risks

For captive insurers, which are naturally conservative investors, focused on the protection of cash, the prolonged low interest rate environment is becoming a risk to their asset portfolios.

No escaping risk

Every day, highly experienced investors and thought leaders are sounding the alarm about an impending market crash. Since the 30-year anniversary of Black Monday less than two months ago, the sirens are blaring progressively louder. With an eight-year U.S. equity bull market behind us, coupled with positive GDP growth, the sustained market rally seems too good to be true. On the surface the economy appears to be plodding along, but according to the bears, something is brewing in the depths below.

Cayman glassware distributor goes global

For 15 years Cayman’s hospitality industry has benefited from a quality product that is economical to use and helps ensure their clientele get the most from their glass of wine. The company has expanded into the notoriously tough US market and is already showing signs of a good degree of success.


The value of a shareholder dispute

Shareholder disputes exist due to many different reasons and can arise regardless of whether the individual or company is a minority or a majority shareholder
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