Thursday, June 6, 2019

Notoriusly biased? The ABC offshore misunderstanding

Once again it is election time in the US and once again the Cayman Islands are labelled a “notorious tax haven” by US media, suggesting that something untoward is going. For the campaign-media machinery it does not really matter whether facts are replaced with emotive language; after all in political campaigns perception is reality.

Why value investment approaches would benefit from a dose of momentum

Combining reasonable relative valuation and existing stock price momentum is more effective.

When modern technology far outpaces the law

It’s common knowledge that most modern Western governments can be exceedingly slow when it comes to implementing new legislation. This is particularly true in the Cayman Islands, and especially as of late.

Innovation and change in the financial industry

Samuel Ely, managing director at GammaDS, argues that regulation will spark innovation, create opportunity, and lower costs and increase revenue for a range of firms within the financial industry.

The Rolls-Royce of reminders for Cayman’s regulated entities

On Jan. 17, 2017, Brian Leveson, QC, approved the entry by Rolls-Royce and the Serious Fraud Office into the largest deferred prosecution agreement of its kind. In what is a timely reminder for all regulated entities – including those in the Cayman Islands – Rolls-Royce’s cooperation with the regulator was considered to be an important factor in determining that the DPA was appropriate.

Arbitration rules revised

Court rules governing arbitration proceedings in the Cayman Islands have been wholly revised by virtue of the Grand Court (Amendment No 1) Rules 2013 which took effect on 1 July, 2013. 

Legally Speaking: Confusion at the intersection of BOT citizenship and being Caymanian

Passports seem to have originated as a document authorizing persons to pass through “the gate” of a medieval city.

Regulating cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, blockchain technology and initial coin offerings (ICOs) have been the buzzwords in the tech sphere for the past couple of years.

Millennials: An investor’s perspective

Recognizing that Millennials are far from homogenous, it is still possible to draw some broad-based conclusions about the behaviors and attitudes that make this generation decidedly different.

Legal ruling could impact strata developments

Several developers, including Chamber of Commerce President Paul Pearson, say a change in the law to regulate how and when they hand over control of strata developments to owners is unnecessary and would hamper their ability to build and sell.

Beneficial ownership FAQ

Beneficial owners are distinct from legal owners. For example, service providers that act as nominee directors, who may appear on legal documents as the representatives of the company.

New law brings Cayman copyright into the digital age

New copyright legislation came into effect June 30, replacing legislation from 1956, with the copyright protections coming from the United Kingdom’s 1988 Copyright Act, which has been updated several times to keep up with digital innovations over the past 28 years.

The value of a shareholder dispute

Shareholder disputes exist due to many different reasons and can arise regardless of whether the individual or company is a minority or a majority shareholder

Freezing injunctions: Judge calls for change

In a landmark decision, the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands has rendered short-lived the recently-heralded availability of free-standing injunctive relief in Cayman, following the judgment of Justice Quin in Gillies Smith v Smith earlier this year.

Cayman Finance: Time to refocus

Jude Scott, the new CEO of Cayman Finance, says the industry has grown and has been very successful, “but we all now have to reinvest.”

Hedge fund performance – how good is it really?

According to research commissioned by KPMG and the Alternative Investment Management Association hedge funds were the top performing asset class from 1994 to 2011.

Attracting foreign direct investment

Bringing new investments to the Cayman Islands is about more than just offering a tax neutral environment. The Journal spoke with foreign direct investment consultant Douglas van den Berghe about Cayman’s ability to attract new business activity.

Cayman positioned to take advantage of emerging market growth

International financial centre law firms are positioning themselves to take advantage of new emerging markets in Asia and South America. The Journal spoke with Diarmad Murray, global managing partner at Walkers about the effect this has on the firm’s business in the Cayman Islands.

Back to the basics of investing

Investment managers who want to provide reasonable returns for their investors have to go back to the basics of investing with strategies that among others focus on dividend income

Real estate recovery slowly gains momentum

While “more of the same” does not ordinarily send shivers up the spine, this time it may be worth some enthusiasm as the experts peer into the near-term future for local real estate.
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