Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Investment: Average clauses in insurance

Recently, a local insurance company has been advertising on the radio in Cayman warning of the implications of average clauses. Contrary to the rather ordinary nature that the name suggests, an average clause is one of the most important clauses that you can find in an insurance policy.

Special Report: Residential real estate market takes off

By all accounts, the residential real estate market in the Cayman Islands is in boom territory, as demand increases, the economy continues to be healthy, and consumer confidence is on the rise.

The outlook is quite promising

The last 18 months of this decade will go into the record books as one of the most tumultuous times, ever – not only for real estate sales, but financial markets and business overall.  It is a fitting end to a difficult decade, which has challenged most of us in the Cayman Islands, starting from the year 2000.

Legends championships: Tennis great Jim Courier says Cayman wins the advantage

Former world number one tennis player Jim Courier is known for his impressive work ethic, practicing above and beyond what is expected of him, and his efforts have paid off with a remarkable career in the sport. Sometimes, though, things just happen by chance.

New categories of 
immigratıon permissions available in Cayman

The Immigration (Amendment) Law 2012 has now come into force, having been made effective on 5 June 2012. This new Law heralds major changes to the immigration system in the Cayman Islands, since it creates new categories of permissions for investors who wish to live in the Islands as well as business visitors.

Investors move from hedge funds to private equity

Private equity is the most likely asset class that institutional investors are going to allocate more capital to.

No escaping risk

Every day, highly experienced investors and thought leaders are sounding the alarm about an impending market crash. Since the 30-year anniversary of Black Monday less than two months ago, the sirens are blaring progressively louder. With an eight-year U.S. equity bull market behind us, coupled with positive GDP growth, the sustained market rally seems too good to be true. On the surface the economy appears to be plodding along, but according to the bears, something is brewing in the depths below.

Sales statistics an anomaly in improving market

Based on past experience, when the Cayman Islands have had stay-over tourism that is continuing to pick up and major projects starting, our real estate market has improved and eventually prospered. We seem to be entering that upward trend of our real estate market cycle currently.


New development points to long-term opportunities

Recent news about activity in our real estate industry is not the most encouraging. While the new supply of properties coming onto the market seems to have levelled off, demand still remains weak and continues to influence the market dynamics.

Is global growth stuttering?

2017 can be characterized as a year that should be celebrated. The world’s economy enjoyed synchronized global growth, with all major developed economies reporting positive GDP growth.

Corporations encouraged to go Off The Beaten Track

Corporate sponsorship sought for off the beaten track.

Why investing in college education makes sense even in tough times

Part twoThe value proposition in tertiary education in the Cayman Islands.In the midst of the stock market crash last year a few wise investors...

Real estate industry dormant to dead

Cayman is in a major recession!  Our residential and resort real estate markets are languishing – and it is extreme.  Just take a look at these statistics to get a blunt, clear picture of how our current 2010 sales compare to previous years:

Teaching the next generation about ‘money’

As individuals we all hold our own preconceptions of “money,” most of which were formed through our childhood and adolescent experiences. In today’s world most toddlers are able to navigate an iPhone long before being able to count a jar of loose change.

Sprinting to host Carifta Games

Cayman’s track and field athletes are a hard working bunch; their haul of international medals over the years has proven that. They generally get a medal or two at the annual Carifta Championships, which is always held over the Easter break

Aces back at The Ritz-Carlton

World class masters tennis players are back next month. Tennis fans get their annual treat when the Legends Championships resume at Cayman’s Ritz-Carlton soon. Past...

Sports Cycling and Cayman a marketing match?

Although cycling may be associated with big mountains, Cayman’s excellent winter weather, as well as proximity to the United States, makes it an interesting alternative for early season team building camps for the world’s top professional teams.

Cayman real estate: Bottoming out

The Cayman Islands real estate market has bottomed out in 2011, after falling off in activity, every year since 2007, which was our peak year in the last decade.

Shining the spotlight on socially responsible investing

Socially responsible investing has been referred to by many names, including sustainable, responsible and impact investing. In essence, socially responsible investing is an investment approach that considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in portfolio selection.

Camana Bay will be totally squashed out

Cayman's squash profile has risen spectacularly on the international circuit recently and with its next major event approaching, at Camana Bayin a couple of months, that burgeoning reputation will go up a couple more notches, writes Journal journalist Ron Shillingford

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