Sunday, January 20, 2019

How to profit from the greed of activist investors

Activist investors do not always have the best reputation, but currently they enjoy a good run.

Shining the spotlight on socially responsible investing

Socially responsible investing has been referred to by many names, including sustainable, responsible and impact investing. In essence, socially responsible investing is an investment approach that considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in portfolio selection.

Pension plans cite cautious investment strategies with retirement funds

Silver Thatch Pensions manages nearly half-a-billion dollars, and has, during its nearly 20-year lifetime, returned an average 4.43 percent to 4.57 percent – probably insufficient to underwrite a retirement of uninterrupted luxury, but nevertheless a solid foundation.

New platform automates KYC checks for crypto transactions

About three years ago, Global Risk and Data Authority Limited launched a platform aimed at automating the know-your-client and anti-money laundering compliance processes for banks in Cayman, as well as onshore correspondent banks.

From science fiction to reality

The world of driverless flying cars and automated gadgets, as featured in the classic animated cartoon “The Jetsons,” is closer than we think.

High potential employees have huge impact on business results

High potential employees are difficult to find and recruit, yet are an incredibly valuable asset within any organisation. These individuals typically represent the top three to five per cent of a company’s employees and have an enormous impact on business results.

Enjoy the Sea Breeze on SMB

2010 has been a year where several new Seven Mile Beach developments have completed construction. New condominium complexes like Beachcomber, Renaissance...

Flowers swim can bloom even more

Sports tourism is constantly in the news as a source of untapped revenue in the world recession. The annual Flowers Sea Swim attracts the largest number of visitors to these shores of all the sports events. Journal journalist Ron Shillingford looks at how sea swims could increase tourism dollars.

Good-bye to an horrific year

As we end possibly the most dismal year ever for real estate sales in the Cayman Islands, it is tough to even see much improvement ahead for at least the first half of 2011, without some form of stimulus that would give purchasers a credible reason to invest in this down market.

Investment: Average clauses in insurance

Recently, a local insurance company has been advertising on the radio in Cayman warning of the implications of average clauses. Contrary to the rather ordinary nature that the name suggests, an average clause is one of the most important clauses that you can find in an insurance policy.

Investment is a fickle business

For the first three quarters of 2011, the consolidation and stabilisation within the real estate market has continued and we now seem to be in a bottoming trend.

Sales statistics an anomaly in improving market

Based on past experience, when the Cayman Islands have had stay-over tourism that is continuing to pick up and major projects starting, our real estate market has improved and eventually prospered. We seem to be entering that upward trend of our real estate market cycle currently.


New development points to long-term opportunities

Recent news about activity in our real estate industry is not the most encouraging. While the new supply of properties coming onto the market seems to have levelled off, demand still remains weak and continues to influence the market dynamics.

EY survey: Hedge fund managers embrace innovation amid challenges

Technology is becoming an important factor for hedge fund managers who are actively seeking to innovate to improve operational efficiency and attract capital.

Bahamas trying to attract more foreign investors

Government officials in the Bahamas are attempting to stay abreast in the competition for attracting international investors and businesses. The island nation recently passed the Commercial Enterprises Bill, which makes it easier for foreign companies to land there and obtain permits for non-Bahamian workers.

ETFs continue to disrupt asset management industry

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), that track indexes like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, Nasdaq-100 Index etc., are nowadays very popular among investors – a trend that is reflected in the capital flows.

Planning, investing and choosing an adviser for 2018

Advisers agree the U.S. and Europe are probably 2018’s best bets, while forecasting modest returns in China and Japan, pondering the risky promise of “emerging” economies and minimizing the headwinds of inflation and unemployment.

Bucking the trend: a development that’s selling!

WaterColours is the only new Seven Mile Beach development under construction and is bucking the current trend in the real estate industry – it is selling.  However, it has a couple unique advantages over other developments.

Professional cyclists set to discover Cayman

Cayman will play host to one of the world's top cycling teams when they hold their first training camp in Grand Cayman later this year.

Secular market cycles: What’s your strategy for your portfolio?

Global financial markets have revelled in somewhat of a sweet spot over the last eight years. Most striking are the significant positive returns across major asset classes that historically exhibit strong negative correlation.
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