Monday, May 20, 2019

Business Excellence awards to honor local contributions

A nine-category “Academy Awards” for business excellence is scheduled for Oct. 14 at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, celebrating the best of local entrepreneurs and a single individual singled out for a lifetime achievement honor.

2012 was flat, but 2013 will be the tipping point

While 2013 may not be a stellar year, it will most likely be the starting year of several years of improvement.

Beyond towers: CEO speakers provide glimpse into the future

Premier Alden McLaughlin’s announcement that Dart is planning an “iconic tower” that would “greatly exceed” the territory’s 10-story building limit was the biggest news to come out of last week’s Cayman Economic Outlook conference.

Camana Bay will be totally squashed out

Cayman's squash profile has risen spectacularly on the international circuit recently and with its next major event approaching, at Camana Bayin a couple of months, that burgeoning reputation will go up a couple more notches, writes Journal journalist Ron Shillingford

Booming real estate industry reflects economic growth

Finance Minister Roy McTaggart has recently touted the 2.9-percent economic growth Cayman experienced last year, but to many that number is just an abstraction.

Disruption: How stock portfolios can benefit from technological change

Electric cars manufactured by Tesla are still a rarity on the roads in the Cayman Islands, but on the stock market, the U.S. carmaker already is firmly in the fast lane.

Cayman Immigration policy: Impacts on financial sector

The Cayman Islands is at a crossroads.

Porsche motor sport news from the world

Successful dress rehearsalIn preparation for the race this month, Porsche produced a perfect outcome at the season-opener of the Long Distance Championship Nuerburgring, used...

Pension plans cite cautious investment strategies with retirement funds

Silver Thatch Pensions manages nearly half-a-billion dollars, and has, during its nearly 20-year lifetime, returned an average 4.43 percent to 4.57 percent – probably insufficient to underwrite a retirement of uninterrupted luxury, but nevertheless a solid foundation.

Funds speaker touts blockchain’s potential for positive social impact

Much of the Campbells Fund Focus 2018 conference featured panelists discussing how changing regulations, technology, and political issues could impact the bottom line of the fund industry.

Aces back at The Ritz-Carlton

World class masters tennis players are back next month. Tennis fans get their annual treat when the Legends Championships resume at Cayman’s Ritz-Carlton soon. Past...

CoCo bonds all the rage

The first six weeks of 2016 witnessed a wave of credit losses across fixed income markets. Most notable was the broad-based selloff in contingent convertible bonds commonly known as CoCos. The market’s shudder appeared to be driven partly by a European Banking Authority year-end report that sought to clarify potential triggers for restrictions on distributions.

Professional cyclists set to discover Cayman

Cayman will play host to one of the world's top cycling teams when they hold their first training camp in Grand Cayman later this year.

From science fiction to reality

The world of driverless flying cars and automated gadgets, as featured in the classic animated cartoon “The Jetsons,” is closer than we think.

Harbour House showcases boats

Harbour House Marina is holding a massive sale event on July 30 with 20 percent discounts accross the board on merchandise in addition to making many boats available for test drives.

US demographics that impact Cayman

It is hard to remember a worst time for the real estate industry in the Cayman Islands. We have seen some tough recessions over the...

Slow recovery in real estate

The local economy and real estate market is improving, however, it is still happening at a slow pace in terms of genuine activity.

Special Report: Residential real estate market takes off

By all accounts, the residential real estate market in the Cayman Islands is in boom territory, as demand increases, the economy continues to be healthy, and consumer confidence is on the rise.

List reveals top value creators with persistently bright prospects

Investors who put money into stocks hope for the greatest capital gains and dividends possible.
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