Saturday, March 23, 2019

Corporations encouraged to go Off The Beaten Track

Corporate sponsorship sought for off the beaten track.

First impact on real estate prices

Some very select properties and locations are seeing stronger interest and activity.

Hedge funds more bullish on 2017

Although 2016 was far from a breakout year for hedge funds, performance improved over a lackluster 2015, and managers have a more positive outlook for 2017 as stock markets are boosted by President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to lower taxes, deregulate and spend on infrastructure.

Flowers swim can bloom even more

Sports tourism is constantly in the news as a source of untapped revenue in the world recession. The annual Flowers Sea Swim attracts the largest number of visitors to these shores of all the sports events. Journal journalist Ron Shillingford looks at how sea swims could increase tourism dollars.

Disruption: How stock portfolios can benefit from technological change

Electric cars manufactured by Tesla are still a rarity on the roads in the Cayman Islands, but on the stock market, the U.S. carmaker already is firmly in the fast lane.

Investment is a fickle business

For the first three quarters of 2011, the consolidation and stabilisation within the real estate market has continued and we now seem to be in a bottoming trend.

Professional cyclists set to discover Cayman

Cayman will play host to one of the world's top cycling teams when they hold their first training camp in Grand Cayman later this year.

Roughing it: Gravel roads catch on with cyclists

EUGENE, Oregon — Donnie Kolb has been organizing gravel bicycle rides for the past five years. 


From science fiction to reality

The world of driverless flying cars and automated gadgets, as featured in the classic animated cartoon “The Jetsons,” is closer than we think.

Endurance counts for dividend funds

According to Fidelity International estimates, companies in the U.S., Japan and Europe will pay US$1.24 trillion in dividends to their shareholders in 2016, a distribution policy that is very welcome in the current low or even negative interest environment.
Paul Smith, CEO of the CFA Institute

Investment managers working to regain trust

The investment profession has a problem. The reputation of financial services in general has taken a significant knock since the financial crisis when trust...

Why investing in college education makes sense even in tough times

Part twoThe value proposition in tertiary education in the Cayman Islands.In the midst of the stock market crash last year a few wise investors...

Pension plans cite cautious investment strategies with retirement funds

Silver Thatch Pensions manages nearly half-a-billion dollars, and has, during its nearly 20-year lifetime, returned an average 4.43 percent to 4.57 percent – probably insufficient to underwrite a retirement of uninterrupted luxury, but nevertheless a solid foundation.

The normalization of market volatility

The return of market volatility over the first four months of 2018 has come at an interesting time in the global economic cycle.

Investors: How followers can become millionaires

Pro-cyclical investment strategies, unlike advice often preached by supporters of anti-cyclical investment strategies, show that it can be financially rewarding to swim with the current. Here’s how this approach works, and which U.S. stocks allow it to put it into practice.

The impact of the Games

Swimming in the Cayman Islands is the most successful and popular sport and that is evident by the size of the annual Flowers Sea...

Is it time to worry about equities?

After a phenomenal 2018 start, U.S. equity markets caused a bit of a commotion in early February, giving up all gains to-date.

Sporting stars exhibit shines at National Museum

A new exhibition at the Cayman Islands National Museum features a display that charts the historical rise of sports in Caymanian society during the 20th and 21st centuries and introduces some of Cayman’s most talented current day sporting stars.

The outlook is quite promising

The last 18 months of this decade will go into the record books as one of the most tumultuous times, ever – not only for real estate sales, but financial markets and business overall.  It is a fitting end to a difficult decade, which has challenged most of us in the Cayman Islands, starting from the year 2000.

Investment: Average clauses in insurance

Recently, a local insurance company has been advertising on the radio in Cayman warning of the implications of average clauses. Contrary to the rather ordinary nature that the name suggests, an average clause is one of the most important clauses that you can find in an insurance policy.
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