Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Olympic intention for Pirates 5k

Having made a huge success of the annual Flowers Mile Sea Swim, Frank and Dara are focusing on another open water event to help Cayman’s economy and also make it an Olympic event. Ron Shillingford reports.

Free cash flow: Formula for investment success

Buying shares with the help of cash flow as a selection criterion has delivered convincing results in the past. This trend is likely to continue in an environment of low growth – and low interest-rates.

Big changes on the ımmigratıon front

Cayman looks for a major shift in its immigration policies, going away from 40 years of appointed boards controlling the system.

Investors move from hedge funds to private equity

Private equity is the most likely asset class that institutional investors are going to allocate more capital to.

First impact on real estate prices

Some very select properties and locations are seeing stronger interest and activity.

Special Report: Residential real estate market takes off

By all accounts, the residential real estate market in the Cayman Islands is in boom territory, as demand increases, the economy continues to be healthy, and consumer confidence is on the rise.

New development points to long-term opportunities

Recent news about activity in our real estate industry is not the most encouraging. While the new supply of properties coming onto the market seems to have levelled off, demand still remains weak and continues to influence the market dynamics.

The new immigration reality

A far-reaching immigration reform plan will let some work permit holders stay in Cayman for longer, but will allow fewer to obtain permanent resident status.

Cayman aims to capitalize on blockchain boom

Though the price of Bitcoin has fluctuated wildly since its inception – with some economists expecting it and other cryptocurrencies to be speculative bubbles – that uncertainty has not dampened the momentum of the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies: blockchain.

Legends championships: Tennis great Jim Courier says Cayman wins the advantage

Former world number one tennis player Jim Courier is known for his impressive work ethic, practicing above and beyond what is expected of him, and his efforts have paid off with a remarkable career in the sport. Sometimes, though, things just happen by chance.

CoCo bonds all the rage

The first six weeks of 2016 witnessed a wave of credit losses across fixed income markets. Most notable was the broad-based selloff in contingent convertible bonds commonly known as CoCos. The market’s shudder appeared to be driven partly by a European Banking Authority year-end report that sought to clarify potential triggers for restrictions on distributions.

New gym has knock out potential

Boxing in Cayman is set to soar mainly because the new state-of-the-art gym is becoming a magnet to aspiring champions. Ron Shillingford reports.

New platform automates KYC checks for crypto transactions

About three years ago, Global Risk and Data Authority Limited launched a platform aimed at automating the know-your-client and anti-money laundering compliance processes for banks in Cayman, as well as onshore correspondent banks.

Flowers swim can bloom even more

Sports tourism is constantly in the news as a source of untapped revenue in the world recession. The annual Flowers Sea Swim attracts the largest number of visitors to these shores of all the sports events. Journal journalist Ron Shillingford looks at how sea swims could increase tourism dollars.

Sporting stars exhibit shines at National Museum

A new exhibition at the Cayman Islands National Museum features a display that charts the historical rise of sports in Caymanian society during the 20th and 21st centuries and introduces some of Cayman’s most talented current day sporting stars.

Enjoy the Sea Breeze on SMB

2010 has been a year where several new Seven Mile Beach developments have completed construction. New condominium complexes like Beachcomber, Renaissance...

Investment: Making the most of a digitized world

Financial markets have historically been a dynamic platform for retail investors to acquire, grow and protect wealth. By investing in publicly traded securities, investors are given access to ownership in world-renowned companies. So how do you navigate the maze of data to find well-run, innovative companies that warrant your investment dollars and which have the potential to provide positive returns over the long term?

Investors: How followers can become millionaires

Pro-cyclical investment strategies, unlike advice often preached by supporters of anti-cyclical investment strategies, show that it can be financially rewarding to swim with the current. Here’s how this approach works, and which U.S. stocks allow it to put it into practice.

The outlook is quite promising

The last 18 months of this decade will go into the record books as one of the most tumultuous times, ever – not only for real estate sales, but financial markets and business overall.  It is a fitting end to a difficult decade, which has challenged most of us in the Cayman Islands, starting from the year 2000.

Booming real estate industry reflects economic growth

Finance Minister Roy McTaggart has recently touted the 2.9-percent economic growth Cayman experienced last year, but to many that number is just an abstraction.
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