Sunday, February 23, 2020

China’s rail stocks gain steam

For a long time railway stocks found themselves stuck on the sidelines, but now this has changed.

The buzz behind medical travel

Experts in the international medical travel industry envision a time not far in the future when globe-trotting for anything from dental work to cancer therapy could become almost routine for exponentially more people.

Swiss banks urge US to amend demands in tax amnesty deals

Swiss banks seeking to avoid U.S. prosecution by disclosing how they helped Americans evade taxes asked the Justice Department this week to back off a dozen demands.

Women make headway in maritime industry

As the newest addition to the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association, the Cayman Islands chapter received a warm welcome at WISTA’s general meeting and conference in Limassol, Cyprus.

Match fixing taints soccer

World football governing body FIFA needs to do more to deal with the illegal gambling rackets tainting the integrity of the game, according to the investigator who brought down a match-fixing ring operating in the U.K.

The National Risk Assessment: AML risk under the microscope

The Cayman Islands is undergoing its first National Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment, but what does this really mean for the jurisdiction?

Unmanned flying machines: Peering inside a fledgling industry

Cayman Islands residents and visitors should perk up and listen for a faint and slightly irritating buzzing sound, one destined to become more familiar over time. When you hear it, look skyward for a glimpse into the future.

BlackBerry for business

BlackBerry phones are still a vital component for businesses, with some exciting developments on the horizon promising to make the devices even more popular.

Consulate sends student to Spain

In an effort to broaden the horizons of one young Caymanian, the Honorary Consulate of Spain int he Cayman Islands recently held a fundraising dinner with a distinctly Spanish feel at Luca restaurant

Tradition and innovation

Francesco Sibilo, sommelier for Osetra Bay, introdcues six of his top wines.

The state of retail

One of the many curiosities of the current downturn is the state of retail. On the one hand, we are told that consumers are short of cash and likely to become more so as tax increases and cutbacks in public spending begin to bit.

Barbados develops health tourism market

The plan is backed by the Barbados Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, who has said that health and wellness tourism is growing faster than the overall travel and tourism industry, and thus Barbados plans to develop its health and wellness market.

Unpopular new tax in Germany

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has said it disapproves of Germany’s new departure tax, as recently announced by the country’s government, which the government introduced because of environmental concerns.

The New World Order

Namaste, a warm respectful Hindu greeting, and Ni Hao, a Chinese greeting equivalent to hello: will either of these be the greeting used by business and political leaders when they meet in the near future?

New kids on the block

Changes in climate in recent years mean that new wine regions are gradually emerging all over the world, in places we might never have imagined possible to produce wine just a few years ago 

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