Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Board Apprentice launches in Cayman

A U.K.-based nonprofit striving to widen the pool of board-ready candidates to increase diversity on boards globally launches in Cayman.

The growing threat of ambush marketing

The tactic called ambush marketing is increasingly becoming an issue in the Cayman Islands.

FIFA’s Cayman ties long pre-date Jeffrey Webb

Charles Blazer secretly pleaded guilty to racketeering and money laundering on Nov. 25, 2013, ending a long, strange career at the top echelons of football bureaucracy.

Eric Bush: Cayman’s man in London

Over the next three years, Cayman Islands residents are going to be hearing a lot more about what’s going on in the United Kingdom.

US elections: What really matters from an investor’s perspective

The U.S. presidential election not only produces controversial headlines in the media, but also raises concerns for many investors.
IMF growth forecast

Economy is ‘uncertain, uneven and underwhelming’

Craig Wright, chief economist at Royal Bank of Canada, admits he is slightly more optimistic than the consensus in his economic outlook. Yet he...

Tradition and innovation

Francesco Sibilo, sommelier for Osetra Bay, introdcues six of his top wines.

Overseas companies to reveal true owners on new UK property register

The British government announced a new public register that from 2021 will require overseas companies that own or buy property in the U.K. to identify their beneficial owners to tackle money laundering through property transactions.

June or September liftoff, does it really matter?

The threat of an imminent rate increase continues to loom over markets.

EU tax list implications represent a gray area

On Dec. 5, the EU Council agreed, after long debate, haggling and horse trading, on a blacklist of 17 countries that the European finance ministers consider uncooperative in tax matters. They also voted on a commitment list of 47 countries that would be deemed uncooperative, according to the EU’s own criteria, had they not agreed in writing to remedy their shortcomings by the end of 2018.

Shipping industry not buoyed by low fuel costs

In February, the Baltic Dry Index, which assesses the prices of moving major raw materials by sea, dropped to an all-time low of 290 points.

The National Risk Assessment: AML risk under the microscope

The Cayman Islands is undergoing its first National Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment, but what does this really mean for the jurisdiction?

China Shanshui: Company’s directors limited in ability to apply for its own winding up

A recent decision limits the authority of directors to present a winding- up petition.

Offshore finance centers bracing for substance legislation impact

Cayman’s government and financial services industry professionals have had mixed reactions to the territory’s recently passed economic substance legislation, with some expressing cautious optimism that the new laws will increase investment in the islands, while others are bracing for an exodus of companies.

No ‘jumping the gun’ in regulating cryptocurrencies

Peter McKiernan, the cofounder of RiskPass AML+Compliance Ltd., stood at his laptop last week at a seminar on anti-money laundering practices for cryptocurrencies, demonstrating to the audience how to transfer cryptocurrencies across borders.

Marijuana shares cloud the minds of investors

Since some American states started to legalize marijuana last year, many gamblers are very keen on cannabis shares.   Anyone who wants to invest some capital should rely on companies that deal with marijuana for medical use.

Consulate sends student to Spain

In an effort to broaden the horizons of one young Caymanian, the Honorary Consulate of Spain int he Cayman Islands recently held a fundraising dinner with a distinctly Spanish feel at Luca restaurant

The effect of European QE on the corporate sector

The ECB’s monetary stimulus appears to be achieving its objectives of combating deflationary pressures and reflating asset prices.

Economist: Moderate US growth to impact Cayman

Moderate growth in the U.S. in the context of a wider global slowdown led by reduced consumer demand is going to impact Cayman, especially in the tourism sector, according to Lindsey Piegza, chief economist at Stifel Fixed Income.

Swiss banks urge US to amend demands in tax amnesty deals

Swiss banks seeking to avoid U.S. prosecution by disclosing how they helped Americans evade taxes asked the Justice Department this week to back off a dozen demands.
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