Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Prime broker relationship is one of many challenges for hedge funds

Regulations have a direct impact on prime brokers’ ability to finance and maintain hedge funds assets on their balance sheet.
American consumers grew more upbeat about the prospects for the economy, labor market and their incomes in January, according to the Conference Board. - Photo: Bloomberg

Financial markets and the global economy – in sync?

Andrew Baron, Butterfield Global financial markets have begun 2016 with relatively substantial losses. The declines in equities markets have been remarkably broad-based across the developed...

Efforts increase to boost gender diversity in corporate boardrooms

Gender disparity in business, well-chronicled among CEO positions, also extends to corporate boardrooms worldwide. Research has shown that companies benefit not only from being more gender and ethnically inc

Cybersecurity: The big data challenge

The leap year is not until 2016, but Polly Pickering, who oversees the Caribbean and Latin America regions for Internet services company Foreshore, has to think that far ahead.

Health City pushing into new markets

In 2015, Health City is looking toward accreditation, a start to expansion, a U.S. promotional campaign and efforts to gain recognition from medical insurers.

Law firms: Regulation, cost and competition remain top issues in 2015

Law firms rarely confess to being “happy,” “content” or “entirely satisfied,” but that is the nature of the business; they are employed to worry so that clients don’t have to.

Utilities – between license negotiations and new revenue streams

The boardrooms in Cayman’s private-sector providers of water and electricity anticipate 2015 with some excitement as they watch fuel prices drop, license negotiations progress and new revenue streams develop.

Wage growth stalls in developed economies

The latest Global Wage Report by the International Labor Organization warns of stalled wages in many countries and notes that the labor market is a driver of inequality.

Contrasting strategies in Cayman’s banking sector

Retail banks, which cater to the business and personal needs of Cayman residents, play an increasingly important role in the islands’ economic development.
Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent remarks underscoring the unfairness of referring to overseas territories as “tax havens” is welcomed by Cayman’s financial services sector. Now, if only the media - including Hollywood - would follow suit, there would be reason to stand and applaud.

Why Mr. Cameron’s statement matters

Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent remarks underscoring the unfairness of referring to overseas territories as “tax havens” is welcomed by Cayman’s financial services sector.   


Hedge funds industry trying to retain X factor

The changing nature of its investor base to pension funds and other large investors is transforming the hedge fund industry. Institutionalisation creates new barriers of entry and puts a strain on the vast majority of managers that are small. Large hedge funds meanwhile struggle to maintain their entrepreneurial nature that is often the source of alpha. The Cayman Alternative Investment Summit discussed how the industry can maintain its X factor.

Hedge fund performance – how good is it really?

According to research commissioned by KPMG and the Alternative Investment Management Association hedge funds were the top performing asset class from 1994 to 2011.

Dodd Frank: Cayman banks must remain flexible

The Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is just one of the many challenges facing the banking industry in Cayman today. While most banks are focusing on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and the implementation of the Basel Accord, they should also be aware of Dodd Frank, particularly when they are already in the process of changing their systems, says Dara Keough, partner at KPMG in Cayman.

Preparing for the dawn of FATCA

While it is not yet certain what the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will look like in its final form, the inevitability of FATCA being implemented is clear, tax professionals said. Accordingly, Cayman financial institutions and to a comparatively lesser extent, individuals, should be preparing in anticipation of the mid-2013 registration deadline.

Facts and figures from Cayman’s Top Employers

Main Story:A dynamic company with a human touchLarge company categoryCayman National Bank (1st place):•    opened in Cayman in 1974•    has 226 employees •    29...

New world order for funds

Increased scrutiny by the SEC, the spectre of increased regulation looming closer, investors looking for far greater transparency and a rise in the need...

Managing captives in today’s harsh climate

It’s that time of year again when captive professionals from around the globe gather in Cayman to enjoy all the hospitality, networking opportunities and...

How to repair the trust

The investment management industry should work to rebuild trust with investors through a ‘back-to-basics’ client relationship approach, combining improved communication and education, increasing knowledge...

CFA charters awarded

Late last year the CFA Society of the Cayman Islands held its annual Charter awards dinner at Mezza. This annual event is held to...
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