Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ambitious targets for the zone

Cayman Enterprise City ended 2013 by surpassing its first benchmark – 100 companies in the special economic zone.

Study: Customer service failings hurting bottom line

Almost two thirds of companies have experienced customer service failings that had a significant impact on their financial performance.

A boost for business

The Journal sits down with the members of one of Cayman’s most critical boards as far as business is concerned: the Trade and Business Licencing Board, responsible for authorizing business to be conducted in the islands.

Craft beers a growing trend in Cayman

It’s taken a while to catch on in the Cayman Islands, but Cayman Distributors Group is filling the growing local demand for well-made, flavorful and complex brews.


How green is your wine?

Green - as in environmentally friendly - is the theme of the decade and it’s no different with wine. But when it comes to wine, what exactly do the terms sustainable, natural, organic and biodynamic mean?

The business of culture

Chris Christian of Cayman Traditional Arts has not only identified the need for ensuring that Cayman’s cultural heritage doesn’t get swallowed up by mass media, but he is also actively educating and promoting cultural awareness with Cayman’s youth and the islands’ tourism product.

Champagnes for every kind of holiday meal

Champagne not only serves as a great accompaniment to any holiday dinner or cocktail party, it makes for an always-welcome gift for those who enjoy alcoholic beverages.

Cayman’s artistic trailblazers

Cayman’s art scene appears vibrant and busy, with entities such as the Visual Arts Society and the National Gallery encouraging artistic flow, and a multitude of hotels, coffee shops and other venues around the island willing to showcase local art. Artist Bendel Hydes talks about development in this arena over the years.

White truffle season gives way to wine season

For five years now, white truffles have made their way from Italy to Grand Cayman in the autumn to be served as part of a wine dinner hosted at different restaurants by BlackBeard’s Beers, Wines and Spirits in cooperation with the Batasiolo Winery. On Nov. 23, the Brasserie restaurant showed why the BlackBeard’s/Batasiolo White Truffle Dinner is still one of the premier annual culinary events on Grand Cayman.

Tortuga: 30 years old and ready for sweeter success

Come the first of the year, Tortuga Rum Cakes, one of the signature brands born and nurtured in the Cayman Islands, will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The spice man cometh

Al Goetze, chief spice buyer for McCormick Global Ingredients, has traveled all over the world, seeking sage in the mountains of Albania, red peppers in India, vanilla in Tanzania and Madagascar, buying from local farmers and stalking the best spices for 29 years.

Burgundy made affordable

The good news for wine lovers interested in trying the wines from Burgundy is that the region makes some of the best wines in the world and most of the Burgundy wines that get exported are going to good at the very least, no matter what the price.



Crossing artistic boundaries

Maureen Lazarus is branching out further, crossing artistic boundaries and stepping into the world of sculptural art work that will be featured at the latest art exhibition at The Ritz-Carlton Gallery this month.

Blind tasting identifies: Top 10 affordable wines

Sixty wines, three hours, 10 winners.


The wines of ‘garagiste’ Jonathan Maltus come to Cayman

Jonathan Maltus, an Englishman with an engineering background, has turned centuries of Bordeaux wine-making tradition on its head.

New wines and a renewed restaurant

Lee Royle, Sarah Howard and Sergio Serrano joined sommelier Harietta Stegbuchner at the recently reopened and remodeled Lobster Pot Restaurant for lunch and a wine tasting.


Pairing up and exploring the North Side Connection

The latest art and photography exhibition at Full of Beans café combines the work of two very different artists into a seamless showing of their talent.

Cayman’s history brought to life

Viewing the sleepy, gentle images of years gone by at the National Gallery’s latest exhibition, Images of Yesteryear, it is hard to imagine that the bustling financial hub ...

Radio broadcasts revisit tales of adventure and hardship

Several seamen whose stories are told in The Southwell Years revisit their adventures at sea. Their stories are now being read for broadcast on Radio Cayman.

High teacher turnover takes its toll

They come for the promise of year-round sun, tax-free salary and the chance to work in one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean, but expat teachers are increasingly finding life in paradise is not what they expected.
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