Thursday, July 18, 2019

War on Weight progress report

It’s been a good couple of months since the 16 War on Weight contestants picked up the gauntlet set down for them by the Cayman Heart Fund’s War on Weight Committee to be Cayman’s biggest loser by 11 December. 

A truffle treat

Truffles are considered the most decadent of foods because their scarcity obviously increases their cost, and white Alba truffles from northern Italy are among the rarest. Journal journalist Norma Connolly enjoyed the delights of this most precious culinary delight and reports.

Cayman is a culinary destination

Take a moment to talk to someone (resident or visitor) about Cayman's culinary experience compared to their experiences in other Caribbean destinations and it won't take long before you realise that the Cayman Islands is a unique culinary destination, writes Trina Christian ...

Global inspiration creates the perfect place

 Michael Ryan, owner and developer of Dragon Bay and The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Resort, returned to Cayman’s shores from an international quest with a passion to create the perfect place. 

New kids on the block

Changes in climate in recent years mean that new wine regions are gradually emerging all over the world, in places we might never have imagined possible to produce wine just a few years ago 

A disconnect that needs repairing

The glory days of Cayman’s past are gone, according to Education Minister Rolston Anglin, speaking at the recent Cayman Islands National Youth Development Symposium which brought together students, teachers and government as well as others interested in the sustainable development of Cayman’s youth.

A feast for Christmas

Jacques Scott and the Journal make their annual homage to the Christmas season with a fresh look at some wonderful wines for you to enjoy along with the all-important festive spread. Business Editor, Lindsey Turnbull reports. 

Bold new artwork from David Bridgeman

A brand new collection of David Bridgeman’s inimitable art stands colourfully in the reception of Evolving Islands and SteppingStones, two floors above Fidelity’s brand new Financial Centre on the West Bay Road/Esterley Tibbetts highway.

Ups and downs

Last month an amazing print by Picasso was auctioned on artnet for a mere US$15,000. Produced at the age of eighty-seven, Vieillard Fantasmant is conspicuously erotic in title and inspiration. I concluded that I could never be an artist unless I stop dreaming of saving dinner leftovers in exciting new storage boxes.

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