Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Susur Lee at Brasserie
- more than just a good rhyme

Susur Lee, Dean Max and Dennis Cakebread teamed up with delicious results at The Brasserie restaurant during the Cayman Cookout.

An asset builder for youths

Made famous as the title of a book by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” is a good reminder that society needs to come together as one to ensure that young people are properly nurtured and developed. Cayman of years gone by was an excellent reflection of that phrase, with everyone looking out for each other.

A truffle treat

Truffles are considered the most decadent of foods because their scarcity obviously increases their cost, and white Alba truffles from northern Italy are among the rarest. Journal journalist Norma Connolly enjoyed the delights of this most precious culinary delight and reports.

Cayman’s artistic trailblazers

Cayman’s art scene appears vibrant and busy, with entities such as the Visual Arts Society and the National Gallery encouraging artistic flow, and a multitude of hotels, coffee shops and other venues around the island willing to showcase local art. Artist Bendel Hydes talks about development in this arena over the years.

Catering excellence with Dine by Design

Planning a party? Let Dine by Design cater to all your culinary needs

Altee Thompson’s 60th birthday

Photos from Altee Thompson's 60th birthday bash on 3 September 2011.

Cayman Cookout a brilliant bash

The fourth Cayman Cookout was a superb showcase of all that is spectacular in Cayman’s culinary scene.

New Cayman Drama Society play to aid charity

 Auditions took place at the beginning of December for Cayman Drama’s Society’s newest production: Wit, a play that won a Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1999.

In celebration of Earth

The mosquito magnet is another neat propane-run appliance, attracting and then killing mosquitos from up to an acre of property. Dayne advises that Camana Bay uses these models throughout their property and that they create an effective method of controlling these pests.

Paul Rogalski looking forward to Cayman return

Paul Rogalski is making real waves in the culinary world with his Canada restaurant, Rouge, but he cut his teeth right here in the Cayman Islands.


A new look at Mind’s Eye

By the time this article has been published Miss Lassie’s House (or ‘Mind’s Eye’ as it is known) will have been opened to the public for just a few days, a historic moment for the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, which has been working hard in conjunction with many community partners to open up Miss Lassie’s world for visitors to enjoy.

Toad of Toad Hall takes to the stage once more.

 Although by day Karie Bergstrom is busy as the director of Consulting and Human Resources at Deloitte, just recently her spare time has been devoted to a passion that she has held since school days – the theatre.

The multiple faces of Riesling

Jacques Scott and Business Editor Lindsey Turnbull once again join forces to dissect a particular varietal and this month dispel the myth that the noble Riesling grape is nothing more than sweet plonk, by testing five different wines from ...

New direction for Chris Mann

A one-man show at Full of Beans permitted artist Chris Mann to highlight his diverse range of talents with a show that included etchings,...

Art for the heart

Cayman Heart Fund’s second annual Valentine’s Day Red Dress Gala dinner will be enhanced even further this year by a unique auction of local art all kindly donated to the cause by the artists themselves in order to be auctioned and thereby hopefully raising some serious funds for this incredibly worthy cause.

More women become ladies of lager

From the rise of female brew masters to the growth of women’s tasting groups, women are becoming much more than a pint-sized part of the brewing world. 


Art Basel Miami affirms local artists are on right track

Local artists David Bridgeman and Chris Mann were inspired and encouraged after attending one of art’s largest and most prestigious regional fairs – Art Basel at Miami Beach, held annually in December.

Traditional talents take on a new twist at the National Gallery

 21st Century Cayman is the title of the National Gallery’s latest exhibition and has brought together find artists with local craftspeople and artisans to explore new ways with old traditions. Business Editor Lindsey Turnbull takes a tour and reports. First in a series of articles.

The diversity of French wınes

Most people know the wines of France’s three most famous growing regions - Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux - however, high-quality wines are produced in many other regions in France.


Cayman’s history brought to life

Viewing the sleepy, gentle images of years gone by at the National Gallery’s latest exhibition, Images of Yesteryear, it is hard to imagine that the bustling financial hub ...
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