Thursday, April 9, 2020

Celebrating Burmese cuisine in Cayman

The cuisine of one of Cayman’s smallest communities was enjoyed recently at Icoa when the restaurant held a Burmese dinner as part of its Colonial Dinner Series.

Grand Marnier: A luxury cocktail ingredient

Back in the 1990s, local bartenders liked to say that Grand Cayman had the highest per capita consumption of Grand Marnier liqueur in the world. There’s no way to tell if that boast was true, but it is safe to say that Grand Marnier has been very popular here for a long time.

Visiting winemaker highlights St. Francis wines

St. Francis winemaker Katie Madigan traveled from California to Grand Cayman to join a dinner at the Beach House restaurant featuring five different St. Francis wines.

Wine Club offers fun – and great wines

These days on Grand Cayman, there are many different ways to try some of the more than 1,000 different wines available on the island.

Innovation at the Ritz-Carlton integrates local arts, culture

Roger Ponce has been one of the motivating forces behind the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman's integration with local culture, working alongside Chris Christian from Cayman Traditional Arts.

‘Metamorphoses’ changes the way we view Goya

The National Gallery offers a rare opportunity to view works by 18th centeur Spanish master Francisco Goya, along works by Salvador Dali, alongside interpretaions from 16 local artists.

New jerk in town: Peppers gets authentic

There’s a new jerk in town, and it can be found at Peppers Smokehouse on Seven Mile Beach across from the Marriott resort.

Scotch featured in cocktail competition

When it comes to whisky, there’s Scotch and then there’s everything else. Thus Scotch whisky was the focus of the final preliminary wave of the 2014 Diageo Reserve World Class cocktail competiton in Cayman.

Street food in high gear

Nowadays, food trucks are the next big culinary “thing” to hit cities around the world, and they’ve made a big splash in Grand Cayman as well.

Vodka, Old World style

Stolichnaya Vodka Global Brand Ambassador Meagan Sacher, who visited Cayman in April to conduct two bartender training sessions on the brand, likens the difference in vodka styles to a wine-like Old World versus New World comparison, with Russia, Poland and the Baltic countries representing the Old World.

Bourbon jazzes up new brunch

Grand Cayman residents love Sunday brunch. Bourbon is one of the hottest spirits on the planet. To capitalize on these popular trends, the Craft Food & Beverage Company restaurant has launched a bourbon-inspired brunch with a special à la carte menu on Saturdays and Sundays.

Eric Ripert and the secret to success

Chef Eric Ripert, owner of Blue at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, sets the standard with Le Bernadin, the widely acclaimed New York City restaurant, which recently won more accolades.

Local artist’s rising star at Acme

Local artist Greg Lipton has been hired by Acme Archives to produce officially licensed artwork for the biggest names in film animation.

Spreading the conservation message through art

Artist, conservationist, researcher and cinematographer Guy Harvey speaks about the passions that motivate him to undertake such a broad spectrum of work at such a high level.

Deconstructing the catboat, and other works of a sculptor

Award-winning sculptor Davin Ebanks discusses his large-scale sculpture, 'Adjacent,' which will be erected in front of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands as its permanent piece of public art.

Local ingredients shine on Slow Food Day

Along with the local farmers, restaurants and chefs, Cayman’s Slow Food chapter has championed the use of local ingredients, and nowhere was that more evident than on Slow Food Day 2014.

Tequila with punch

After getting some training on the spirit, 12 of Cayman’s bartenders came to Taikun restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman and created some inspired tequila-based cocktails that paid homage to a worldwide party favorite, punch.



World-class wines from the shadows of the Andes

To get a feel for the breadth of quality and variety of these wines made along the spine of the Andes mountain range, a lunch and tasting was held recently at the Westin Resort’s Beach House Restaurant.


A taste of Austria by the sea

Austria is a landlocked country, so its authentic dishes like Griessnockerlsuppe, Schlutzkrapfen and Schweinebraten aren’t usually served a few feet from the ocean.


Cayman Food Tours offers more than a taste of the town

Born from a love of getting to know a country through its cuisine, Caymanian entrepreneur Marzeta Bodden has started Cayman Food Tours, creating a unique opportunity for visitors and locals alike to discover historic, architectural and cultural highlights during a culinary walking tour of George Town.


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