Tuesday, June 25, 2019

CEOs seek management context

On 13 October, a small group including some of the who’s who of the local business community convened at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites hoping to develop – of all things – a new perspective of their businesses.

Volatility and the impact of oil prices

Due to the severe economic recession, by December of 2008 the price of oil had toppled to $35 a barrel from the height of around $140 a barrel in July 2008. In a little more than half a year, there was a 75 per cent decline in the price per barrel. From the lows of 2009, the price per barrel has skyrocketed back up roughly 200 per cent to a range of $70-110 a barrel for much of 2010 and first four months of 2011.

Inflation and higher rates on the horizon

Last month I asked if the euro was a good buy or good bye. I qualified my comments with a depends (again it’s not the product that requires ‘discreet shipping’); instead I explained a range of scenarios that, if followed, should give you direction on buying or selling.

Want to beat ‘em? Hire them

Cayman hires an insider to lobby for the financial services industry in London and Labour doesn't like it.

Mixed results for private pensions

Private pensions had mixed returns over the past year, with conservative plans performing worse than more aggressive investments.

The five drivers for Cayman’s future success

The Future of Cayman action groups are meeting regularly and there remain opportunities for you to get involved. Each group is implementing the action items that were agreed by the public and private sector representatives who attended the Future of Cayman Forum and endorsed by the government and private sector associations and businesses as essential for Cayman’s ongoing and future success.

Beyond towers: CEO speakers provide glimpse into the future

Premier Alden McLaughlin’s announcement that Dart is planning an “iconic tower” that would “greatly exceed” the territory’s 10-story building limit was the biggest news to come out of last week’s Cayman Economic Outlook conference.

Conference ponders big issues

The Caribbean region's natural beauty is not just worth protecting for environmental reasons, it can impact heavily on tourism too.

Marriott is planning to open 17 new hotels in China over the next five years, a move which would bring its portfolio to 52 properties and...

Global corporate tax reform set to receive unexpected push – from the US

There is growing consensus to support a U.S. proposal for the reform of global corporate tax rules, which would limit the ability of multinational companies to shift profits to low-tax jurisdictions, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Navigating through the conundrum

After hitting a record high of 2,011 on September 18, the Standard and Poor 500 Index spent the next four weeks erasing nearly $2 trillion in market cap.

What we have here is a failure to communicate

Central Bank indecision and miscommunication can be the driver uncertainty and the volatility that ensues.

A changing market: Dynamıcs and outlook

The short to intermediate prospects of equity performance still look encouraging when compared to cash and long-bond yields.

Building up the economy

A look at projects finished in 2012, under way and soon come.

China’s rail stocks gain steam

For a long time railway stocks found themselves stuck on the sidelines, but now this has changed.

Executive gift giving

Sidebar:Jacques Scott gift basketsSidebar:Funky MonkeyThe Journal has scoured Cayman to find all the best in quality gifts, perfect for sending to a valued client,...

Government to set up trade and investment ministry, regional offices

When Premier Alden McLaughlin announced the creation of a new trade and investment ministry last year, together with a regional office in Hong Kong, he justified the unusual mid-term move with the ever-changing international regulatory landscape for the financial services sector.

U.S. expert: Incentivize healthy lifestyles

With healthcare costs spiralling out of control, fuelled by unhealthy lifestyles and rising obesity, US experts say businesses could do more to encourage workplace wellness.

Journal 2011 year in review

Reviewing and updating the top Journal stories of 2011

Top Employer honors and excellence in human resources

Scotiabank and recruitment and personnel specialists Baraud took home the honor of best Top Employer for 2015.
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