Monday, May 20, 2019

Private equity drives financial sector consolidation in Cayman

The appeal of Cayman’s financial service firms to private equity companies is a nontraditional driver for consolidation in the industry that is likely to continue.

What’s brewing in housing?

Financial markets were hit with an onslaught of weak economic news across the housing sector recently.

Deutsche Bank Cayman launches custody business

Deutsche Bank recently launched a new custody business in Cayman, enabling it to offer a service locally that the Cayman office had historically referred to other Deutsche Bank offshore locations.

Ironshore: Cayman’s nascent pharma giant

Cayman is globally renowned for its tourism and financial services, but is not known for having a pharmaceutical industry.

Interest rates will stay close to zero until end of decade

David Levy from the Jerome Levy Forecasting Center predicts new trouble for the world economy.

Three years after the Miller Shaw report – what has happened?

Three years after the Miller Shaw report very few of its recommendations have been implemented.

Cayman Enterprise City: Poised to attract larger companies

As the page turns from 2014 to 2015, Cayman Enterprise City, an instrument for building new industry, continues to expand and innovate.

Cayman retailers turn focus to local shoppers amid dampened tourism sales

Tumultuous politics and competitive pricing spelled a difficult year for Cayman retailers focused on tourist foot traffic in 2016.While cruise ship and stay-over arrivals held steady with around 2 million visitors, retailers felt the effects of depressed exchange rates out of Europe and uncertainty created by the U.S. elections.

Too little or too late for ECB’s President Draghi?

The low level of yields within the euro zone may result in more muted effects from quantitative easing.

IFC government cooperation needed to counter G20 pressure

The most recent G20 summit showed that the pressure on offshore finanical centres continues to grow. Organisations such as the IFC Forum, a private sector intiative, will need to convince the governments of small international financial centres to get together, share information and represent a united front in expressing their aligned interests, says Grant Stein, chairman of offshore law firm Walkers.

Supply chain links to Cayman

Innovations in supply chain technology and the demand for a seamless, efficient, cost-effective and targeted communication path have become critical to global business.

Trust and estate planners going east and south

As wealth is generated faster in non-traditional regions these days, the trusts world and its service providers have to change, a raft of speakers at the STEP Caribbean conference noted.

CHTIC discusses emerging markets, industry state

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Investment Conference is arguably the year’s most important talking-shop for the industry reports Journalist Joe Shooman.
It brings together heads of government, tourism professionals and high-level executives for two days of networking and analysis of the industry.

16 predictions for 2016-2021

Last year was a roller coaster of a year for analysts of global economics and politics. Here is the forecast for 2106 and beyond.

Crime, international forces persist

Physically isolated by vast expanses of water, Cayman Islands residents can easily fall into thinking that they face a set of challenges specific to the territory. A four-person panel at the Anti-Money Laundering /Compliance & Financial Crime Conference served as a reminder that Cayman confronts obstacles that are common among Caribbean and offshore jurisdictions, including internal pressure from rising local crime and external pressure from regulations imposed by large nations.

Boom times for Cayman home real estate

Cayman's number of living units and guest accommodations is increasing.

Heads I win, tails you lose: Why I am shorting the euro

Once in a while you are faced with an investment that is so obvious that you may decide not to participate as you convince yourself that you are missing something. Last month I reviewed one of these investments when I recommended a long term short on the Japanese Yen. Shorting the Yen will be extremely lucrative over time, however the trade can take months before it materialises. Today I would like to recommend another currency trade, one with a shorter life spends, and that is already in play: short the euro.

Challenges to cat bonds growth

The market for catastrophe bonds, bonds designed to protect insurers from the risk of paying out on natural disasters, is poised to grow this year by as much as 30 per cent, according to European insurer Axa. However, to fulfil the growth prospects, cat bonds, most of which are domiciled in Cayman, still have to overcome certain obstacles delegates heard at the Insurance Linked Summit in February.

Restaurants get industry insight

The recent Cayman Islands Tourism Exchange featured a series of marketing workshops for the first time this year. Delegates and businesses on Grand Cayman were given the opportunity to engage with experts from Expedia, condo/apartment rentals, marketers and the restaurant sector. 

Lund Report: Tracking the cash

With our real estate market finally bottoming out and poised to slowly start into a steady upward cycle, this is a good time to...
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