Monday, December 23, 2019

An opportunity not to be missed: fixing Cayman’s financial problems

Over a year ago I wrote that Government and the private sector should don their rain gear as the global financial crisis started to...

“Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated”

While the taxpaying public and corporations in many G20 jurisdictions are battling the effects of the increased taxation in fact international capital is starting to flow once again, hedge fund returns are up ticking.

Prep students get to grips with business ethics

From the perspective of the business owner, getting young people adequately prepared for the work place is an incredibly important aspect of their secondary education, yet how...

Making the case for Europe

Maybe it’s time to consider a re-allocation to another region, specifically the eurozone.

Cayman at a crossroads

Last month’s International Funds Conference entitled ‘Looking Forward: Risks, Opportunities and Solutions’ kicked off a slew of conferences to be held this year in...

Asia drives global recovery but caution still remains

RBS Coutts’ global investment strategy team published its 2011 Mid-Year Investment Outlook, highlighting the key drivers of investment returns for the remainder of 2011.

More precious than gold

What could be more precious than gold? No, it’s not the precious stone usually associated with weddings. Ok, let’s play a guessing game.

Depression or recovery?

Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, sees the US suffering from years of subpar growth interspersed with recessions as necessary structural reforms remain unaddressed.

Top Employer honors and excellence in human resources

Scotiabank and recruitment and personnel specialists Baraud took home the honor of best Top Employer for 2015.

The future of Cayman in the transparency era

FATCA and its siblings are likely to have a significant positive effect for Cayman.

Boom times for Cayman home real estate

Cayman's number of living units and guest accommodations is increasing.

No escaping risk

Every day, highly experienced investors and thought leaders are sounding the alarm about an impending market crash. Since the 30-year anniversary of Black Monday less than two months ago, the sirens are blaring progressively louder. With an eight-year U.S. equity bull market behind us, coupled with positive GDP growth, the sustained market rally seems too good to be true. On the surface the economy appears to be plodding along, but according to the bears, something is brewing in the depths below.

Cayman Finance leads global promotion of industry

Cayman Finance has undertaken a rigorous program of promotional events across the globe.

Seven ways to turn around government-owned firms

Turning around a government-owned company (GOC) is tantamount to changing a submarine’s engine underwater: the usual rules are inapplicable because the risks are too great.

International Travel News

Brits take to cruisingThe number of Brits taking cruises this year increased by 5 per cent despite the downturn in the economy, according to...

Major projects, tourism expected to drive growth

While many business leaders express optimism about the economic outlook for 2014, mainly based on major new developments, the hard data still presents a mixed picture.

Grenada: The other Ivanised island

It is easy to forget that the Cayman Islands weren’t the only place ravaged by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.  In fact, Cayman wasn’t even the first place to feel the brunt of Ivan the Terrible.

Focus on jobs, immigration, 
crime and the CI economy

The Journal has a review of the Cayman Business Outlook panel discussion: “Things Tough! So Don’t Cut My Pay, Tax Me Less & Give Me More Free Services … And Do Something About Crime … Education … and Jobs. And What About Those Expats?”

Headwinds to a rate hike

Recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is changing analyst estimates of when the Federal Reserve will start to hike interest rates.

Marijuana hedge funds: An emerging conundrum for regulators?

Will the launching of new marijuana hedge funds seeking to profit from legal cannabis sales in the Canada and the U.S. constitute money laundering by the Financial Action Task Force and federally defined illegal drug acts?
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