Saturday, March 23, 2019

Volatility: bring it on!

Morning. We have entered what can only be described as familiar territory with a different set of reasons? Sterling keeps getting sold (see the...

Investment summit: ‘Hedge funds are not dead’

Hedge fund investments have been described as failing many times before, so the suggestion that the industry is dead or in decline is an “alternative fact,” according to Mark Yusko, CEO and chief investment officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management.

Wage growth stalls in developed economies

The latest Global Wage Report by the International Labor Organization warns of stalled wages in many countries and notes that the labor market is a driver of inequality.

2013: Market conundrum

Unlike the start of 2012, 2013 appears to have started on much firmer footing.

Getting there: First steps making Cuba a US tourist destination

The aviation agreement between the governments of the United Sates and Cuba is one step toward a more open tourism market in the island nation.

CFA Society: Major financial markets outlook predicted

Are the noises about the green shoots of a recovery premature wishful thinking or do they have real weight behind them when it comes...

White Paper Cayman crime, economy on UK radar

A host of issues are identified ahead of the latest review of Cayman-UK relations.

Buy tech, sell financials

According to Standard and Poors website the two largest components of the S&P 500 index are informnation technology, which accounts for 18.12 per cent, and financials, which represent 16.16 per cent of the benchmark.

Davos forum: China steps up amid global recovery

China steps up amid global recovery.

A dinner conversation with… Ezzard Miller

As would be expected, North Side MLA Ezzard Miller didn't mince words when the Journal's Alan Markoff sat down with him for a dinner conversation at Luca Restaurant.

Time to think home and contents coverage

Prior to Hurricane season is the right time to think about buildings and contents insurance again. Both types of insurance are important as severe weather...

Private aviation could be Cayman’s growth market

The private aviation industry could be lucrative for Cayman tourism, but is it being targetted enough?

Camana Bay and Dart Realty: 20 years on

Twenty years after buying the Coral Caymanian Hotel and associated properties, Dart Realty continues to have a major impact on Cayman in more ways than just Camana Bay.


Cayman Enterprise City: Poised to attract larger companies

As the page turns from 2014 to 2015, Cayman Enterprise City, an instrument for building new industry, continues to expand and innovate.

Jamaica investing heavily in key role in international shipping

Jamaica has been quietly working to turn the seaport on its south shore into the global shipping logistics center of the 21st century.

Rollover suspension generates kudos

Suspending Cayman’s work-permit rollover policy has been lauded by local professionals in the key industries of finance, real estate and tourism. Meanwhile, the news has rattled the political establishment in Bermuda, whose rollover policy was the inspiration for Cayman’s.

Financial industry, political manoeuvrings

Ernest Csiszar, former president and CEO of the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, discussed these issues at the Cayman Captive Forum held at...

How to budget for a wedding

Like many other people, I suppose, I have been thinking about the economy, and how to do recession-proof planning.  When money is tighter than...

Can too many work permits be bad for the economy?

It’s a question that surfaces almost everyday on some radio show or in private debates about the ‘demise’ of the Cayman Islands economy. Broadly speaking, there are two common answers to this question.
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