Sunday, January 20, 2019

Prep students get to grips with business ethics

From the perspective of the business owner, getting young people adequately prepared for the work place is an incredibly important aspect of their secondary education, yet how...

What’s new in resiliency?

With the 2012 hurricane season already underway, much attention is currently being paid by organisations and individuals to the physical threats posed by storms. “Certainly the Cayman Islands is becoming more capable in its infrastructure and capabilities to respond and remain resilient against the storm menace” says Taron Jackman, a Partner at Deloitte & Touche (“Deloitte”) in the Cayman Islands. Examples of these improvements include the in-progress construction of the Cayman Island’s new Doppler radar system, to allow for more accurate weather forecasting and storm tracking, as well as the on-going development by the Cayman Islands Government of its new emergency command centre in Little Cayman and the Cayman Brac emergency shelter

Potential beneficiaries of the US fiscal stimulus

Stock Watch While there has been much debate over the likely success of the Obama administration’s fiscal stimulus package, there seems to be little...

Lofty goals, limited results for football project

After 10 years and approaching US$3 million in spending, at the most conservative estimate, Cayman Islands football officials are planning a “grand opening” ceremony for a solitary football pitch at the headquarters in Prospect.

More than ever Grand Cayman condos need vigilant management

Many have the mistaken impression that real estate is a passive investment and therefore needs little management.  Although this may be somewhat true for long-term net ground leases, it certainly does not apply to residential properties, says Ginnie Gardiner, PhD, associate professor of Finance & Real Estate at UCCI.

Is global growth stuttering?

2017 can be characterized as a year that should be celebrated. The world’s economy enjoyed synchronized global growth, with all major developed economies reporting positive GDP growth.

Three years after the Miller Shaw report – what has happened?

Three years after the Miller Shaw report very few of its recommendations have been implemented.

Armour Expo: Weather and IT are inseparable for Caribbean businesses

In the wake of a devastating hurricane season, much of the Caribbean has been forced to take on massive rebuilding efforts in coming months.

Step up to training and recruitment: The war for talent part two – winning...

Last part in this series.This new inclusive approach involves a shift in the way companies view their workforce. McKinsey and Company suggests that it...

Seven reasons not to fear inflation

Nancy Euvrard, investment manager for Close Asset Management, argues why inflation fears should be unfounded.

Offshore M&A deals drop; Cayman remains top center

The Cayman Islands saw more mergers and acquisition transactions than any other offshore jurisdiction in the first half of 2018, as the total value of Cayman deals increased by nearly 50 percent over the second half of 2017.

The good the bad and the ugly of the US economy

As the US economy struggles to find recovery mode, Cayman’s financial services industry recently heard that the US is heading for even deeper problems once the 2011 budget kicks in and the dire state of each State’s public finances are revealed.

Economics, politics and real estate

Unlike the US, where size and complexity makes a quick fix impossible, here in Cayman a change in leadership can have a significant impact on our future.

Insurance company forges ahead

The Journal sits down with Garth MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer of Island Heritage, to hear how the company intends to continue to expand and...

Reinflation of the global economy


There were some fundamental issues that made some of asset valuation levels unsustainable. For example, higher valuation of real estate is not necessarily a problem as long as the valuations are based on solid fundamentals. 


What’s right, wrong with offshore financial centers?

Former Monetary Authority chairman Tim Ridley and John Christensen, executive director of the Tax Justice Network, debated exactly how transparent OFCs should be and the global tax rules they should be subject to at the American Bar Association conference in January.

Cayman’s new government

The new government has a long 'to do' list for the next four years.

Around the world

Dubai International adds airlinesTwo more airlines have started operating out of Dubai International Airport taking the total number to more than 125. The airport...

Reducing the national debt

Rising national debt in many countries has reached levels where words such as ‘unsustainable’ and ‘crisis’ are the only means to describe the actual situation that has evolved over the past two decades.

The US housing market and the economy

The US housing market played a fundamental role in the meltdown of the US and latterly the global economy in late 2008/early 2009, with...
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