Wednesday, June 26, 2019

FIFA’s Cayman ties long pre-date Jeffrey Webb

Charles Blazer secretly pleaded guilty to racketeering and money laundering on Nov. 25, 2013, ending a long, strange career at the top echelons of football bureaucracy.

Top Employer honors and excellence in human resources

Scotiabank and recruitment and personnel specialists Baraud took home the honor of best Top Employer for 2015.

Dart, beyond Camana Bay

In addition to dramatically expanding Camana Bay over the next decade, Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. and its associated companies will be busy developing other areas of Grand Cayman.


June or September liftoff, does it really matter?

The threat of an imminent rate increase continues to loom over markets.

Camana Bay and Dart Realty: 20 years on

Twenty years after buying the Coral Caymanian Hotel and associated properties, Dart Realty continues to have a major impact on Cayman in more ways than just Camana Bay.


CUC smart meters: Savings, but also questions

A Caribbean Utilities Company program to replace standard electricity meters with new “smart meters” is set to finish late this year, but it has generated questions about the safety and security of the equipment.

The ‘greening’ of Cayman: slow, steady, complicated

In the next 90 days, the Caribbean will take another incremental step toward sustainable consumption as Cayman’s John Felder ships to Cuba the first electric cars in the island’s history.

Cayman Finance: Time to refocus

Jude Scott, the new CEO of Cayman Finance, says the industry has grown and has been very successful, “but we all now have to reinvest.”

Work permits have no negative impact on Caymanian employment

Data show the number of work permits does not impact Caymanian unemployment. An analysis of more than 10 years of data shows the nature of employment in Cayman has changed significantly since Hurricane Ivan.

Hedge Funds Care provides real benefits in Cayman

Now established for 10 years, Hedge Funds Care Cayman is making a big difference in Cayman's efforts to prevent and treat child abuse.

Stunning stories among highlights at alternative investment forum

Agent Gregory Coleman tracked his quarry, the so-called “Wolf of Wall Street,” for 10 years, ultimately sending him to a Nevada minimum-security prison for money laundering and securities fraud.

Tax issues for UK expats

HMRC are slowly increasing the U.K. tax net to catch expats.

World’s cheaper oil not a big help to Cayman Islands

International politics, along with business and economic circumstances and newer technology used in the extraction of oil have all combined to rattle global energy pricing while generally not affecting the Cayman Islands economy.

Cayman Enterprise City: Poised to attract larger companies

As the page turns from 2014 to 2015, Cayman Enterprise City, an instrument for building new industry, continues to expand and innovate.

Contrasting strategies in Cayman’s banking sector

Retail banks, which cater to the business and personal needs of Cayman residents, play an increasingly important role in the islands’ economic development.

Health City pushing into new markets

In 2015, Health City is looking toward accreditation, a start to expansion, a U.S. promotional campaign and efforts to gain recognition from medical insurers.

Utilities – between license negotiations and new revenue streams

The boardrooms in Cayman’s private-sector providers of water and electricity anticipate 2015 with some excitement as they watch fuel prices drop, license negotiations progress and new revenue streams develop.

Obesity weighs on Cayman

Obesity is weighing heavily on Cayman’s population, statistics show, and the figures are likely to keep ballooning unless government sectors come together to create a solution, health industry leaders warned at the Cayman Islands National Healthcare Conference last month.

Cayman’s economic zone boosts economy by $20M

Cayman’s special economic zone has contributed about $20.1 million to the Cayman economy in 12 months.

Match fixing taints soccer

World football governing body FIFA needs to do more to deal with the illegal gambling rackets tainting the integrity of the game, according to the investigator who brought down a match-fixing ring operating in the U.K.
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