Monday, March 25, 2019

A conversation with… Randy Merren

Few people have been in the Cayman Islands media and entertainment business as long as Randy Merren.

New moves to involve Caymanians in tourism

As the tourism industry goes from strength to strength, new moves are taking place to ensure Caymanians share the success.

Why Cayman keeps being ‘listed’

Despite all its efforts, Cayman continues to be named and shamed in lists created with dubious impartiality and questionable methodologies.

Cruising to Cayman: Making way for super ships

 The Cayman Islands and the Caribbean cruise industry have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for many years. Currently, three business-related themes are converging that could strengthen this alliance substantially in the coming years: 


FATCA has arrived

With the sudden acceleration of inter-governmental agreements and now some 70 countries signed up to help the IRS, FATCA has very much arrived and is here to stay.

Lights, camera, action: CayFilm on red carpet

Producers of the Cayman International Film Festival – CayFilm – to be held from June 18 to 21, 2015, say the event has the potential to be so huge for the Cayman Islands that the spin-off effect could well develop a new tranche to the territory’s economy.

Local artwork makes ‘Summer Memories’

Evocative images that speak of summer are currently on display at the latest art exhibition at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman’s Gallery, with paintings and photography submitted by a wide range of Cayman’s talented artists.

Farming fuels quality of life

Why now, at a time of relative economic stability, does local food production become a topic of conversation in Cayman? Answers vary among government and outside agricultural experts, farmers, restaurateurs and food enthusiasts.

Major projects, tourism expected to drive growth

While many business leaders express optimism about the economic outlook for 2014, mainly based on major new developments, the hard data still presents a mixed picture.

The business of culture

Chris Christian of Cayman Traditional Arts has not only identified the need for ensuring that Cayman’s cultural heritage doesn’t get swallowed up by mass media, but he is also actively educating and promoting cultural awareness with Cayman’s youth and the islands’ tourism product.

YCLA year in review: Recipient Garth Arch

Garth Arch looks back on his year as reigning 2012 YCLA recipient.

What’s bugging Cayman

The Journal tackles its creepiest - and crawliest - story yet as it visits Grand Cayman's insectariums.

The troubled Turtle Farm

The debate is about animal rights versus local heritage, but what about the costs of Cayman's Turtle Farm?

Investing in education versus overprotection

As we debate the impact of the rollover policy, the path to citizenship and a host of immigration related issues, the discussions seem perfectly imbalanced towards how we can protect our citizens even more, and far less on how we need to better prepare them for the job market of today’s and in the future.

Marketing your small business

Reaching out to customers can be done in a wide variety of ways, as small business owners found out at a recent meeting of the cayman Islands Small Business Association

Fundraising efforts by Cayman’s Red Cross

As part of a unviersal organisation dedicated to assisting others, the Cayman Islands Red Cross tirlessly raises funds for local as well as international causes.

A tribute to men of the sea

A new exhibition at the National Gallery, being held in partnership with the National Archive, offers a rare glimpse into Cayman’s past

A winning combination

Would you like to learn how to become a more effective classroom teacher or educational leader especially in a multicultural context? Well, the Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed) program will help you achieve your objective of becoming that educational professional

Businesses offer up support 
of Cayman Prep scholarship

Cayman Prep and High School recently announced the introduction of a new scholarship programme for students studying for A-level examinations, brought about by a collaboration of local businesses all keen to support education.

Talents showcased at 

A fresh new art exhibition is currently showing at Butterfield’s second floor entrance, created by young artist Josie Frazer. The Journal catches up with her while she studies at Northumbria University, in the north of England.
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