Saturday, March 23, 2019

ZEDRA is delivering on launch strategy, management says

Almost 20 months after the buyout of Barclays’ trust and fiduciary business and the launch in seven jurisdictions, trust and corporate service provider ZEDRA finally held its official launch party in Cayman in October.

Managed waste disposal slowly takes shape as DEH looks to DECCO project managers

Make what you will of the project to remediate the solid-waste disaster dubbed “Mount Trashmore,” but the effort to end the fire, smoke and leaching hazard has to be a good thing. The shredding of 7,000 tons of discarded tires is nearly complete, and at 100 tires per ton, that makes 700,000 tires that will be removed from the George Town landfill by early spring.

HCCI reveals $25 million 2016 capital budget

If anyone thought 2015 at Health City Cayman Islands was a busy year, 2016 promises to be frenetic: New capital projects alone are budgeted for $25 million.

Health forum addresses processed foods, cancer, chronic diseases

The prescription is fascinating, sensible and easy to remember – and it might save your life: Shop the perimeter.

Farming fuels quality of life

Why now, at a time of relative economic stability, does local food production become a topic of conversation in Cayman? Answers vary among government and outside agricultural experts, farmers, restaurateurs and food enthusiasts.

PwC makes case for cruise project

The authors of a business case analysis of the controversial cruise port project say their reports show that building two piers is, in economic terms, the “preferred option” for the Cayman Islands.

Why Cayman keeps being ‘listed’

Despite all its efforts, Cayman continues to be named and shamed in lists created with dubious impartiality and questionable methodologies.

What’s brewing in housing?

Financial markets were hit with an onslaught of weak economic news across the housing sector recently.

Cayman’s quiet battle over roaming fees

Since there is little competition in the Cayman Islands, roaming fees are higher than what Americans and Canadians pay. This has drawn some consumer complaints, but also efforts by telecoms to address the issue.

Cayman beneficial ownership model comes with cybersecurity edge

Cayman Islands law governing beneficial ownership data took effect July 1, ushering in a technology-based system to manage the exchange of information about the true owners of Cayman-registered entities.

Match fixing taints soccer

World football governing body FIFA needs to do more to deal with the illegal gambling rackets tainting the integrity of the game, according to the investigator who brought down a match-fixing ring operating in the U.K.

Beyond towers: CEO speakers provide glimpse into the future

Premier Alden McLaughlin’s announcement that Dart is planning an “iconic tower” that would “greatly exceed” the territory’s 10-story building limit was the biggest news to come out of last week’s Cayman Economic Outlook conference.

Offshore chokepoint?

‘De-risking’ by individual institutions will lead to higher risk and exposure at the jurisdictional level.

Inflation: It’s not all in the data

Monique Frederick Butterfield Inflation, an ongoing rise in the general level of prices, is a metric of paramount importance in economic policy, and even more...

Cayman’s economic zone boosts economy by $20M

Cayman’s special economic zone has contributed about $20.1 million to the Cayman economy in 12 months.

Cayman captives gain complexity

Comparing the number of captives in the Cayman Islands – 711 as of Sept. 30 2016, up from 709 captives 12 months ago – would suggest a flat market. But the pure statistics and consolidation in the industry masks a strong influx of new captives and the increasing complexity and amount of business carried out by insurance managers in Cayman.

New rules shake up anti-money laundering services

Cayman’s fund industry is facing significant changes under new regulations to fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Demand billing, solar+storage and the looming challenge of renewable energy

Basing electricity charges on a consumer’s peak use in any single month is a departure for the Caribbean Utilities Company, but executives say the scheme accords with its still-unpublished – and 15 months delayed – 30-year planning report.

FIFA’s Cayman ties long pre-date Jeffrey Webb

Charles Blazer secretly pleaded guilty to racketeering and money laundering on Nov. 25, 2013, ending a long, strange career at the top echelons of football bureaucracy.

Ironshore: Cayman’s nascent pharma giant

Cayman is globally renowned for its tourism and financial services, but is not known for having a pharmaceutical industry.
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