Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Trade tensions – unintended consequences

It is common rhetoric to describe U.S. President Donald Trump as a non-conformist. President Trump came out of the gate swinging, dismantling long-standing trade agreements and partnerships with neighbours, allies and the world’s second largest economy.

ICCI looks forward to the next 40 years

Now coming up to its 41st year of providing further education in the Cayman Islands, the International College of the Cayman Islands has some exciting new developments in the pipeline. ICCI President John H. Cummings speaks with the Journal.

More than 30 years of CIREBA, Cayman’s only real estate association

Founded in 1987, the nonprofit Cayman Islands’ Real Estate Brokers’ Association annually oversees nearly three-quarters of all local realty transactions, listing at any given time an average of 1,500 properties valued around $1.6 billion.

Banking: Is it time for central banks to pause?

It is hard to believe that the 9 percent return on the S&P 500 Index as at the end of September has now completely vanished. U.S. equity markets are now in negative territory for the year to date.

A conversation with… Randy Merren

Few people have been in the Cayman Islands media and entertainment business as long as Randy Merren.

Cayman’s quiet battle over roaming fees

Since there is little competition in the Cayman Islands, roaming fees are higher than what Americans and Canadians pay. This has drawn some consumer complaints, but also efforts by telecoms to address the issue.

The changing landscape of telecommunications

Just several years ago, companies like Digicel were largely known as mobile phone providers. But with the exploding popularity of WhatsApp and other applications that allow people to text and make voice calls over the internet, telecommunications companies can no longer rely on selling prepaid and postpaid bundles of minutes to make the bulk of their revenue.

Inflation: It’s not all in the data

Monique Frederick Butterfield Inflation, an ongoing rise in the general level of prices, is a metric of paramount importance in economic policy, and even more...

Immigration uncertainties mean stubborn year for recruiters

Recruiters, head hunters and immigration experts have had a wild year: Uncertainties persist for work permit and permanent residence applications while unemployment remains stubbornly high and economic growth is sluggish.

Blockchain: Fintech company looks to expand operations to Cayman

Jun Hasegawa, founder and CEO of Omise Holdings’, a Southeast Asian payments provider visited the Cayman Islands in April to explore opportunities to expand the company’s operations.

What’s new in transportation?

As new development and upgraded infrastructure continue to improve Grand Cayman, in particular, transportation services are upping their game as well.

Cayman National has event-filled months since sale announcement

The Cayman Islands is home to billions of dollars’ worth of mergers and acquisitions in a given year, but few have the potential to impact the local community as much as the impending sale of Cayman National Corporation Ltd. to the Republic Bank Trinidad and Tobago (Barbados) Ltd.

Managed waste disposal slowly takes shape as DEH looks to DECCO project managers

Make what you will of the project to remediate the solid-waste disaster dubbed “Mount Trashmore,” but the effort to end the fire, smoke and leaching hazard has to be a good thing. The shredding of 7,000 tons of discarded tires is nearly complete, and at 100 tires per ton, that makes 700,000 tires that will be removed from the George Town landfill by early spring.

FATCA has arrived

With the sudden acceleration of inter-governmental agreements and now some 70 countries signed up to help the IRS, FATCA has very much arrived and is here to stay.

Taking the pledge for gender equality

A group of professionals in the Cayman Islands is campaigning for gender equality in the workplace.

June or September liftoff, does it really matter?

The threat of an imminent rate increase continues to loom over markets.

Economist: Moderate US growth to impact Cayman

Moderate growth in the U.S. in the context of a wider global slowdown led by reduced consumer demand is going to impact Cayman, especially in the tourism sector, according to Lindsey Piegza, chief economist at Stifel Fixed Income.

Experts mull future at Cayman Economic Outlook 2018

A list of speakers that included some of the world’s most prominent futurists and technology consultants discussed a variety of topics last month at the 15th annual Cayman Economic Outlook conference.

The Non-Profit Organisations Law: Key considerations for charities

The Cayman Islands recently implemented legislation which will have serious implications for charities operating in the Islands.

Leadership with a personal touch

Ask Jackie Doak for a single piece of advice for women pursuing business careers, and she can’t do it. Instead, she’ll give you half a dozen.
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