Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Tourism in the Cayman Islands: Is there a breaking point?

As annual visitor numbers edge closer to 2.5 million, the question arises: Has the Cayman Islands reached the tipping point on tourism?

American ‘hypocrisy’: Why the US is now the focus of transparency efforts

In the debate about offshore centers, one nation has quickly become the center of attention.

Residential real estate growing by double digits; commercial ready to soar

The complaints nibble at the edges of their optimism, but the upbeat mood among real estate brokers remains firm, though things could be even better – and South Sound is still booming.

Obesity weighs on Cayman

Obesity is weighing heavily on Cayman’s population, statistics show, and the figures are likely to keep ballooning unless government sectors come together to create a solution, health industry leaders warned at the Cayman Islands National Healthcare Conference last month.

Work permits have no negative impact on Caymanian employment

Data show the number of work permits does not impact Caymanian unemployment. An analysis of more than 10 years of data shows the nature of employment in Cayman has changed significantly since Hurricane Ivan.

World’s cheaper oil not a big help to Cayman Islands

International politics, along with business and economic circumstances and newer technology used in the extraction of oil have all combined to rattle global energy pricing while generally not affecting the Cayman Islands economy.

Suzy Soto: A dream, a prayer and a lifetime in business

She would have driven the backhoe, dug the swimming pool and plumbed the pipes, but Suzy Soto merely removed the turtle grass, drove a truck and bore children.

Cayman’s property market: ‘Don’t call it a boom’

Cayman’s real estate market is thriving by any measure. Total property sales reached a record $800 million last year, an 18 percent increase over 2017. The number of property transfers, at 1,857 transactions, was 9 percent higher year on year. Construction activity, meanwhile, continues unabated all over the island.

Cayman slow to catch on to e-commerce

Online commerce, commonplace in most developed nations, has been slow to catch on in the Cayman Islands.

Cruising to Cayman: Making way for super ships

 The Cayman Islands and the Caribbean cruise industry have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for many years. Currently, three business-related themes are converging that could strengthen this alliance substantially in the coming years: 


Bank ‘de-risking’ poses serious problems for Cayman

The Cayman Islands finds itself caught in a global public policy debate over how to deal with cross-border cash transfers

Economic Forum highlights concerns over cruise pier project

Regular readers of the Cayman Compass and other local media are surely used to seeing headlines over the years such as “Cruise dock deal on track,” “Government gives green light to George Town cruise dock,” and “Government plans to go ahead with cruise dock.”

Boom times for Cayman home real estate

Cayman's number of living units and guest accommodations is increasing.

Renowned barrister sets up shop in Cayman Islands

Revered in the U.K. media as the scourge of over-zealous attacks on press freedom, barrister Trevor Burke is perhaps less well known in his second home, the Cayman Islands.

Local artwork makes ‘Summer Memories’

Evocative images that speak of summer are currently on display at the latest art exhibition at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman’s Gallery, with paintings and photography submitted by a wide range of Cayman’s talented artists.

Prime broker relationship is one of many challenges for hedge funds

Regulations have a direct impact on prime brokers’ ability to finance and maintain hedge funds assets on their balance sheet.

The ‘greening’ of Cayman: slow, steady, complicated

In the next 90 days, the Caribbean will take another incremental step toward sustainable consumption as Cayman’s John Felder ships to Cuba the first electric cars in the island’s history.

Gov’t plans public consultation on ‘economic substance’ changes

When late last year, Cayman avoided being placed on an EU tax blacklist by committing to remedy, before the end of 2018, what the EU called a lack of economic substance of Cayman-based entities, few knew what exactly the Cayman Islands government had promised to do.

Blockchain: Fintech company looks to expand operations to Cayman

Jun Hasegawa, founder and CEO of Omise Holdings’, a Southeast Asian payments provider visited the Cayman Islands in April to explore opportunities to expand the company’s operations.

Stunning stories among highlights at alternative investment forum

Agent Gregory Coleman tracked his quarry, the so-called “Wolf of Wall Street,” for 10 years, ultimately sending him to a Nevada minimum-security prison for money laundering and securities fraud.
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