Saturday, December 15, 2018

50/50 Surveying the Past, Mapping the Future

Hundreds of people congregated at the University College of the Cayman Islands campus for a three-day conference examining the history and future of the Caribbean region. Here is an overview of some plenary presentations by leaders and intellectuals.

Every bride should feel beautiful

Tips, trends and advice from an experienced wedding celebrant and planner.Each year more than 1,000 couples get married in the Cayman Islands.  Visitor, resident,...

Partnership working with recruitment agencies

As discussed in our last article, there are a number of services that agencies can offer including staffing solutions for short and long term...

Around the world: Virgin sees profits increase

Virgin Atlantic has reported a sharp rise in profits in the year to the end of February, despite other airlines losses, such as British Airways which recently...

Getting prepared for hurricane season 2010

In readiness for hurricane season, which is just a couple of months away, TeleCayman is this month presenting experts from SunGard Availability Services...
American consumers grew more upbeat about the prospects for the economy, labor market and their incomes in January, according to the Conference Board. - Photo: Bloomberg

Financial markets and the global economy – in sync?

Andrew Baron, Butterfield Global financial markets have begun 2016 with relatively substantial losses. The declines in equities markets have been remarkably broad-based across the developed...

Staying competitive with outsourcing – panacea or problem?

Once interested in developing and customising their own systems, more companies are accelerating their use of outsourcing to keep up with fast-changing technology. But is this the silver bullet that it is touted to be or just another problem in disguise?

Time to think about insurance

Make sure you have adequate disaster insurance.

Post-Irma, BVI financial sector propping up struggling territory

Traveling to the British Virgin Islands for the first time since the territory was devasted by Hurricane Irma last September is an eye-opening experience for those familiar with what was once a flourishing, high-end tourism destination.

Zacapa Rum launch at The Ritz-Carlton

Photos: Cedric GidarisinghBarnaby Richardson Michael and Dani Wheaton Campbell Law Brad Thorn

National airline faces tough choices

Cayman Airways plan to buy its fleet of four jets, currently under lease, could make financial sense in the short term, say industry insiders. But experts warn the airline faces bigger decisions as the planes come to the end of their useful life over the next few years.

Walking up the pipeline

Robert Pires explains BIAS’ investment strategy following this year’s political turmoil and natural disasters.

Waiting in the pipeline

Discerning and forward-thinking owners in Cayman are looking to create homes that provide sustainability for themselves and their children, in the form of hurricane protection as well as energy efficiency. That’s the view of custom home builder Lindsay Scott, owner of LAS development, who is at present building two ...

Anti Corruption Commission gains momentum

The anti-corruption commission has gradually become more comfortable with Cayman's anti corruption legislation in the Cayman Islands.

FATF inspections will bring new compliance challenges

The regulators want every jurisdiction in the world to answer their questions, tick their boxes and comply with their rules, but the pitfalls are significant and judgments difficult to make.

Appreciate it or lose it

There is no question that the offshore sector benefits the respective jurisdictions, it is a matter of whether policymakers fully appreciate what they are...

The price of power: New deal could cut costs

The introduction of competition in the energy production sector could help control prices in the long term.

Cayman slips down global ranking

Part 2: Cayman slips down global ranking. Part 2 Sidebar:About the GFCIThe latest Global Financial Centres Index released in September indicate that the Cayman...

Offshore: Perception and IFCs – How have they fared?

IFCs should use objective measures of their perception to better tackle the reputational challenge.

Don’t get wound up by wind up petitions

The recent Cayman Islands Court of Appeal decision in Camulos v. Kathrein & Co. helps clarify and narrow the potential scope of the new Cayman Islands’ oppression remedy section of the Companies Law (2009 Revision) (the Companies Law), section 95(3), which gives the Court jurisdiction to make certain orders in the alternative to a winding up order when a petition is presented by an investor. 
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