Tuesday, February 19, 2019

War on Weight gets off to a healthy start

Sixteen contestants have sixteen weeks to change their lives, adopt healthy eating habits and undertake regular physical exercise in order to lose weight and...

Creating a personal investment portfolio

Investors often look at their investments in isolation. To avoid losing sight of the performance and characteristics of each instrument and to determine whether they really meet the investor’s objectives, it is necessary to have an investment plan and general overview of all investments.

Costs weighing on small business

The cost of doing business remains a key concern and the key barrier to job creation for entrepreneurs despite signs that the economic gloom is starting to lift in the Cayman Islands.

Top Washington lobbyists in Cayman

It’s a tall order. Convince American policy makers that the Cayman Islands is not a dodgy tax haven and that US businesses would be...

After the sting: ‘I got a raw deal,’ says Clover’s St-Cyr

St-Cyr says his conviction of conspiracy against the United States through money laundering was only a pretext by the IRS to flush out Americans who evade taxes by using offshore service providers.

Sustainable prices, scarce waterfront land, global interest

This could be one of those rare moments: The salespeople and the surveyors, the people who value real estate on a business-to-business basis, agree the market is strong and likely to remain so.

Controversy over airline passenger duty continues

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation has consistently railed against the new tax bands.
Moderator Jeremy Hurst, author Rasmus Ankersen, Minister Tara Rivers, Paul Byles, economist Dambisa Moyo and Health City marketing director Shomari Scott, during a panel disucssion at the Cayman Economic Outlook session, ‘Think: Inequality.' – Photo: David Wolfe Photography

No clear solutions for global economic inequality

While world economic growth is on the rise, inequality has worsened. According to a recent Oxfam report, 62 billionaires now own as much as the poorest half of the world’s population

Featured Shutterbugs of the month

Main Article:Youngsters catch the photography bugChantal Martin My name is Chantal Martin and I attended The Camera Store’s Shutterbugs camp last summer. I really enjoyed this experience because it was my...

Aviation issues central 
to tourism conference

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation State of the Industry conference had a high focus on aviation issues. Intra-Caribbean travel and the cost of airfare were two hotly debated topics at an event that attracted around 300 travel professionals from the private and public sectors.

Legally Speaking: Presenting the key to being ‘key’

Contrary to assertions in some press, the maximum period which an expatriate worker can remain in the Cayman Islands is not always seven years....

New director for the National Gallery

With outgoing Director Nancy Barnard’s departure to pursue arts fundraising and teaching initiatives, Natalie Coleman stepped into her new role on 1 April. This...

This is no ordinary cook out

Foodies set your calendars for the weekend of 16 to 19 January as The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman sets the scene for Cayman Cookout, billed...

Chamber honors vital business contributions, beyond pure economics

The Chamber of Commerce celebrated 16 Grand Award recipients at the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman in October. The inaugural event attracted more than 200 guests, as well as Joseph Hew, the Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, and Roy McTaggart, the Minister of Public Finance and Economic Development, both past presidents of the Chamber of Commerce.

Prophetic or what

Money MarketsLooks like I managed to call the fall in Yen about right - it hasn’t collapsed, but has still managed to give up...

Counting the cost

The Journal begins a new monthly insight putting the spotlight on the human face of immigration policies and economic impacts, assessing the potential cost to business when government policy gets in the way of doing business.

Why nations fail

The reason some countries are poorer than other countries lies in the structure of political institutions. By creating the right or wrong incentives it is the way political power is distributed, rather than a country’s geography, culture or economic programmes, that determines whether a country is prosperous, argues a new book.

Bull market resumes its climb alongside a wall of worry

The bulls are back. Leading world stock markets are impressing observers with new record highs. The Cayman Journal explains why this is happening and what speaks in favor of following the bulls on their way up.

Closed circuit TV can offer protection

The first CCTV surveillance systems were typically observation or view only systems without a recorder.

Cost effective policing

According to the headlines and the statistics, serious crime is on the increase.  Eight murders last year already is a shockingly high ratio per capita in this tiny jurisdiction. Cayman has always lauded its safety and security to the world as vital draws for business, so getting on top of this current crime wave is essential if business is to continue...

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