Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Are the Fed’s QE measures misdirected?

Now that the Federal Reserve has finally made a decision on the scope, size and length of its QE2 actions, the markets should breathe a sigh of relief.

No ‘jumping the gun’ in regulating cryptocurrencies

Peter McKiernan, the cofounder of RiskPass AML+Compliance Ltd., stood at his laptop last week at a seminar on anti-money laundering practices for cryptocurrencies, demonstrating to the audience how to transfer cryptocurrencies across borders.

How to reduce your …and save money

Going green and become energy efficient doesn’t just help save the planet, it also saves money. Scott Murray, Electrical Sales Administrator with Mega Systems gives The Journal the most up-to-date information when it comes to greening homes in Cayman.

Triple the fun for some

It’s the ultimate sporting test, yet for some peculiar reason more people are taking it up than ever before. You don’t have to be...

Rate increases won’t affect bottom line without help from economy

Insurers and reinsurers are challenged by low interest rates and decreasing returns on their asset portfolios forcing them to generate higher return on equity from underwriting. But as long as the economy is not growing it is doubtful whether any insurance rate increases will positively affect the bottom line, according to Bart Hedges, CEO of Greenlight Re.

It pays to be energy efficient

When it comes to advocacy, the old adage of actions speaking louder than words holds true. So when you hear Wil Pineau and his...

Conference Calendar

FEBRUARY8-10 (Sunday – Tuesday)MFA’s Network 2009The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne MFA’s Network 2009, the premier alternative investment conference of the season, will take place Sunday,...

Politics, economics and real estate’s picture in Cayman

This analysis covers general trends and issues likely to affect our market.

YCLA year in review: Recipient Garth Arch

Garth Arch looks back on his year as reigning 2012 YCLA recipient.

ORO AGRI listing highlights ambitions, obstacles for Cayman stock exchange

On June 30, the Cayman Islands stock exchange listed its first non-financial stock with Oro Agri.

Sue’s unique perspective on show

Full of Beans café continues its excellent support of local artists with its recent show a vivid and colourful depiction of everyday quiet moments...

The troubled Turtle Farm

The debate is about animal rights versus local heritage, but what about the costs of Cayman's Turtle Farm?

Not for love or money

The next time you meet your Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLRO), spend a moment to chat with them and to fully understand the demands of their role, the conditions under which they work, and try to assess how enviable or not, their job is. Some would say their role is thankless but essential.

Monetary awards aside, whistle-blowers face hard reality

Whistle-blowers must have a strategic plan when they approach regulatory and law enforcement agencies with information.

Water, water everywhere…

Viewing the tragedy of Haiti is heartbreaking for us to bear.  One of the most immediate needs that rescue organisations have to focus on is the supply of fresh water, waste disposal and sanitation.   But a quick glance around the world shows that whist Haiti’s needs are desperately immediate and urgent, they are certainly not alone in facing this challenge.

Not enough being done

The recent Cayman Islands tourism Exchange examined the disparity that exists betweent he demographic that the islands market themselves to and the reality of the product on offer.

Some progress, but gov’t financial system isn’t working

Cayman's financial watchdog says big changes are still needed to fix government's bottom line.

Volatility: bring it on!

Morning. We have entered what can only be described as familiar territory with a different set of reasons? Sterling keeps getting sold (see the...

The Corporate Green Team Network

The Corporate Green Team Network started as a volunteer group of individuals from a number of private and public sector companies and organisations in...

Heart health Busy week for Cayman Heart Fund volunteers

Cayman Heart Fund’s heart health fair, symposium, Learn and Live Luncheon and red dress down day are upon us this week, so the Journal catches up with the Fund’s chairman, Suzy Soto, for a question and answer session on the good work of this important Cayman charity.
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