Monday, October 14, 2019

Is it time to worry about equities?

After a phenomenal 2018 start, U.S. equity markets caused a bit of a commotion in early February, giving up all gains to-date.

Fifty shades of deterrence: Gray area of dissuasion for assisting tax evaders

Uncertainty as to whether justice is done to the enablers as well as the offenders leaves a certain “gray area” in the U.S. government’s enforcement efforts.

The Inaugural Mourant Ozannes International Trusts Conference

Topics will include, amongst others, confidentiality, the death of the so-called ‘rule in Hastings-Bass’ and the ability of the onshore courts to reach offshore trustees and the assets under their control.

World’s spotlight on Caribbean as renewal energy policies emerge

A struggling economy and the threat of climate change hang over planet Earth like a shroud. But the first footprints toward a solution can appear in the most unexpected places.

New options to protect data

Advances in technology and the plummeting price of fast broadband connections have opened up a new range of options for companies to protect key data and preserve core business operations in the event of a disaster.

Island jurisdictions grapple with push for beneficial ownership registry

As the Cayman Islands works to establish a beneficial ownership registry that will be accessible to law enforcement, another island nation continues to wrestle with international pressure on the subject.

Recapturing the secret to Cayman’s success

Part I:Time for Cayman to “think different”Part III:How happy is Cayman?Reinvent or DieThoughts, ideas, insights to focus Cayman’s businesses on continually assessing and even...

CI hedge funds and the global financial crisis

The hedge fund industry has been severely affected by the recent turmoil in the financial markets. The dramatic fall of market prices, pressure to...

Oil price plunge leads to drop in imports, inflation

Government released several economic reports in July: GDP grew last year, but the first quarter of 2015 saw deflation and declining imports.

What CUC needs to do to go ‘green’

On Jan. 15, the Caribbean Utilities Company announced that government accepted its integrated resource plan, a road map for how the territory will produce its energy over the next 30 years.

A toast to art and wine

Tortuga Liquors has been busy showcasing local artists in recent months at their Governors Square location, as well as highlighting some of the excellent...
Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent remarks underscoring the unfairness of referring to overseas territories as “tax havens” is welcomed by Cayman’s financial services sector. Now, if only the media - including Hollywood - would follow suit, there would be reason to stand and applaud.

Why Mr. Cameron’s statement matters

Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent remarks underscoring the unfairness of referring to overseas territories as “tax havens” is welcomed by Cayman’s financial services sector.   


2013: Market conundrum

Unlike the start of 2012, 2013 appears to have started on much firmer footing.

Top California winemaker visits Cayman

California’s Grgich Hills Estate is well-known and enjoyed in Cayman for its distinctive quality wines, so a recent visit from Violet Grgich herself, hosted...

The war for talent part two – winning the battle

Sourcing, attracting, recruiting and retaining talented individuals that best meet the needs of your company is imperative and, at the same time, increasingly difficult...

Regulating cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, blockchain technology and initial coin offerings (ICOs) have been the buzzwords in the tech sphere for the past couple of years.

The Companies (Amendment) Law, 2007

The new Insolvency LegislationAs all insolvency practitioners and most lawyers on Island will be aware, 1 March 2009 marked a new chapter for insolvency...

Telecommunication: Flow Caribbean president looks to upgrade infrastructure

As broadband providers seek to step up speed and service, Flow’s Caribbean president, Garfield Sinclair, has his eye on renovating island infrastructure. He considers the Cayman Islands one of his top Caribbean markets, alongside Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad. Despite the islands’ small population, their GDP has made them a priority for upgrading high-speed, LTE service.

Letter from Commissioner of Police David Baines to Journal Business Editor Lindsey Turnbull

Main Story:Cost effective policingDear Ms Turnbull:RE:  “Policing in Cayman” – The Journal 6th January 2010.With regard to the above article, I seek your assistance...

Councils volunteer expert help for Cayman economy

Their names may be lost in a sea of abbreviations, but their missions are clear. A mix of public and private committees and councils continue to work -- both publicly and privately – to jump-start Cayman’s economy and keep it on track.
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