Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Restaurants get industry insight

The recent Cayman Islands Tourism Exchange featured a series of marketing workshops for the first time this year. Delegates and businesses on Grand Cayman were given the opportunity to engage with experts from Expedia, condo/apartment rentals, marketers and the restaurant sector. 

Expect great things from Chamber Business Expo

The Expo will be held at The Family Life Centre off Walkers Road, which means lots of parking for everybody.

EU tax list implications represent a gray area

On Dec. 5, the EU Council agreed, after long debate, haggling and horse trading, on a blacklist of 17 countries that the European finance ministers consider uncooperative in tax matters. They also voted on a commitment list of 47 countries that would be deemed uncooperative, according to the EU’s own criteria, had they not agreed in writing to remedy their shortcomings by the end of 2018.

Staying power needed for accountability

The Public Management and Finance law which has been enacter already and its sister legislation, the Finance and Adminsitration Law, still to take effect, both came under scrutiny recently froma panel of eminent experts in their field, in a bid to see how the two can succeed amidsst a cloud of uncertainly and misunderstanding.

The Offshore Director: Risks, responsibilities, liability. Part II

Part 1:The offshore director: Risks, responsibilities, liabilityThis is the second part of a speech given by former Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Chairman Timothy Ridley...

Website of the month: Help for budding entrepreneurs

 The Journal brings you a new column this month, to help businesses that are in the process of starting up as well as those...

Puttin on the Glitz

The Friends of Prep Committee of Cayman Prep and High School held its second “Puttin’ on the Glitz” fund-raising dinner and talent extravaganza at...

The Magna Carta 800 years on:

What can we glean from this 800-year-old document that is relevant to the Cayman Islands in 2015?

Cayman captives gain complexity

Comparing the number of captives in the Cayman Islands – 711 as of Sept. 30 2016, up from 709 captives 12 months ago – would suggest a flat market. But the pure statistics and consolidation in the industry masks a strong influx of new captives and the increasing complexity and amount of business carried out by insurance managers in Cayman.

From paper clips to PCs

The new office supply store at Marquee Plaza stocks everything for small and large businesses as well as school children, artists and more.

More precious than gold

What could be more precious than gold? No, it’s not the precious stone usually associated with weddings. Ok, let’s play a guessing game.

A great place to live

Steve McIntosh, CEO of CML Offshore Recruitment discusses the factors influencing the attraction of talent to the Cayman Islands in 2013.

Lesser known grapes make for great value wines

Some of the lesser known grapes varieties make outstanding value wines that are delicious in their own right.

Insider dealing and market abuse

All the latest from the market’s leading industry body for the global hedge fund industry.The Alternative Investment Management Association, the leading industry body for...

Captive emigration

Paul Scrivener, a partner and head of the insurance group at Cayman law firm, Solomon Harris, considers the steps involved in moving a captive...

Executive gift giving

Sidebar:Jacques Scott gift basketsSidebar:Funky MonkeyThe Journal has scoured Cayman to find all the best in quality gifts, perfect for sending to a valued client,...

CEOs less optimistic about global economy in 2015

Fewer company chief executives believe global growth will improve during the next 12 months.

The performance of your mind

With the worlds focus being largely on the London Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer, we have all been given the opportunity to witness some acts of raw talent from the driven and ambitious athletes who have given their all to win a place at the most sought after accolade in the sporting world.

After the sting: ‘I got a raw deal,’ says Clover’s St-Cyr

St-Cyr says his conviction of conspiracy against the United States through money laundering was only a pretext by the IRS to flush out Americans who evade taxes by using offshore service providers.

Predicting Euro woes

Following on from last month, and in case you don’t stock pile the newspaper as you should, I will reiterate, or at least pick out the bits that came true: I ended with calling Euro at 1.30 and GBP at 1.50.

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