Monday, October 14, 2019

Insight into the Residential Tenancies Law 2009

The Cayman Islands has a large residential rental property market that provides an important source of income for many of the Islands’ residents and investors. Due to recent media exposure, everyone is no doubt well aware of the current state of the rental market...

Amendments to Cayman Islands Companies Law

An overview of the important changes that were recently made to the Companies Law by the Financial Services Legislative Committee - a recently formed body with representatives from the private and public sector

Camana Bay and Dart Realty: 20 years on

Twenty years after buying the Coral Caymanian Hotel and associated properties, Dart Realty continues to have a major impact on Cayman in more ways than just Camana Bay.


After the sting: ‘I got a raw deal,’ says Clover’s St-Cyr

St-Cyr says his conviction of conspiracy against the United States through money laundering was only a pretext by the IRS to flush out Americans who evade taxes by using offshore service providers.

A conversation with … Dale Crighton

Dale Crighton has been appointed to statutory boards over the years by both the United Democratic Party and People’s Progressive Movement administrations.


Cayman-based Real Vision looks to conquer financial media world

Real Vision founder Raoul Pal, who owns a house on Little Cayman, has ambitious plans for his firm, aiming for it to “disrupt” the media industry and replace outlets like CNBC as the financial journalism outlet of record.

Cosmetic surgery available on-island

Dr Victoria Karlinsky, a board certified cosmetic surgeion will be at KY Imaging for one week each month, performing a variety of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

I never felt I was a money launderer

Some say it takes a thief to catch a thief. Humberto Aguilar, helped drug cartels recycle their cash through bank accounts worldwide in the 1980s. Today the convicted money launderer lectures compliance professionals about money laundering methods old and new.

I might actually take my vacation days this year!

Many people all over the world work very hard to make a living. Some may enter the workforce at an early age, some may work extensive overtime hours, and some may work several jobs just to pay the bills. At what point though, do workers become overworked and are at risk of burning out?

Eight companies recognised as Best Places to Work

Scotiabank and SteppingStones took top honours in their respective business size categories at the 2013 Top Employer Awards and can now boast being one of the Best Places to Work in the Cayman Islands.

Her Excellency, the Governor

Cayman's first female governor hits the ground running...water sports are a different matter, however.

Wrongful dismissal? The Johnson exclusion area

Concerns have been raised about attempts to bring employment disputes before the Grand Court rather than before a Labour Tribunal.

Hot HR topics covered at conference

The University of Portsmouth has a history dating back 12 years in helping human resources specialists in the Cayman Islands advance their knowledge, skills and careers. Last month, it not only recognised seven local adult students for attaining professional certificates, it had three of its facility members give talks on hot topics in the HR field.

Banking: Cayman not Cyprus

The banking crisis in Cyprus could easily be eclipsed by a blow-up in the banking sector of the Cayman Islands, which with its size represent a deadly threat to the world economy, at least according to Jeffrey Sachs, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University

A conversation with… Randy Merren

Few people have been in the Cayman Islands media and entertainment business as long as Randy Merren.

Fertility clinic offers deals

South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine targets Cayman clients.

Unmanned flying machines: Peering inside a fledgling industry

Cayman Islands residents and visitors should perk up and listen for a faint and slightly irritating buzzing sound, one destined to become more familiar over time. When you hear it, look skyward for a glimpse into the future.

Residential real estate growing by double digits; commercial ready to soar

The complaints nibble at the edges of their optimism, but the upbeat mood among real estate brokers remains firm, though things could be even better – and South Sound is still booming.

Obesity weighs on Cayman

Obesity is weighing heavily on Cayman’s population, statistics show, and the figures are likely to keep ballooning unless government sectors come together to create a solution, health industry leaders warned at the Cayman Islands National Healthcare Conference last month.

The global anti-money laundering regime: a short overview

The problem of money laundering, which existed before countries enacted laws to criminalise it, has developed over the decades such that a complex, global anti-money laundering regime has similarly developed, consisting of international organisations, departments of various governments, and voluntary, private sector organisations ...

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