Cayman is making strides when it comes to going green. From sustainable construction practices to renewable energy programmes, Cayman is moving forward on the green front.

While major projects are aimed at building a greener future for the islands, efforts are being made in the business community on a smaller scale to promote an eco-friendly Cayman.

Here are a few newcomers on Cayman’s green scene, offering a range of eco-smart services and products.

Electronics recycling

Concerned about the impact of electronic waste being sent to the landfill, Erdmon McCoy decided to help stem the flow by creating his own recycling business.

The electronics technician launched E-Waste Cayman Islands Ltd. late last year.

“The response has been tremendous in both the public and private sector,” he said. “People are very keen to have their electronics disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. There seems to be a great need of the service in the community.”

The company recycles a broad range of electronics including cellphones, computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, DVRs, remote controls, toner cartridges and hard drives, to name a few.

Those looking to dispose of electronics can schedule a pick-up with E-Waste, which provides the service for free.

Erdmon McCoy recycles electronics through his business E-Waste Cayman Islands.

The items are shipped to a U.S. electronics processing and recycling facility, where they are broken down for parts and recycled for further use, when possible.

“Memory, processors, hard drives and circuit boards have good value, so those are sold accordingly,” said McCoy. “The parts are shredded and separated using magnets. The non-waste products are rendered non-toxic and properly disposed of. The metals are melted down and reused.

“Other whole systems and parts, like printers and peripherals, are sent to de-manufacturing facilities. The items are disassembled, and the resulting pieces are sorted and shredded for processing for smelting and reuse.”

The idea for the e-waste recycling business came about when McCoy noted the amount of e-waste being created and filtered into the landfill. He had also started raising honey bees as a hobby and was concerned about the environment.

“I’ve always been environmentally minded,” he said. “I feel like I am not just creating a better environment for [my bees], but a better environment for my family and friends through the work that is being done.”

Uniko Eco Salon features environmentally friendly elements, including a living wall of plants.

Eco salon

Massimo Crigna is doing his part to make hairdressing a greener industry.

The veteran stylist and beauty consultant launched Uniko Eco Salon late last year, a sustainable hair salon located in the Bay Harbour Centre on West Bay Road.

“Sustainability is very important to me,” he said. “During my time in New York, I started to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. When I moved to Cayman six years ago, I was surprised at the lack of sustainability … within the beauty industry. When we decided to open the salon, we had no doubt about going eco.”

The salon’s environmentally friendly elements include soft water and water-saving measures, LED lighting, low-energy air conditioning and a living wall of plants. It features Italian-made products by Davines, known for its carbon-neutral hair-care lines and zero-impact programmes to spread ecological awareness within the beauty industry.

The salon offers plant-based hair colours and has a programme allowing clients to save money and reduce waste with products that can be refilled.

“We offer our clients digital magazines or books, as we strive to be paperless,” said Crigna. “Any waste from the salon, when possible, is recycled.”

Uniko’s sustainable practices and products earned it a Sustainable Salon Certificate, awarded by the U.K. Eco Hair & Beauty Association.

As April is Earth Month, Uniko Eco Salon is donating an extra $1 for every product it sells during the month to a local charitable association.

Car-sharing service

A pilot car-sharing service has been introduced for people who live and work at Camana Bay.

Called ZÜN, the alternative transportation service offers the convenience of having a car on demand without the expense of owning one. The service is spearheaded by Arch Automotive, Cayman’s Audi dealer, and has been developed in partnership with Dart Labs.

“Feedback has been excellent,” said Dart Labs Manager of Business Innovations Paul Henry. “Shared mobility continues to gain popularity in many parts of the world and the Camana Bay tenants and residents are overwhelmingly positive about this new service.”

Part of the goal is to reduce traffic congestion and free up parking space at Camana Bay. It also promotes sustainable living. Last year, Dart started a bike share service at Camana Bay.

“Promoting environmentally friendly habits is an important tenet of New Urbanism, and sustainable methods of transportation like car-sharing, walking and cycling to, from and around a mixed-use community such as Camana Bay is essential,” said Henry.

With ZÜN, people pay an annual membership fee to access its fleet of Audi A3 Sportbacks, which can be rented by the minute, hour, day or week. A mobile app allows 24-hour access.

The driving rates include fuel, maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance. Arch Automotive oversees all operational aspects of the service.

Henry said customers are using ZÜN to run errands, for special occasion outings and when their vehicle is in the shop. It’s also being used by people who want to downsize the number of family cars and individuals who are new to the island who do not have a car.

“We’re also seeing interest from corporations who would consider transitioning from their current company car to ZÜN,” he said.

In Cayman, traffic congestion is a major problem, fuelled by population growth and development.

“We’ve estimated a one-to-one ratio of cars per licensed driver here on the island,” said Henry. “Cars are generally parked 95 percent of the time. This leaves a massive opportunity to drive efficiency into an inefficient and unsustainable status quo.”

He said as ZÜN develops, it has potential to serve communities outside of Camana Bay.

“The ZÜN you see today is the first version of what will be an evolving car share service with continuous improvements – improvements that will be based on the needs of the Cayman market,” he said.

Wall Creations has introduced new eco-products to cut back on single-use plastics, including reusable bottles.

Eco products

Wall Creations has introduced several new eco-products to cut back on single-use plastics, including tote bags and reusable bottles and travel cups.

“We as a company try to be green in every way possible,” says Zoe Wall, founder of Wall Creations, a branch of photography studio Creations Unlimited. “Single-use bottles not only cost money but are terrible for the environment. We are trying to make it easier for people to use reusable items. We even make sure that our greeting cards are in an eco-friendly biodegradable sleeve.”

The company also supplies eco-friendly bamboo cups, among other products, to corporate clients, which can be customised.

  • The products are available at Books & Books in Camana Bay. Visit