Ssangyong ideal for stormy weather

Korean vehicles imported in time for hurricane season 

Prestige Motors is now Cayman’s exclusive on-island distributor for Ssangyong, with the first shipment having just arrived on-island. 

Ssangyong is one of Korea’s most respected automotive companies and is known for stylish vehicles that can also be relied on for outstanding performance. 

As such, Prestige Motors has introduced two of Ssangyong’s top-of-the-line models, which are ideal for before and after storms or other disasters. 

Strong, high off the ground, roomy and with diesel engines, Ssangyong is now a practical and affordable option in Cayman for this type of vehicle. 

The Ssangyong models brought in by Prestige Motors are the seven-seater SUV 2015 Stavic and the 2015 Actyon Sports Utility Truck. 

“The truck is just what is needed in Cayman during stormy times,” said Capt. Robert Sutherland, parts manager with Prestige Motors. “It’s very spacious and will easily accommodate supplies, such as ply board, which many people stock up on just before a storm.” 

The truck can transport other necessary items, too, such as hardware goods, generators, water containers and additional hurricane essentials. 

Should a storm hit Cayman, the truck can also be used for disposing of debris that requires to be cleared in the aftermath. 

Meanwhile, the SUV is a great family car – comfortable, roomy and great for navigating the floodwaters that often settle during the rainy season. 

In Cayman’s harsh environment, in which vehicles suffer in the relentless sun and salty air, the Ssangyongs are built to last with rust-proofing a standard part of the bodywork. 

Both vehicles also run on diesel fuel, which is better than gasoline for Cayman’s environment. 


Great price 

Not only are the two Ssangyong vehicles strong, stylish and suitable for Cayman’s climate, but they both extremely affordable. 

The SUV 2015 Stavic starts at just CI$29,500 while the Actyon Sports Utility Truck can be purchased at a cost as low as CI$25,600. 

“We have deliberately kept the prices at a reasonable price-tag, as we want them to meet our customers’ needs,” said Capt. Sutherland. “All too often, these types of vehicles can be prohibitively expensive but at Prestige Motors we stand for quality and affordability.” 


Prestige is prepared 

Of course, the owners and staff of Prestige Motors are no strangers to dealing with disasters and emergency situations. 

During Hurricane Ivan in 2004 the company (which is also the sole Hyundai dealership in Cayman) lost more than 135 vehicles. Cars were submerged in six feet of seawater, making it seem almost impossible at the time that the company could recover. 

“Ivan decimated Prestige Motors, wiping out the parts department building and stock,” Capt. Sutherland said. 

So it is certain that, of all people, Capt. Sutherland and his team should know the most suitable and reliable vehicles to buy in Cayman where a tropical storm or hurricane could hit at any time. 

“Following the experience of Hurricane Ivan and subsequent storms which have hit Cayman, it really is a wise investment to purchase a vehicle that is durable and practical during such terrible times,” advised Capt. Sutherland. 

Prestige Motors was not wiped out by Ivan, however. In fact, the company workforce moved into high gear to recover and become bigger, better and even more prepared to serve the motoring needs of the Cayman Islands. 

After the storm, Key Motors – the Hyundai distributor in Jamaica – assisted by quickly sending 30 new cars to Cayman, and Hyundai also gave Prestige’s orders for cars and parts high priority. 

“We recovered one day at a time; there were a lot of obstacles but we had to, we already had 20 years invested,” said Capt. Sutherland. “Ivan has become a bit of a blur now, but it was probably a year, and not totally until we moved into our new home at 125 Owen Roberts Drive in 2009 that we were completely back to business as usual.” 

The company learnt a lot from the disaster, with the number one lesson being to build up from the ground to give the premises height and protection from floodwaters. 

With much of the Grand Cayman being flooded during Hurricane Ivan, Prestige Motors moved into Breezy Castle – a custom-built disaster recovery center near the airport – where the company is the anchor tenant. 

“We were the big blue building, but since then (Hurricane Ivan) we have had a corporate image makeover and are now a fresh, big, gray building in Hyundai colors,” said Capt. Sutherland. “We have built our fortress above Ivan datum with backup power and water, along with storage for 300 cars on the roof.” 

Now, in 2014, Prestige Motors is celebrating 30 years in business. 

Founded in 1984 by Capt. Sutherland’s brother-in-law, Danny O’Hara, and Larry Hunter, the company has grown to be one of the most successful car sales dealerships in the Cayman Islands. 

Actyon Sports Utility Truck 

This truck has a powerful engine, dynamic styling and excellent fuel efficiency. Additionally, the sharp, front-hood character line, hexagonal radiator grille and chic black bezel, blend dynamism with refinement. This new look sets a new standard. Great power is always in reserve to ensure the safest and smoothest operation of the vehicle. The 2000 cc e-XDI Active Diesel Engine delivers 155 hp in output, and is optimized by low-end torque of 190 Nm, the best in its class.  

SUV 2015 Stavic 

You’ll fall in love with the distinctive side-character line of this SUV that includes a D-pillar to bring out the luxuriousness of a full-sized vehicle. Wrap-around tailgate glass and rear quarter glass seamlessly connect the side with the rear and provide the finishing touches to a wide and full-bodied look. The Stavic is all about accommodating you. 

About Ssangyong 

Founded almost 60 years ago, Ssangyong is a company that strives to satisfy its customers. Its products are designed to improve drivers’ quality of life and earn their trust with consistent excellence and durability. In fact, developing strong, durable and authentic products of high quality, and a consistent commitment to customer satisfaction, are at the core of Ssangyong’s business ethos.