No person left behind

Hurricane preparedness is at the forefront of everyone’s mind through the season that runs from June 1 to November 30. Residents stock up on food and emergency supplies, check their hurricane shutters, and do whatever they can to ensure they are safe in the event of a hurricane, until the danger passes. 

One of the most important items on your preparedness checklist should be your medical insurance card, along with prescriptions, travel documents and important medical records. Whether you need medical assistance locally, or emergency services overseas, the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company (CINICO) is there to help you ride out the storm. 



CINICO was formed by the Cayman Islands Government as a “Class A” insurer primarily for the provision of health insurance coverage for civil servants and civil servant pensioners, as well as any other government entity. It also fills the very important niche of being the national insurer of “last resort” for individuals unable to secure insurance elsewhere on the local market. 

There are a number of different plans available that include local and overseas coverage. From the “Silver” plan for those over the age of 60, to “Challenger,” assisting people rejected by an approved health insurance provider, and “Affordable” – a great choice for households with an income of under $40,000 per year, CINICO is a vitally important provider in the market, ensuring that no one has to make the difficult choice to live without health insurance. 

Members of CINICO have full access to the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (CIHSA), where most services do not require pre-authorization. The authority can also provide referrals for specialists outside its facilities if its own in-house medical and dental staff cannot offer the required treatment and care. This extends to overseas referrals, where a suitable “in-network provider in the United States, Canada, Jamaica or another country will be selected,” according to the CINICO website. 

Emergency overseas coverage is one of CINICO’s most important options to remember, particularly in hurricane season. In the event of an emergency, clients can receive urgent medical care at an overseas facility. The peace of mind this provides is at the core of CINICO’s ongoing service commitment to all its members. 


Before and after the storm 

Tracking hurricanes should be a priority for anyone living in the Caribbean at this time of year. Buying supplies, and checking shutters and generators in advance to confirm that they are in good working order, is key to minimizing stress and panic in the event that a storm becomes an imminent threat. 

Accidents, injuries and illness are more likely to occur in the case of a natural disaster, and therefore being able to place your hands on all of your medical information and supplies at a moment’s notice is an important part of your plan. 

Make sure that you have your CINICO member card, key medical records, current list of prescriptions, passport and any necessary visas, protected in a waterproof wrapping to prevent any of them being compromised if flooding occurs. You should also have obtained medical treatment for pre-existing chronic conditions, and have a good supply of medications and medical supplies – enough to take you through the storm and for at least two weeks after it passes. 

If after the storm you require medical attention, seek it out at the nearest medical facility, and present your CINICO member card. This is the case for both local and overseas services. 


Overseas emergencies 

The only thing worse than suffering a medical emergency is suffering it in a strange land. Most, if they could choose, would want to be close to home under such circumstances, with familiar surroundings and people they know. Luckily CINICO coverage overseas is like having your home provider right there beside you. Simply call the Overseas Care Management Co-ordinator using the phone number listed on the back of your CINICO benefit card to obtain a pre-authorization for emergency service. They will immediately direct you to the closest hospital emergency room in the network, saving you valuable time that you or a loved one might have otherwise spent trying to research where you need to go. This central service that operates 24/7 is the fastest way for you to get the treatment you need. When a sudden onset of a condition requires immediate attention, every minute counts. 


Many services, one provider 

CINICO has been a trusted insurance and medical care provider in the Cayman Islands for many years. CINICO’s wide range of plans, coverage, and impressive network of facilities throughout the world, offers its clients local and international first-rate care; always with the professional, friendly service that is always appreciated by patients dealing with medical issues. 

Its commitment to the elderly in the community, so often the ones who get lost a system of unaffordable coverage, is proven in its plans specifically tailored to their needs. Low income families can rest easy that their children will be covered; and travelers finding themselves in unexpected situations will be comforted by the fact that CINICO is their Cayman ambassador no matter where they are, ready to lend assistance at a moment’s notice. 

Medical insurance is a necessity for everyone, but it hasn’t always been within easy reach. CINICO bridges the gap to ensure that all get the coverage they need and deserve. Dealing with illness is bad enough, without worrying about the added financial burden of medical bills. 

With CINICO, no person gets left behind. 

CINICO’s wide range of plans, coverage, and impressive network of facilities throughout the world, offers its clients local and international first-rate care; always with the professional, friendly service that is always appreciated by patients dealing with medical issues. 


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