You feel good when you look good

“You feel good when you look good” has been the motto of Puritan Dry Cleaners and Laundry for over 55 years and many of their customers can testify to this. 

In 1958, Cardinall DaCosta and his brothers Wilbur and Hartmann and other family members opened their dry cleaning store named Puritan Cleaners Limited at North Church Street on property purchased from the Gressmans. Soon after, Puritan expanded into bulk laundry services for hotels such as Beach Club, La Fontaine and Coral Caymanian, and later the Holiday Inn, Hyatt and Treasure Island and Condos on Seven Mile Beach.  

In 1980, Cardinall purchased his brothers’ shares in the business and in 1983 moved from North Church Street to 337 Eastern Ave. to a new and more spacious plant with ample parking to better facilitate his customers, and larger bulk laundry handling. Over the next 30 years Cardinall expanded his business to multiple locations and also constantly upgraded the equipment in the plant to meet the needs and demands of his customer base.  

“Retaining our loyal customers is a major priority for us,” says Cardinall, “and we continue to invest in the best and latest equipment and employ the most qualified staff to ensure that the products we use are always of the best industry standard.” 

This year, Puritan cleaners contracted Shaun Rose, a certified laundry manager, to oversee, assist and peruse the dry cleaning operation. Mr. Rose brings over 20 years’ experience in the dry cleaning business to Puritan and is the holder of a bachelor of arts degree in chemistry from Howard University in Washington, D.C. 

He has worked at the Dry Cleaning Industry Institute, formerly the International Fabricare Institute, in Maryland and throughout his career has filled roles ranging from research chemist and instructor to district manager and trainer in various dry cleaning companies across the United States. 

“I am very delighted to be a part of the Puritan team,” comments Mr. Rose. “Mr. DaCosta has done a great job at developing his operation to world-class standards. My skills, knowledge and expertise will enhance the services and operations of this premier dry cleaning company as the industry evolves and changes with time. My expertise and experience will also be used to train local staff in an industry that lacks this level of training, particularly in the Cayman Islands.” 

Puritan Cleaners also ensures that all products used in the dry cleaning process are not harmful to customers who wear dry cleaned clothes. Contrary to certain negative local statements, the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States said in a press release in 2012: “EPA does not believe that wearing clothes dry cleaned with Perchloroethylene [PERC] will result in exposures which pose a risk of concern.” Currently PERC is used by Puritan and 75 percent of Dry Cleaners globally. 



Puritan Cleaners is known to be the premier dry cleaning company in the Cayman Islands with the most locations and provides the following list of services: 

  • Free pick-up & delivery service to home and office 
  • Transfer service option – drop off and pick up your dry cleaning & laundry same store or transfer to any Puritan location that fits your shopping, social or business schedule. 
  • Clothing / Apparel 
  • Dry Cleaning 
  • Professional Cleaning: Hand Bags, Caps & Hats 
  • Shirt Service  
  • Leather Cleaning (some off Island) 
  • Roll & Sharp Pleating for Jackets Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preserving Keepsakes  
  • One-hour & Same Day Service  
  • Alterations / Resizing 
  • Wash-Dry-Fold 
  • Restaurants / Hotels / Condos 
  • Bulk LaundryCustomer Owned Goods Table Napery Service  
  • Linen Rental 
  • Valet Service 
  • Table Napery Rental  
  • Drapery Cleaning in-house and on site 


“Our customers are greatly satisfied with our service and have frequently shown their gratitude for the care we have given to their garments” says Mr. Mowbray Dacosta, operations manager. “Our service is our pride and we go the extra mile to make sure that all their needs are met and exceeded.” 



“I have been using Puritan cleaners for their dry cleaning service since 1980,” testifies a client of Puritan.

“Their Elgin Ave location is perfect for drop off because of its proximity to my workplace. My clothes are always ready on time and professionally done. Their customer service is of a good standard and I have always been a satisfied customer.”  

“I have been a customer of Puritan Cleaners for over 30 years. Their staff has always been professional and courteous and their jobs are well done. Their levels of service are naturally great,” comments Lynette, another satisfied customer.  

“I have been a customer of Puritan Cleaners from the Water Front location and on thru years they give great service and I am never disappointed in my clothing and household orders.” (J. Smith)  

“I have been a satisfied customer of Puritan Cleaners for over 40 years.” (B.O. Ebanks)  


Dry cleaning is our passion and our life,” concludes Mr. DaCosta. “Here at Puritan, we have been professional dry cleaners for over 55 years, and with Mr. Rose’s assistance we can keep abreast of all new technology and equipment that comes on the market as we keep on the cutting edge and grow with the every changing industry.  


Puritan drive thru service.