Puritan pumps water, dry cleans

Before there was a centralised system delivering water to homes and businesses in Cayman, people collected rain water in cisterns or had truck loads of water poured into them in the dry season. 

For Puritan Cleaners, which was in the business of doing people’s laundry and dry cleaning, water was an essential requirement. Because of this, Puritan Cleaners was spending significant amounts of money on purchasing truck loads of water.  

Owner Cardinal DaCosta realised, however, that if he could produce his own water, rather than purchasing it, he could cut down on expenses.  

He therefore dug a large well, and devised a system to separate the fresh water lens from the brackish water lens and passed it through a water softener system, which ultimately resulted in significant savings.  

With a ready supply of fresh water, all that was then needed was the equipment to get the water out of the well or cistern and pump it around the building.  

It was in order to answer this basic need that DaCosta formed a new division: Daco Water Specialties. 



Daco Water Specialties, which was formed 48 years ago, specialises in pumps and tanks, to ensure homes and businesses have access to a constant and reliable supply of fresh water, while waste water is carried away quickly and discreetly. 

Daco Water Specialties sells the widest variety of pumps and tanks, for domestic, commercial and industrial use, in Cayman. They range from regular water pumps and tanks, to grinder pumps for septic systems.  

For those living at the top of high rise buildings, who find the water pressure is just not quite enough, booster pumps are available to put that extra force in the shower water, and for those occasions when you need to transfer water from one place to another submersible pumps are available. 

For septic systems, grinder pumps will grind up solids in order that they may then be pumped.  

Farmers and keen gardeners may require irrigation pumps to water their crops or plants.  

As authorised factory representatives for Myers Pentair pumps, they also carry many parts. Those parts they do not have in stock they can quickly get hold of.  


Dry cleaning  

Puritan Cleaners has been offering dry cleaning and ancillary services in the Cayman Islands for 55 years now.  

Although most modern Cayman homes and rental properties have washing machines on site, many people own garments that are just too delicate for the rough and tumble of a washing machine and for them, there is dry cleaning.  

For busy office-bound executives and associates, Puritan’s shirt service will often save the day. With full schedules and precious little time for attending to the ironing, it’s much easier to drop work shirts off and pick them up a few days later smelling fresh and perfectly pressed. One hour and same day services are also available.  

Better still, the free pick up and delivery service means you don’t even need to drop off your soiled laundry.  

Puritan Cleaners supplies its customers with their own personal laundry bag, which they can add their personal contact details to. Just fill the bag with items to be cleaned and give Puritan a call. They will pick it up, launder the contents and deliver it back to your home or office.  

Once a year or so, most home owners like to freshen up their bedspreads, comforters, duvets, blankets and curtains, but these are large, bulky items that don’t fit in standard washing machines and often require special care. These are all items that Puritan can handle quickly and efficiently.  

Puritan Cleaners can also take care of your drapes, curtain or blinds – without you even needing to take them down. They simply come to your home and do the cleaning in situ. 

Hotels and restaurants that don’t want the headache of counting, laundering and sorting tablecloths, napkins and other linens can avail themselves of Puritan Cleaners’ table napery rental service. 

With four locations in Grand Cayman and the ability to transfer your goods to any of their locations for collection, keeping home and wardrobe ship shape and freshly fragranced couldn’t be easier. 


Puritan Cleaners can be found at:
Eastern Avenue, George Town
Arboretum, Elgin Avenue, George Town
Centennial Towers, West Bay
Countryside, Savannah