A fragrance just for you

Your choice of clothes, makeup, hairstyle and fragrance are all expressions of you as an individual – these seemingly small choices are what set you apart from the crowd. In a world of mass produced goods, expressing one’s individuality is the consumer trend of the last decade. No longer do we accept what mass retailers tell us to buy, we want to be the designers as well.  

Consumers want customised, made to order products. They want products that reflect their personality and style – and Scent Canvas, established just over a year ago, allows them to create exactly that: their very own fragrance.  

Once upon a time custom perfumery cost over $5,000 and was the preserve of movie stars and celebrities, but today, for less than $100, experts can guide you through the different fragrance families to create a perfume you love, that is just for you.  

The only custom perfumery service in the Cayman Islands, Scent Canvas offers two different ways to help you and your guests create individual, customised fragrances:  


Group perfume parties  

An inspired theme for a ladies’ night, birthday or wedding shower, Scent Canvas experts will come to your home, hotel or restaurant and guide your group through designing their own perfumes.  

Participants take home a boxed gift set containing their customised perfume decanted into an atomiser.  


Perfume workshops  

Alternatively, Scent Canvas will organise a time and venue, decorate the space, provide canapes and a welcome beverage, and host a special seminar for groups of six or more to learn about fragrances and where each person can create a perfume that is unique. Gift certificates to attend a fragrance workshop are available for purchase.  


Perfume blends  

Scent Canvas is the exclusive distributor for the UK-based The Perfume Studio. The Perfume Studio’s master perfumer, trained in the fragrance capital, Grasse, in the South of France, has spent years creating 18 different blends, each made from a range of different ingredients, which together cover the entire spectrum of fragrances.  

Citrus top notes – those you smell initially – typically come from bergamot, mandarin, lemon and grapefruit extracts, for instance, and are fresh, uplifting and wholesome scents. Spicy blends made with cardamom, pepper, coriander and nutmeg, however, hit the middle notes and have an exotic, oriental and mysterious character while a mossy blend is a base note that lasts longest and evokes sensuality and sophistication.  

During the sessions, participants will have the chance to smell and familiarise themselves with the characteristics of each of the different blends, while learning about the different notes, fragrance families and the emotions that each evokes in us.  


Create a unique fragrance  

It’s a relaxed, educational and enjoyable experience at the end of which you can mix and match blends.  

Guests will select three or four of their favourite blends and then choose the proportions in which they wish to combine these to create a fragrance that is unique to them.  

Each guest’s particular custom formula is decanted into their own 20ml atomiser and they will take time to think up a fitting fragrance name. Guests also receive a registration certificate, containing the fragrance formula, making reordering easy.  

The final concentration of the perfumes created by Scent Canvas are not less than 25 per cent fragrance to alcohol, making them stronger than the average Parfum (the highest concentration available commercially) and very long lasting.  


Gift boxes  

Gift sets are also available, with 5ml vials of various blends, a set of pipettes, blotters, an atomiser and instructions for you to create your own fragrance at home. Choose from Oriental, Fresh, Floral and more fragrance families.  


February specials  

Throughout the month of February Scent Canvas is offering a 15 per cent discount on regular prices for all products and services, making creating your own, customised perfume as affordable as purchasing a mass produced one.  

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon a custom perfume party is an ideal solution for those searching for a romantic gift. It’s fun, unique and a gift she will treasure – plus, it takes the guesswork out of choosing the right perfume for the gentlemen! 


Additional scent services  

As well as helping guests create their own fragrances, Scent Canvas can add a different dimension to your event with their Event Scenting service.  

Add evocative smells – think barber shop, a walk in the woods or dessert buffet – to your themed event, spice up a stage production with smells that will make it a multisensory experience or round out the perfect wedding event by perfuming the air.  


For more information visit www.scentcanvas.com or email 
[email protected]
Tel: 936-3500 


Smell and learn about the different blends before creating your ideal fragrance.