Seek help in creating your personal heaven

Your home is your personal haven. It’s your own personal slice of the world, where you are free to create the environment and surroundings that are perfect for you. While most people know what they do and do not like, however, if they are not experts in interiors – or exteriors for that matter – they will need the guidance of professionals to turn their vision into reality.   

Whether you have just finalised your architectural plans and are building your dream home from the ground up, or are renovating a commercial space, Robert Wood Interiors can guide and assist you through the entire process from start to finish. A hidden gem, located at 28 Commercial Avenue (opposite Tortuga Rums) in Industrial Park, Robert Wood Interiors is a one stop shop for anyone building, renovating or redecorating a property.  


Providing a full service, floor to ceiling   

Many who walk into the Robert Wood Interiors showroom mistakenly believe it is simply a retail store, or a lighting store, says owner and operator Robert Wood. In reality though, the retail and lighting side is only one aspect of the business. Robert Wood and his team offers a full service for all your interior and exterior needs from design and product selection to installation for both residential and commercial projects.  

Whether it’s a whole new bathroom or kitchen, updated fans and lights, contemporary furniture or accessories to add a decorative touch to the home, Robert Wood Interiors has a huge selection of products, with many leading brands represented.  

Customers can design and decorate their property from floor to ceiling and be guided every step of the way by the team at Robert Wood Interiors.  

Choose from natural hardwood floor coverings to porcelain or even carpets. Find the right windows for your needs and the window treatments to complement them. Fit out bathrooms and kitchens with plumbing fixtures and counter tops in the style of your choice – be it traditional or contemporary – and have them design and install a lighting system that will truly show your home in a new light. You will also find a full range of furniture and countless decorative items from lamps and mirrors to artificial plants, cushions and throws, all under one roof.  

Anything you purchase from them, they will install for you. They are proud of their workmanship and will do the job to the very highest standards. So much so, says Wood, that his team is often called in to correct mistakes made by contractors.  

This is why, while customers are always welcome to browse the extensive selection in stock, Robert Wood and his team is always happy to visit the job-site personally, to better understand their customers’ needs and assess the best way to deliver the results they want.  


An expert team  

Robert Wood Interiors is led by a small team of professionals who each bring their own expertise to the table, which together adds up to the best all round service possible.  

Robert Wood himself began his career in the furniture industry, training in both the manufacture and retail aspects of the business. From there he expanded into flooring and window treatments. He has always gone the extra mile to study, research and understand the products he works with and spent two years researching lighting before launching his own lighting line.  

Staying abreast of new trends and innovations is key to Robert Wood’s success and he regularly attends trade shows to ensure his own knowledge is up to date and he is bringing his customers the very best that is on offer. He is ably assisted by his partner Jeanie Lovingood, who has a background in merchandising and administration. She is equally knowledgeable about lighting and is also known as the “queen of window treatments”. 

Moira Handford brings many years worth of experience in retail management to the business, ensuring expertise in all departments.  


Eco-friendly products  

Robert Wood Interiors carries one of the largest selections on island of green products for the home or office. Whether it’s the most energy efficient lighting systems on the market, or low flush toilets, you’ll find ways to build and live greener. 

Choosing eco-friendly products needn’t mean sacrificing quality either: there are counter tops made from recycled materials that are as hard as the toughest stone, window treatments that will add character to interiors while cutting down air conditioning costs and attractive hardwood flooring and cabinetry made from sustainably sourced bamboo. The All Weather Coating systems, exclusive to Robert Wood Interiors in the Cayman Islands, protect exterior walls by repelling moisture and reflecting the sun’s rays, keeping indoor temperatures down and therefore keeping electrical usage down.  

From exterior walls and lighting to decorative interior details, Robert Wood Interiors can help you make your property unique, attractive and eco-friendly.