Gift registries make equipping the kitchen easy

Setting up home together as a married couple is exciting. Perhaps for the first time since leaving the parental abode, newlyweds truly create a home of their own – one that they plan on living in for many years to come. Rather than ‘making do’ with the furniture, appliances and accessories a house or condo is equipped with, this is a time to start furnishing the home with items that will last a lifetime.  

Of course, fitting out a new home is never cheap which is why, traditionally, wedding gifts have generally consisted of items for the home. The things you surround yourself with, and the style of your home, however, is very personal and with the best will in the world, not every friend and relative will be able to choose something that matches your taste and style.  

Gift registries are the perfect solution as the bride and groom can choose the exact items they would like to receive and the guests can then select from a list what they wish to give.  

Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, most gift registries will include a significant number of items that relate to cooking and entertaining. For those getting married, celebrating a house warming, birthday or other occasion in Cayman, Bon Vivant is the obvious place to have a registry for all things relating to the kitchen, and because they stock everything from corkscrews to stoves, there are gift items for every budget.  

A person wishing to set up a registry at Bon Vivant, usually makes an appointment, explains Cynthia Hew, owner of the store, to come in and discuss their registry. They are then taken through the entire store, so the knowledgeable staff can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each item and product line, and share their expertise on the most essential, long lasting and useful items to stock their home with.  

After browsing the store, interested parties make a wish list and the registry is set up. The in-store items that they choose will therefore be pulled from the main display and a registry area set up for them so that friends and family can come in, see the items all in one place and choose the one they want to gift.  

For friends and relatives living outside the Cayman Islands, giving a wedding gift from a registry could not be easier. The registry is added to the store’s website so that people both on-island and overseas can view the items and make a purchase online.  

Bon Vivant offers an exceptional selection of products, all of which are high quality, pleasing to the eye, and guaranteed to make kitchen tasks a pleasure rather than a chore. Some of the most popular items for registries include: 


Small Appliances  

Small appliances such as espresso machines, food processors and stand mixers are often considered a luxury and many people would not purchase these for themselves. Breville’s small appliances look great, have a long life-span and allow the home cook to unleash their inner barrista, baker or gourmet chef.  


Le Creuset  

One of the most popular lines by far, the cast iron enamelled Le Creuset pots come in a range of colours – from Caribbean Blue to Cherry Red, Flame Orange or Cassis Purple – that will brighten up any kitchen.  

“The cast iron items have a lifetime guarantee, which is almost symbolic of the lifetime bond of marriage and they are pieces that you can pass on to children, keep in the family and hold dear for years to come,” explains Louise Thomas of Bon Vivant.  


Knife Sets  

Good quality knives will transform the cooking experience. A good quality starter set of knives makes a great gift and Bon Vivant stocks top of the range, Japanese-made Global knives, which are good looking, exceptionally sharp, and durable. Victorinox and Forschner knives, which come in wooden block sets, are also great options.  


Wine Glasses  

There is no denying that wine tastes that much better when drunk from a beautiful glass. Riedel glasses, made from crystal and lead, are each designed for a specific variety of wine, to truly enhance the wine experience.  

At a lower price point, Spiegelau wines glasses are also excellent glasses, especially for those who like to entertain often. Wine accessories, glasses and decanters are great gift items that people usually treasure and celebrate each time they entertain friends and family.  

The registry need not be limited to only those items available in store, either. Through Bon Vivant one also has access to an online store with an inventory of over 80,000 extraordinary products for cooking and entertaining. Simply visit and browse the cooking equivalent of for everything from pots and pans to gourmet foods and recipe books.  


Breville espresso

An espresso machine is a luxury most people don’t purchase for themselves


Colourful and long–lasting, Le Creuset casseroles are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

caribfrenchovenfoodKnife Global

Global kitchen knives are exceptional sharp and long lasting.