Dine on the dock at Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Restaurant’s many dining options offer the perfect choice for celebratory parties this Christmas. 

Located in Breakers – just look for the charming blue and white lighthouse that marks its location – this waterfront restaurant serves up a creative mix of fresh, local seafood and Italian-inspired cuisine that is bound to delight.  

The new dock, which holds up to 50 people, offers true dining in style. Diners can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea with the waves gently lapping below and the cool, gentle breeze. 

Alternatively, for a more intimate gathering, reserve the Wine Port Room. This delightful, private room holds just 20 people, so is perfect for entertaining a small group of clients or for a special occasion with select friends and family. 

The restaurant’s new chef de cuisine, Sam Liyanage, along with his expert culinary team, has created an exciting new menu, reflecting Cayman’s fresh seasonal produce which is available at this time of year. This new menu is bound to delight old and new customers alike and have all coming back for more. 


Entertain in style and dine at The Lighthouse restaurant’s new dock. – Photo: File