Protect your home from the elements

Protecting your home from the elements is extremely important, especially with Cayman’s sweltering heat and inevitable hurricane season. Robert Wood Interiors & Lighting is offering a new, innovative service to ensure your house is protected. 


All Weather Coatings is the leading manufacturer of high performance protective coatings. These coatings serve as great alternatives to exterior latex paints and vinyl siding.  

All Weather Coatings offer six coating products; each with very different and very important uses. 

Cleanse360 is the all round cleanser. It removes dirt, grime, oils, mold and mildew and is specifically formulated to prepare surfaces for coating. 

SureBond is the glue that holds it all together. All Weather Coatings are the only company that uses a bonding agent and it has been developed very particularly to coincide with all their systems. 

Once your house has been cleansed and prepared for coating, there are three shields which can be applied, each with their own specific uses. PrimaShield acts as a stain blocker and a sealer which keeps tannins from bleeding through. ThermaShield absorbs temperature, this not only protects the exterior of your house, but keeps the interior of your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 

SolaShield, the final step and layer, protects your home from damaging sun rays, a must here in Cayman. This layer is specifically formulated with colour pigments of your choice and was tested to have a solar reflectance of 87.4 per cent, the remaining temperature that passes through is then absorbed by the ThermaShield layer. 

Alternatively, ExcellPaint is a highly reflective paint if painting is the option you wish to go for. It is formulated with the same technologies as the coatings but can be easily rolled or brushed on; reducing labour costs while providing a paint option that exceeds others on the market.  

From these six products, four systems are offered. “All-Weather Coatings uses an exclusive network of dealers to ensure our systems are installed only by Certified Coating Specialists.” says Rob Garrett, CEO of All Weather Coatings. “Each Dealer pays for this training and our systems are not just applied by painting companies.” 
SupremeShield is the ultimate of all coating systems anywhere; this system utilises all four layers of protection. PremiumShield uses three layers of protection, excluding ThermaShield. This is a useful system to use on walls that may have less exposure to harsh elements. 

The SuperShield system is an excellent alternative to paint and uses just two layers: PrimaShield for blocking stains and SolaShield to protect against sun rays. The last system is ExcellPaint. This system is a great alternative to paint and does not require removing of fixtures, only Cleanse360 and PrimaShield prior to application.  

All systems take between five and seven days to apply and can even be customised to suit your budget. “Our dealers can also offer combinations of all the systems to meet budgets, such as a four-layer system on high exposed walls such as ocean side or east and west walls and then use the three-layer systems on opposing walls.” 

As well as these innovative systems, All Weather Coatings also offer Eagle Water-Repellent, a penetrating sealer to protect and keep moisture out of porous substrates. Additionally, the highly flexible EZFill patching compound is a useful product if cracks need filling and repairing. 

“Our SupremeShield System comes with a 30-year warranty because it is time tested.” says Garrett, “The SupremeShield has been being installed since 1978; true longevity is still ongoing and results of buildings done in 1978 are still in excellent condition.” 

What’s more, keeping your house looking clean and new once it’s been coated is easy. “The great thing is the coating has anti-static properties so insect nest, dirt and grime just fall off with a garden hose and no soaps.” says Garrett. 

With the All Weather Coatings systems, protecting your home from the elements has never been easier.  


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house before

House before being coated with protective layers.

house after

House after being coated with protective layers.

wall before

A wall with cracked and peeling paint.

wall after

Wall repaired with All Weather Coatings protective layers.