Helping with headache paın

A visiting neurologist and headache medicine specialist is helping to treat a wide range of headaches at KY Imaging.  


Risa Ravitz, who is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, has been visiting KY Imaging in West Shore Plaza for the past year on a monthly basis. She has been treating a wide range of conditions, including numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, seizures, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, dementia and pain management, including back and neck pain, as well as pain linked to arthritis. 

Her primary interest, however, is in headache medicine, which focuses on the treatment of various types of headaches.  

“Headache medicine is the treatment of various headache syndromes, which include but are not limited to migraine headaches, cluster headaches, tension type headaches, trigeminal neuralgia and post traumatic headaches,” Ravitz said.  

“Each syndrome has a specific set of criteria and symptoms. For example, migraine headaches typically are one sided headaches, are throbbing and severe in nature, include light and sound sensitivity and nausea and affect women more than men.  

“This type of headache is very common and debilitating and is a frequent reason to miss work and daily activities and often is painful enough to bring people into an emergency room. These types of headaches are treated with over-the-counter medicines, migraine specific prescription medications, seizure medicines and antidepressants and, more recently, Botox.  

“Tension type headaches are also very common,” she added. “These headaches are less severe, usually bilateral and feel like a tight band across the forehead. They are also treated with over-the-counter medications, muscle relaxants, physical therapy and injections.” 

While headaches often heal themselves, people who suffer frequent headaches could be exhibiting the signs of something more serious, Ravitz explained, such as bleeding the brain, aneurysm, stroke or tumour. When necessary, tests – which can be done at KY Imaging – can rule out the more dangerous causes of headaches.  

Ravitz’s interest in headache medicine stemmed from her own personal experience. Having suffered with migraines herself, she said she wanted to help others manage their pain.  

Ravitz completed a neurology residence at Harbor University College Los Angeles in the US.  

“I was always interested in the brain and how it functions and it was natural for me to pursue a career in neurology,” she said. 


A full service medical centre  

KY Imaging has an inventory of cutting edge imaging machines that can be effectively used to diagnose a wide range of health disorders from sports injuries to heart conditions, and from neurological disorders to brittle bones. The radiologists on staff are all USA trained and board certified and are complemented by a team of resident and visiting doctors who provide expertise in specialities that include orthopaedics, neurology, cardiology, urology and vein care. Recently, KY Imaging also added a plastic surgeon to their roster of visiting doctors.  

Patients’ images and reports are centrally stored on the KY Imaging HIPAA compliant PACS system, which means that physicians are able to view their patients’ results from their own computers, wherever they may be located.  

Among the high tech equipment being used at KY Imaging are CAT or CT scans, an open MRI, ultrasound, X-ray and nuclear stress testing. 

Brain scan