BlackBerry for business

BlackBerry instigated the mobile email revolution, taking email from the desktop to the shirt pocket. In so doing it also kicked off the smartphone revolution with new and more capable devices coming to the market constantly.  

When it comes to businesses use, BlackBerry’s security and integration into existing corporate email systems still makes it a very attractive option.  

“Smartphones are a necessary tool for business; in today’s world, work travels with us wherever we go and having a smartphone means the office is always at your fingertips,” says Dwayne Mellaneo, head of corporate sales at LIME. 

When selecting a smartphone, it is vital to think about the features you use on a daily basis or would like to have. 

BlackBerry devices retain a strong following in the business market due to the level of security the service offers as well as the support for Microsoft Exchange Server. 

The company offers a wide range of handsets, from top end high performance devices to more entry level devices. 

The Bold range continues to be a firm favourite with top executives who need a handset that provides the best functionality to enhance their business life.  

“The Bold 9900 works with a company’s BlackBerry Enterprise Solution to provide corporate-strength functionality, enhanced security features and easier access to company information. Unlike traditional mobile phones, the BlackBerry Bold smartphone can be centrally managed and supported by IT departments,” says Mellaneo. Other benefits include remote address book look-up, single mailbox integration and push delivery of data from corporate applications. 

The company has also launched new handsets in its entry level Curve range. The new models offer access to BlackBerry features like BBM instant messaging, but greater battery capacity and dramatically faster browsing than previous Curve models make these solid devices for everyday use by entry level employees or for small to medium businesses looking to manage costs, according to Mellaneo. 

With 77 million users worldwide, BlackBerry is constantly striving to improve functionality, technology and maintain its competitive edge. Research In Motion, the parent company of BlackBerry, is also due to release the new BlackBerry 10 operating system in 2013, which will bring with it a whole host of improvements over the current operating system, according to Mellaneo. At the recent BlackBerry World conference that took place in Orlando, Florida, attendees were given a sneak peak at the new features that can be expected of BlackBerry 10. These include greater flow and ease of use, with features like glancing gesture of conversations, email and BBM, floating menus that allows the user to run everything in real time and streams all feeds to one place, a much improved typing experience with features including a personalised keyboard and greater use of gestures in the typing interface. BlackBerry has also recently introduced Mobile Fusion, the company’s next-generation enterprise mobility solution and RIM’s entry into the multi-platform mobile device management marketplace.  

“All LIME account managers are happy to sit down with customers and go through available options and also advise on any future technology that will be available to help businesses run in a more efficient and effective manner.” 

Bold 9900

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the flagship handset from BlackBerry. – Photo: Submitted