Sunshine dresses from Nikki Poulos

Summer is in full swing. It’s a time of year that is filled with fun, optimism and sunshine. Fashion at this time of year reflects that cheerful, happy mood and the Nikki Poulos collection, now available exclusively at Funky Monkey, is the perfect way to dress for summer.  

Australian born fashion designer Nikki Poulos has become a household name in the US almost overnight following her recent participation in the NBC show Fashion Star.  

The show, a reality competition, was designed as a search for the next big brand in fashion. 

Fashion Star pitted 14 unknown designers against one another as they vied to win a multi-million dollar prize to launch their own fashion collections in three of America’s largest retailers: Macy’s, H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue.  

The fashion designers included stay at home mums, teachers and engineers as well as design school graduates.  

Nikki Poulos, who grew up on a farm with no electricity, says she had to find creative ways to entertain herself from a young age. Sewing soon became a favourite pastime. 

In the early 1990s, Poulos created an eco-friendly baby clothing line called “Ecobaby,” which she sold in open-air markets, and eventually expanded the business to sell in major department stores.  

After several successful years, however, she returned to university to study for a degree in marine biology and her life took a different course, as she went into marine research and coral reef conservation.  

The lure of the creative world of fashion, however, was still strong and in 2008 she created her Nikki Poulos label.  

Her collections attracted a select but loyal following for several years, but it was her appearance on Fashion Star earlier this year that catapulted her into the limelight and shoppers across the US are clamouring for her designs.  

Jodi Hunter, owner of Funky Monkey in Governors Square however, has her finger firmly on the pulse of the fashion world, and she was selling Poulos’s unique designs before the show even aired.  

Funky Monkey is the only retail store in the Cayman Islands that stocks Nikki Poulos.  

Although best known for her elegant maxi dresses, Poulos also creates jumpsuits, wrap dresses and cover ups in a variety of eye-catching prints, from bold stripes to intricate patterns.  

Her designs are inspired by vintage styles, although she works with a variety of modern fabrics including rayon and spandex as well as various cottons and crochets. 

Her love of the outdoors has led her to create a line that represents the epitome of modern boho chic. Poulos dresses are the ideal island attire, as they translate seamlessly from day wear to evening wear.  

Because she designs clothes she would want to wear herself, Poulos’s dresses are comfortable, yet as suitable for wearing to the office as for lounging by the pool.  

Nikki Poulos believes strongly in supporting her local community and economy, therefore all her pieces are proudly produced in the US.  

Nikki Poulos