Take your car to the spa

Salt air, hot days and dusty roads can cause wear and tear on even the sharpest looking of vehicles. To keep you investment looking its best, turn to the Auto Spa. 

Why use Auto spa? 

Protect one of your biggest investments, your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle clean protects from insect residue, bird droppings, leaves and pollen that can etch into the clear coat paint finish causing damage. Leaving dirt on your vehicle will also dull the paint. More importantly, the salt air climate here in Cayman leaves residual salt on your car, which causes premature rusting if not washed off regularly. 

The Auto Spa is fast, efficient, affordable and saves you a great deal of time. You can choose an Express Wash if the outside is dirty, and if the interior is dirty you can choose Full Service; have the carpets vacuumed, dash and seats dusted, dressed and the windows cleaned, in no more than 15 to 20 minutes. 


Use the auto spa and protect the environment 

Whether you hand wash a car at home, in a parking lot or have someone do it for you, you will use at least 80 to 140 gallons of water. This goes into storm drains and directly into the sea, or it goes into the ground, polluting the ground water. At the Auto Spa, we reclaim 98 per cent of the water used and any residual goes into specially designed holding tanks where it is treated before it is disposed. This water is treated with an Environmentalist II-B water recycling system that has been designed to recycle water for reuse. This water is used for undercarriage and prepping of the vehicles and is mixed with fresh water to reduce cost. Using the Auto Spa not only saves water but it also protects the environment. 

In addition the Auto Spa uses Ryko’s High Foam Shampoo, which is an environmentally safe product that uses Foam Brite to provide a safe, soft gentle wash. This will enhance your vehicle’s gloss and lustre while providing a thorough wash for your vehicle.  

You can see the difference!  


Automatic washing vs. hand washing 

It has been said that automatic car washes scratch the paint and are harmful to the finish. This is false. Mercedes-Benz a few years ago had the Technological University of Munich do a comparative study of hand washing versus automatic washing with Foam Brite where they had vehicles on the street washed 26 times to duplicate the number of washes a car might be washed in a year’s time. One test group was hand washed the other test group machine washed. Upon completion of the test microscopic photos of the paint were taken and it was found that there was more scratching, marring and damage to the paint of the hand washed cars than the machine washed cars. 


It was determined that when a vehicle is hand washed, first time the sponge or mitt used to wash the car touches the dirty surface, the minute particles of sand and grit get into the sponge or mitt and each subsequent time it is rubbed on the car’s finish during the washing process it is latterly action like a piece of fine sandpaper. Whereas the car washes washing material is Foam Brite it’s bombarded with shampoo and water during the washing process which forms a barrier between the washing material and the paint preventing swirls or scratching. Plus the constant mist of water being shot on the brushes keep them clean of dirt and grit at all times. 


What is auto detailing at the auto spa? 

Auto detailing at the Auto Spa can involve a number of cosmetic car appearance services beyond a car wash including engine cleaning, wheel cleaning, asphalt and grease removal, interior clean and shampoo, buff, polish and waxing of paint. All of these services are required to keep the vehicle in showroom condition and protect your investment. Accumulations of dirt in the carpets can cause irreparable damage to the carpet and cause premature wear. 

Leather upholstery needs to be cleaned and treated to keep from drying out, which is particularly a problem in the hot Cayman climate. 

The paint must be protected from both the harsh sea air and the hot sun on our Island. There are two forms of auto detailing services available at the Auto Spa: 

Full Service Restoration Detailing Services – which is every possible cosmetic service. Such a full service can take two to three hours and requires that the car be left at the Auto Spa’s detailing workshop.  

Express Maintenance Detailing Service – as the term suggests this is a fast maintenance service that can be done in 45 minutes or less to keep the vehicle paint and interior in good condition. Services typically offered, after the carwash service, are express wax, express carpet shampoo and express seat shampoo.  

These are services that are performed on newer cars or cars kept in good condition and are simply to maintain the vehicle in good condition. 

An analogy to understand the difference between these two types of detailing services one has only to think of auto repair. Some repair shops will rebuild engines, transmissions, rear-ends, etc. as well as tune ups and brake jobs, while others will only perform tune-ups and simple brake jobs. The difference is between restorations of the vehicle, mechanically vs. maintaining the service. 

In most cases you cannot easily perform these services at home or in a parking lot because you don’t have the equipment, tools or proper chemicals and it takes far too much time. 


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Auto Spa

An interior and exterior clean can take as little as 15 minutes