Cooking up a Father’s Day feast

Are you lost for ideas for a Father’s Day gift? Sometimes the answer is in the most unlikely of places. Bon Vivant, the store dedicated to all things culinary, is brimming with options for manly gifts that dads will just love. And who knows – it might even tempt them into the kitchen more often.  

Cooking Classes 

Not everyone is a natural in the kitchen, but everyone can learn. And who better to teach you than the professionals? Bon Vivant holds regular cooking classes where chefs from local restaurants prepare a dish or meal in Bon Vivant’s state of the art double demonstration kitchen. Participants sit on the bar side and watch as the chefs explain step-by-step how to whip up delicious dishes. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal and audience participation is encouraged. Classes take place in the evening and those who attend are as welcome to sip a glass or two of wine as they are to stand and stir, whisk, grate or just sit and watch. 

Once the gastronomic delight is ready, everyone is welcome to tuck in and perform a little quality control.  


Classes for June and July are as follows: 

Wednesday, 13 June, 6:30pm – 8:30pm Chef Aaron Molloy from Karma will be hosting a special Father’s Day celebration class. Be inspired for Father’s Day as you learn indispensable BBQ techniques and discover incredible, bold and complex flavours on the Big Green Egg.  

Thursday, 21 June, 6:30pm – 8:30pm Chef Thomas Tennant from Michael’s Genuine will be teaching rustic cooking with fresh local ingredients. The class is aimed at those who like to shop local at the farmers’ market but may not know exactly what to do with the local ingredients they 
pick up.  

Tuesday, 17 July, 6:30pm – 8:30pm Chef Aaron Molloy from Karma will be teaching a class on how to roll those delicate sushi rolls and get creative while doing it.  

Thursday, 19 July, 6:30pm – 8:30pm Chef Ron Jacobson from Abacus will help amateur cooks sharpen up their knife skills and learn how to cook like a professional.  


Big Green Egg 

Far more than a simple barbecue, the Big Green Egg is the ultimate outdoor cooking device. Anything that you can cook indoors, you can cook on your Big Green Egg – and it’s guaranteed to taste better.  

The design of the Big Green Egg is based on an ancient clay cooking pot known as a ‘kamado’. The modern day version is an egg shaped insulated ceramic hull which, thanks to the efficient airflow control and precisely controlled temperature cooks food to perfection every time. The efficient design means that a bag of charcoal that would last you 45 minutes on any other barbecue, will keep burning for a good 12 hours.  

Whether you want to turn it down low and cook it slow, or crank it right up and sear in a flash, you’ll get moist, succulent meat every time.  

The Big Green Egg comes with a range of accessories that allow you to do far more than simply barbecue; for example, plate setters diffuse the heat allowing you to cook anything you would cook in an oven including casseroles and cobblers.  

Because the heat can be turned up to a whopping 750˚ Fahrenheit, you can also turn out incredible pizzas complete with that special wood-fired taste thanks to the Big Green Egg flavoured wood chips. Wood chips are available in a range of delicious flavours including mesquite, apple, cherry and Jack Daniels (made from the barrels Jack Daniels is aged in). Grill grippers allow you to lift the grill out without scorching your fingers and the ash tool makes cleaning your Big Green Egg out easy and mess-free.  

Bon Vivant sells Big Green Eggs in a several sizes to meet a variety of barbecuing needs. 


Man Law BBQ Tools 

Women cook, men grill – according to the makers of premium barbecue tools, Man Law. They know that it’s likely the only time you will find Dad taking the lead when it comes to cooking is if it’s on the barbecue. With that in mind they have developed a series of high quality barbecue tools – with a sense of humour. Whether it’s to complement the Big Green Egg or a stand alone utensil, Man Law’s barbecue tools make ideal manly gifts.  

The stainless steel tool sets are made from high quality steel with wooden handles. Thoughtful details like a serrated edge on the spatula and a built-in bottle opener are designed to make grilling that much more enjoyable.  

Tired of not being able to see what you’re grilling? The aluminium grill light is equipped with 12 LED lights and a flexible arm allowing for optimum illumination for the task at hand. To ensure your food doesn’t end up welded to the grill itself, Man Law’s specially designed baskets for kabobs, fish, hamburgers and corn mean you get all the benefits of grilling, without the mess. Smoker boxes, a variety of temperature gauges, leather gloves and steak knife sets all add to an authentic and delicious grilling experience.  

Don’t be fooled into thinking a kitchen appliance store is only for the ladies of the house. There are plenty of gift items, small and large, that will delight fathers and get into the grilling habit.  

Big Green Egg foods

Big Green Eggs allow you to cook anything you would cook indoors, as well as grilling.

Bon Vivant cooking class

Cooking classes take place on a weekly basis at Bon Vivant.

Man law bbq tools

Man Law’s BBQ tools thoughtfully incorporate bottle openers and serrated edges.

BGE lg

The Big Green Egg is available in a range of sizes from S to XL.