Human Resources: Scotiabank Cayman wins again

CISHRP was established 12 years ago and developed the top employer award to recognise leading organisations that attract and retain employees, contribute to the community, and create an environment that exemplifies respect, fairness and pride in the workplace. 

Scotiabank Cayman’s Human Resources Director Lovenia Ebanks says, “there is something very rewarding about watching people succeed.  

“It is great to see someone make a valuable contribution to a project and receive acknowledgment for it.  

“We stimulate a culture of empowerment and encourage people to participate in decision making in this company. That’s what makes Scotiabank such a great place to work!”  

The Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals, CISHRP, organisers of the Top Employer Awards programme have also agreed that Scotiabank is special place to work and has bestowed the their 2012 award to the bank for the second consecutive year.  


All about trust 

They define a ‘Top Employer’ as a place where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with.  

Doug Cochrane, managing director for Scotiabank Cayman, said that receiving the award is a public recognition of the hard work and commitment that Scotiabank displays to its employees.  

He explained that the bank creates a work atmosphere that stimulates employee engagement and camaraderie.  

“Our management team ensures our policies not only compensate staff well for the work they do, but we strategically execute programmes that track performance management, support constant training and retooling our staff. This gives them the skills set they need to advance in their careers and achieve their personal and professional goals.”  


In the community 

As the team lead for Human Resources, Mrs. Ebanks added that Scotiabank’s focus on teamwork was not restricted to the workplace, but was extended into the communities that the bank serves.  

“Our team bonds together through community activities as we take on programmes that improve the neighbourhoods in which we live and work.  

“When our team works together on these initiatives it fosters greater unity and connects us with a common goal,” she explained. 


Equal opportunities 

As a global organisation, with a footprint in over 50 countries across the world, Scotiabank, also strongly believes in embracing diversity and equal opportunities for all its employees.  

The bank has also been strategically highlighting female advancement in Cayman and throughout its international network.  

For the financial year 2012 , Mrs. Ebanks explained, Scotiabank Cayman will be continuing to work at strategically building leadership development, diversity and its Leading with Character series, which focuses on developing employees at all levels of the Organisation.