Charities Island Heritage CharityDrive initiative nets charities $30,000

The Island Heritage roundabout was the centre of a fundraising campaign organised by the Cayman Islands insurer from 24 to 26 April.

The goal of CharityDrive, in addition to raise brand awareness, was to engage the public to help Island Heritage donate up to CI$30,000 to three selected local charities, the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme, Meals on Wheels Cayman and the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

“We wanted to do something unique with our sponsorship funds this year, something more than just writing a cheque and taking a picture for the paper,” said Rhonda Serrano, marketing and communications manager for Island Heritage.

After several months of planning the team came up with the concept that involved the entire community and would see Island Heritage donate on behalf of each of the several thousand participants who drove across the Island Heritage roundabout between 7am and 7pm, liked the Islands Heritage profile on Facebook or sent a tweet containing during the three days.

For each drive-by, mention on twitter and “support” on Facebook, Island Heritage donated $1 on the community’s behalf up to a maximum of CI$10,000 to each of the three charities.

“The unique thing here is that people are actually involved in the contribution. Even though they are not giving, they are going to feel that they are contributing,” said Island Heritage CEO Garth MacDonald before the event.

The lead up to the campaign saw a media blitz to promote the event, which included newspaper ads, radio promotion, television spots and a pop-up ad on the Caymanian Compass website featuring an animated roundabout complete with circling cars.

Island Heritage coordinated with the National Roads Authority to install electronic counter strips on the roundabout to keep track of the number of cars that drove past. This information along with the social media numbers, was updated throughout the day on the campaign website that kept a real time tally of the community support.

The campaign was a huge success, Islands Heritage said, and exceeded expectations with all three charities reaching their $10,000 goals.

“We are extremely pleased with the tremendous success of the first annual Island Heritage CharityDrive, which brought together the community to donate to charity in a fun and exciting new way,” said Serrano. “CharityDrive engaged the whole community to help ‘drive up’ the total funds being donated, allowing everyone with charity dear to their hearts to get involved.”

Island Heritage has decided to make CharityDrive an annual event and invited charities to register their interest to be one of the featured charities at next year’s fundraiser.

Given the shorter lead time for the first CharityDrive, Island Heritage did not solicit applications from charities this year, but took a poll of staff and the executive team to select the three charities.

The insurer provided the charities with all of the multimedia campaign and promotional signage.

“The charities didn’t have to spend a dollar, we provided all of this to them. All we requested was support and to provide volunteers,” Serrano said.