Robert wood lighting and interiors

The sustainability of the planet is one of the essential elements of household products being developed today. To this end, Robert Wood Lighting and Interiors has streamlined their business model and inventory to accommodate even the staunchest of greening endeavours. 

The store carries options for flooring, which include porcelain tiles that consist of 40 per cent recycled products. 

“In order to qualify for the green LEED certificate, (porcelain) has to be made from recycled material,” said Wood. “Our porcelain is remarkably hard and incredibly durable, he added. 

Additionally, Wood pointed out that sustainable materials such as coconut and bamboo tiles that can be harvested every four years have become a more attractive option for flooring, as opposed to mahogany, which can take up to 60 years to grow to maturity and can tend to be more expensive. 

“Our products are grown in sustainable forests, which are replanted,” noted Wood. “In this economy you have to be a thinker and look for products that are highly sustainable. This means the customer’s dollar will go father and of course the better quality will improve their way of life,” he remarked. 

Wood explained that he is able to source mahogany but does not have to store the wood because of the rapid turnaround of about 10 days with which he is able to get it and many other products to the Island. 

Renewable resources are products that come from sources that can be reused such as premium paper-composite architectural surface materials from Richlite. These bring a warm, soft ambience to a room that is rarely achieved through stone or solid surfaces.

The versatile material is dense and durable, as well as heat resistant. It is used for countertops and is a popular surface material for wall caps, stair treads, work surfaces and related architectural applications. The Forest Stewardship Certified product is also both heat resistant and stain resistant. 

Many people have also been discovering Quartz, Silestone as a result of Robert Wood Lighting and Interiors. This greener alternative to granite has become a big hit with savvy homeowners who research an array of products in deciding what is not only best for themselves but also the environment. 

Quartz, Silestone is superior to granite with respect to sustainability in that the product is made from quartz mineral, whereas granite is a stone that has to be mined. Advantages of quartz include no bacteria, as is found in granite, as well as high resistance to stains and scratches and a low absorption rate of liquids. Silestone is also manufactured in more than 65 colours, three textures and various formats. 



Wood sells a wide variety of energy efficient lighting bulbs and fixtures, including the popular LED lights that, he said, have been in car headlights for years. But he also sells halogen lights. 

“The halogens we sell here are a cool beam, energy efficient halogen,” he said. “It’s a bulb that we resource from Germany, and the quality of light is just a clean, crisp white light.” 

Wood also sells fixtures and dimmers, products that go hand-in-hand with the lighting options in his store. 

“We represent Lutron Lighting Controls here, and Lutron is the major player in green technology for whole home controls,” said Wood, who explained that he spent over three years both researching and implementing the lighting division of his business. 

“Lighting is key! It adds value and a well lit property has tremendous resale value. It is something that you should never leave to the electrician,” remarked Wood. “There is lighting and then there is lighting,” he added. 

Wood pointed out that homeowners should make sure to have the correct lighting in the correct application to make sure it works for them. 

“When doing your lighting, you want to sit down with a lighting professional to determine you needs. We are all unique in that respect.” 

The lights stocked by Woods Lighting and Interior offer consumers a longer life span in addition to more illumination using less wattage. 



In the area of plumbing Woods Interior and Lighting is the distributor for Toto plumbing and is also the Island’s full line distributor for MOEN products, ranging from basic to high style. The company carries everything from Caroma toilets that reduce water bills by using only 0.8 gallons of water to flush instead of the 1.6 that most other units use. 



Bamboo flooring available at Robert Wood Lighting and Interiors.PHOTO:STUART WILSON