Green guide

Robson Construction/CayMag 

Magnum Board Products are a purely mineral product made from magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride used as a binder with fillers including wood flour, perlite and fiber reinforcement.

Absolutely no chemicals are used in its formula whatsoever. Magnum Board products are homogenous, not poured in layers so delimitation does not occur as it does with some cement board type products.

The manufacturing process is also eco friendly. Unlike gypsum based drywalls that produce 51 million tons of green house gasses annually, Magnum Board Products are naturally dried and cured eliminating the power intensive drying process needed for gypsum products.

In fact, the gypsum manufacturing process consumes approximately 1 per cent of the US energy supply. Magnum Board products are durable and virtually impervious to fire, water and insects including termites and carpet ants. It does not feed mold or mildew and is completely non-toxic. Also Magnum Board Products are completely recyclable. 

Go Gas Ltd 

Go Gas Ltd is the new premier Propane Gas Design & Installation Company in the Cayman Islands. From stoves, clothes dryers, water heaters & generators to outdoor lighting & BBQ grills – Go Gas Ltd is your choice for cost effective propane solutions with superior installation quality. Providing 24HR SERVICE – No job is too big or too small for Go Gas to install! 

Mr Go Gas wants to help consumers realise the benefits of switching to Energy Efficient Propane appliances from Electric Energy Guzzling appliances with the new Go Gas Energy Savings Calculator. The calculator will estimate how much you can save in energy costs each year by switching to propane appliances.

The calculator also estimates the amount of CO2 emissions saved by using propane instead of electricity as an energy source. Propane is the cleanest burning energy source available in the Cayman Islands. On average, switching to propane can save you over 50 per cent on energy bills and 50 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions.  

Go to to see your potential savings & contact Mr. Go Gas 927-6951 for a FREE estimate on installation. 


Grand Cayman Marriott 

Grand Cayman Marriott aspires to be a Cayman leader that demonstrates how responsible hospitality management can be a positive force for the environment and create economic opportunities around the world, and in the community where we work and live. 

Our ECO-Initiative includes energy efficient lighting, low flow shower heads and toilettes, as well as introducing a water and energy-saving linen program. The initiative will extend to supplying 100 per cent recycled note pads and pens, paperless billing, online event menus, eco-friendly water service, linen-less tables, and organic flowers upon request. In addition to operating as the most energy star certified property in the industry as part of Marriott Portfolio Brands, we will also involve our local work force in eco-volunteerism. 

OTIS Air Conditioning 

Imagine an office application with the reception, the meeting room, the president’s office; all part of the same system yet able to have different temperatures or being shut off without affecting other areas, realising tremendous energy savings compared to traditional centralised systems. Imagine this technology in your home allowing you to cool the room you use and not the rooms you don’t. 

The versatility of the new Daikin system, brought to you by local suppliers OTIS Air Conditioning Ltd, makes it ideal for all commercial or residential projects including retail stores, small offices, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities schools and multifamily townhouses, condos or single family homes. 

The revolutionary technology of the Daikin system allows for precise temparature control that constantly re-adjusts itself to the environment and changing occupancy. The system employs an inverter unit which will gradually increase the compressor speed, rather than turn on and off, based on the capacity needed to cool down a room.

Daikin uses non-ozone depleting refrigerants, minimises temperature fluctuations and reduces energy consumption by one-third compared to conventional on/off units. Moreover it is easy to install and offers an excellent balance between investment and running costs. 

Power Flower 

In addition to our large nursery of locally grown plants, assortment of pots, planters and water features – Power Flower provides a myriad of services including, landscape design and installation, landscape maintenance, irrigation, landscape lighting and interior-scapes.  

Power Flower is very aware of the landscape industry’s impact on the environment (positive and negative). They are committed to the preservation of the environment and are continuously implementing environmentally sound practices.

They engage in an Integrated Pest Management approach to managing pests: incorporating the combined use of biological, cultural, mechanical and chemical methods in a way that reduces the impact on human health and the environment. They also utilise a number of organic fertilisers and pesticides (horticultural oils and beneficial insects). 

Power Flower follows a number of xeriscape principles to create landscapes that require less water, chemicals and maintenance. These include utilising native and drought tolerant species, designing efficient irrigation systems, reducing lawn areas (incorporating more gravel areas instead), grouping plants with similar water requirements together and letting grass clippings fall back into lawn when mowing. 

Power Flower also composts all of their green waste generated during maintenance operations. 

Puritan Cleaners 

We keep on the edge of improvements for our customers no matter how small that improvement needs to be. It has always been the practice here at Puritan Cleaners that whatever equipment or systems necessary we get the latest.

Ever since Eco Friendly Go Green systems have been introduced to the laundry and dry cleaning world we have embraced it. Here at our plant at Eastern ave, our effluent wells are 80 foot deep and cased. We do work toward bettering our environment while focusing on the betterment of our product for our customers. Our Go Green Bags are a multipurpose bag. It can be used ‘A’ to carry clothing to process, ‘B’ as covering on cleaned orders at pick up, ‘C’ a breathable bag to store clothing in a closet, as leaving clothing in plastic covers may cause mildewing, and ‘D’ can be used as a traveling bag. Our aim is to offer choices and betterment to our customers. 

The Security Centre Limited: Crimsafe Security Screens & Ace Security Window Laminates  

Windows play an important role in the fabric of our homes. They allow in sunlight, control airflow, and provide views that connect our internal living space with the outdoors. 

Crimsafe security screens are designed to replace existing window and door screens providing energy efficient security, and hurricane protection that you can rely on. Crimsafe can greatly reduce the amount of heat entering your home, thereby reducing the need to run air-conditioning and lowering your energy costs. 

Security products for you home, office or vehicle: two out of three break-ins are carried out by breaking the glass – ACE Security Laminate products offer break-in and hurricane protection while providing significant glare control and 98-99 per cent UV reduction, thereby protecting your belongings from fading and solar damage. 

The Security Centre Limited supports clients through installation, maintenance and ongoing management, catering to all the demands of Cayman’s commercial and residential markets. We offer complete security solutions to suit every budget. Visit our retail store Vaults, Lock’s & Safes, conveniently located next to Butterfield roundabout. 


Mechanical Solutions – GeoThermal Systems 

Mechanical Solutions has recently become the authorised dealers for GeoComfort equipment and accessories, one of the world’s best manufactured heat pump. Geothermal has many applications and has been in use around the world for decades. Geothermal equipment works just as efficient in the cooling mode as it does in the heating mode. Mechanical Solutions strategic partnership with GeoComfort allows us to install and support Geothermal solutions in the Cayman islands. Mechanical Solutions has been in the air conditioning and building design business in the Cayman Islands since 2006 and is one of the leading designers and contractors in high efficiency air conditioning. 

Geothermal advantages – geothermal systems high efficiency arises from an effective heat transfer from your home or commercial building by circulating the heat through the much cooler ground. It produces hot water as a by product further reducing your utility costs. Geothermal AC can be used in a variety of applications; new construction, retrofit for both residential and commercial projects. 

Clean & safe – geothermal units do not use fossil fuels and do not produce CO2 gas nor do they require expensive, unsightly, and potentially dangerous fuel tanks. Equipment runs as quiet as a refrigerator, eliminating noise pollution.  

Longevity – geothermal condensing units are installed indoors doubling their lifespan compared to conventional units, and protecting them from the salt air, rain, and most importantly, hurricanes.