Creative Tech: 
Eco-friendly office equipment

Although most recognised as suppliers of audio visual equipment and home theatre systems, Creative Tech has had a corporate division for several years, which offers a number of equipment solutions for small and large businesses, including video conferencing and multi-function printers, interactive whiteboards, projectors and screens.  

Video conferencing 

The advent of video conferencing has made physically travelling to meetings and conferences a thing of the past: a codec, camera, microphone, television screen and amplifier can transmit live, real time images and sound between two locations, in exceptional quality.

Whether its two individuals or teams of one hundred or more that need to meet, video conferencing offers a cost effective and simple solution for people many miles apart to communicate face to face in real time.  

Creative Tech is the dealer for Polycom video conferencing equipment. “Polycom is the market leader in video conferencing systems,” explains Mario Barrett, technical sales representative. “They have researched and developed these systems and are pioneers in the field of video conferencing.”  

Although it is based on the same technology as Skype, Polycom offers a far smoother, more refined result. There are no dropped calls, echoes or delays with this software.  

“They have forward error correction, which predicts if there is going to be a drop out and actually compensates for it before it happens. It’s very advanced,” says Mario.  

Polycom also now has a mobile app you can use from your iPad or desktop, so that you can benefit from the technology for one on one meetings from your office or on the road.  

The basic set up includes a camera, TV screen, codec, microphone and an optional amplifier. A DVD recorder can be added to the suite, allowing one to playback meetings later on. Conference phones are also available for voice only conference calls.  


Kyocera printers 

Kyocera, a Japanese firm that has been producing electronic components and printer components for several decades. Kyocera believes in protecting the environment and as such makes their printers to be eco friendly. Not only are they eco friendly but they are also cost effective.  

The core of Kyocera’s ECOSYS technology is a patented long life amorphous silicon drum that allows toner to be replenished in the unit without disposal of the print drum. This not only cuts down the amount of waste, but also reduces toner replacement costs by two thirds compared to other printers.

In addition, these long life components result in larger intervals between service visits, saving money and reducing downtime. Mario explains, “The Kyocera drum on larger models will last for 600,000 prints, as opposed to between 100,000 and 200,000 prints on other manufacturers’ printers.”  

Additionally, Kyocera has developed a finer toner, which means less toner is used on each page. It is also fused at a lower temperature, meaning that the printer need not heat up to the same degree, therefore consuming less energy.

Furthermore, Kyocera has also replaced the lamps in the scanning unit with LED lights. Traditional lamps would have been 40 watts, whereas LEDs consume 0.8 watts. Over time operational costs of these printers will be significantly lower than those from alternative manufacturers.  

A variety of small and large MFPs, which take different paper sizes and print in colour or black and white are available through Creative Tech. Which printer is most suitable will, of course, depend on its intended use.  

The smaller MFPs for example, can stack up to 900 – 1600 sheets at one time and may only handle letter and legal size paper. A larger printer however can handle a far greater volume – up to 7650 sheets and paper sizes from Statement (5 ½” x 8 ½”) to full bleed Ledger (12” x 18”). The larger the printer, the more versatile it will be.  

For high volume printing needs, the largest of the printers have the capacity to stack several thousand sheets without one having to physically refill paper trays or empty output trays.  



A finisher – a separate unit that attaches to the printer – can be added, which will not only stack up to 4,000 sheets but it can also be set to bi-fold or tri-fold sheets, punch holes and staple sheets together.  

“For small or medium size businesses,” says Mario “This means you can actually produce your own leaflets and booklets. A small business could print their own brochures as and when they are required, without having to commit to, say, a minimum print run of 5,000 with a professional printer.” 

Additional accessories include the document processors, which can automatically scan documents. These scanners will scan both sides of a document without the need for anybody to physically flip the page and they can be set to scan up to 50 pages consecutively.  


DELL partner 

Creative Tech is also now a Dell Partner, which means they sell Dell products and services including, desktops, laptops, servers, and peripherals.  

They also provide corporate services such as remote server monitoring, online backup and inventory tracking. For larger customers Dell also offers integrated solutions, custom building PCs to suit company’s specific needs.  

Whatever your office equipment needs, the experts and Creative Tech are sure to be able to help.