Arch Solar and Smart Energy: A total-system approach

Arch Solar is an award-winning renewable energy systems integrator that has offered turnkey energy solutions to the Cayman Islands since 2008. Selected by the industry’s leading manufacturers for representation, Arch Solar offers its clients access to exclusive products, including the most efficient solar panel line commercially available.   

Finalist for SunPower’s Intelegant Award  

Arch Solar is one of five finalists for the prestigious SunPower Intelegant Award, an industry award that recognises solar installations that exemplify aesthetically pleasing, intelligent design combined with superior quality workmanship and excellent customer satisfaction. Arch Solar’s project in Grand Cayman was short-listed out of submissions by a network of renewable energy system integrators across the globe representing thousands of solar installations.

Arch Solar was retained to design the most efficient and attractive photovoltaic system maximising the space on the client’s second-floor patio roof. SunPower’s all-black, high efficiency solar panel was the perfect choice, not only because it elegantly blended into the roof line, but also because SunPower’s high efficiency advantage delivered more power per square foot as compared with other panels. The result: a stunning solar system that cut this home’s electricity bills in half. 


Cayman Brac’s first solar system   

Cayman Brac now has its first solar system, an off-grid, ground mount residential system that Arch Solar designed to power critical loads including a refrigerator, lights, TV, computer, fans, washer and well pump. This system is particularly fitting as hurricane season approaches and ideal for homes and businesses in Little Cayman and Cayman Brac where grid connection by renewables has not yet been enacted.  


Industry’s first solar monitoring for mobile devices  

With each system that Arch Solar installs using SunPower panels, it includes a unique monitoring system to optimise clients’ solar investment and help them save on energy expenses.  

“The SunPower Monitoring System enables our clients to track the performance of their solar system and stay on top of their energy usage,” said Dana Arch, director of Arch Solar.

“You can watch your solar power system in action and even view your energy information on-the-go with the SunPower Monitoring app for mobile devices.”

Arch Solar also monitors each of its installed systems to ensure peak performance and production.  


New all-in-one solar panels  

Arch Solar has launched a new solar panel series that integrates the solar panel and inverter into one product, offering customers increased flexibility to start small and add more panels later on.

This revolutionary solar panel line maximises the energy output of each individual solar panel and enables you to monitor each panel’s performance individually through the Monitoring System interface provided by Arch Solar.

The attractive design of these solar panels, combined with the most efficient and reliable solar technology, are backed by an industry-leading 25 year warranty and feature patented cell technology that captures significantly more sunlight than conventional solar cells. 


World’s highest-efficiency panels  

Arch Solar offers a series of solar panels that take the advantages of high efficiency solar technology to another level. The new SunPower E20 Series solar panel set a new standard for solar, achieving records for the world’s first 20 per cent efficiency panel and minimising the roof space required for solar installations.  

“Arch Solar continues to provide its customers with the best solar technology and greatest return on investment,” said Arch. “SunPower’s 327 Solar Panel maximizes energy production resulting in fewer panels per rooftop. With less panels and balance of system materials, our clients can benefit from lower solar equipment and installation costs.” 


Custom solar framing  

Arch Solar is pleased to represent Florian Solar Framing in the Caribbean. This custom solar framing encases each panel individually and includes internal wire casing, providing an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the traditional roof mounted solar panels. Arch Solar integrates its custom solar framing line in solar trellises, carports and canopies, which are designed to withstand 150mph wind speeds. 


Smart energy  

An energy audit should be the first step you take in energy conservation because it can help you assess how much energy is being consumed and provide recommendations on the most cost effective route to increasing the energy efficiency of your property. Smart Energy, a subsidiary of Arch Solar and the first company to offer energy audits in the Cayman Islands, is now offering the next level in energy analysis – energy modelling.

Through powerful simulation tools, its energy modelling services assist architects, property managers, building designers and owners with quickly targeting the most cost-effective energy saving measures with a view to increasing the building’s performance and reducing energy costs.  

“Our energy modelling services help clients make informed decisions regarding energy efficiency measures,” said Jorge Vera, founder of Smart Energy. “We have created energy models for a range of clients, from residential properties to school facilities to large commercial office space.” 

Smart Energy’s design tools enable it to model various scenarios for their clients using different building materials, appliances and energy systems, a critical step not only in the design of a new building but in retrofits as well.  


Home automation, simplified  

Smart Energy now offers affordable wireless automation and energy conservation systems that come with and control a range of devices like light switches, blind controllers, power receptacles, thermostats, alarm systems, door locks, video cameras and home entertainment systems, turning your smartphone, iPod Touch, iPad or computer into a Universal remote control.  

“Traditional home automation systems can be very costly,” said Vera. “However, our new automation packages provide clients with effective, reliable and affordable motion, temperature, lighting and power controls combined with energy conservation.” 

Smart thermostats 

Smart Energy’s product line is designed to help you conserve energy, save money and reduce your environmental impact. Their Smart Thermostats feature full-colour HD touch screens that are simple to navigate and easy to read.

They’re also Wi-Fi enabled, so you can programme them at any time from any place with an Internet connection. Featuring remote access and smartphone interaction, these smart thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature from your phone, perfect for cooling down your home on your way home from work!

They even send service alerts and reminders to you when needed. The Business Series Energy Management System maximises your building’s efficiency, reduces energy consumption and delivers significant cost savings, all with the convenience of remote management and online diagnostics. These Smart Thermostats are the ideal property management solution for homeowners, landlords, vacation homes and rentals and business owners.  


Complete energy solution  

Through an integrated approach, Arch Solar and Smart Energy bring a complete energy solution to clients starting with energy analysis and modelling through to efficiency upgrades and the implementation of their exclusive, high-efficiency solar systems. With a range of energy saving devices, automation controls and renewable energy solutions that include solar water heating, solar electric and wind, Arch Solar and Smart Energy’s product lineup and services offer a comprehensive energy solution to residential and commercial clients alike. 


Arch Solar also monitors the performance of their systems.