National Trust promotes green thinking

Earth Day, which is celebrated globally on 22 April, is the perfect opportunity to generate even greater awareness of the work the National Trust does in the community. 

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands has a very active April planned.  

There will be numerous events celebrating Earth Day throughout the month of April, culminating in the Earth Day fun run on Sunday, 22 April. This year, the event aims to be much more than just another fun run, with the aim being to set a green benchmark for other events to follow. 

This initiative includes a can recycling drive in the week leading up to the event as well as on race day, with the Trust placing receptacles at the Trust office at Dart Park on South Sound Road to allow people to bring cans in for recycling. The Trust will also have information available on where people can take cans for recycling once the can drive concludes on 22 April. 

The event, sponsored by PwC, will also aim to be greener than other fun runs through the use of biodegradeable and recyclable material wherever possible, thereby limiting the potential environmental impact of the event. 

The Trust will also be hosting sign-up events at numerous retail stores around George Town on 14 April and 21 April. 

In the run up to Earth Day, the Trust is also promoting a National Dress Down Day on Friday 20 April. The Trust even had special shirts printed for the occasion. 

“We are encouraging every company on the Island to get involved by buying a T-shirt from the National Trust for $10,” said Basia McGuire of the National Trust.  

Everyone participating in the dress down day is also asked to donate $5 to assist the Trust in its work. 

“In this way we aim to encourage community-wide involvement with the programmes of the Trust,” said McGuire. 

One of the most important elements of the Trust’s work lies in educating the community about its initiatives. Although a lot of attention is focussed on creating awareness in schools, the Trust is also keen on introducing the rest of the community to the work the Trust does. In order to further this goal, the Trust can present talks to companies focussing on the various programmes it is involved in. 

“We are very happy to come in and speak to a company about the work the Trust does or a particular topic you are interested in that you would like us to talk about that involves the work we are involved in as a Trust, we would be very happy to come in to your company to talk about it,” said McGuire. 

“We are trying very hard to focus on this – it is a way to reach a very wide part of the population. People might be interested in what we do but just don’t know that we exist,” she said. 

Companies can also have a big impact on the ability of the Trust to protect the heritage of the Cayman Islands through corporate donations. 

“Some corporations have chosen to contribute to the Land Reserve Fund, while others like to see their dollars go to certain aspects of what we do, for example historical work or educational elements of our work. You will always know where you dollars are going and you can specify how you would like for your dollars to be spent,” said McGuire. 

The Trust also welcomes companies willing to donate time to the Trust, whether through volunteer initiatives or through offering services to the Trust. 

The Trust will also be participating in the Music and Arts Showcase at Camana Bay on 14 April. 

“It’s going to be a really good opportunity for people who are not familiar with the work of the Trust to gain an understanding of what we do,” said McGuire. 

“We would really encourage anyone who is interested in the Trust but has not been able to come down to the Trust office to pay us a visit at Camana Bay.”