Underwear for comfort and style

Just because it’s mostly hidden under outerwear, there is no reason why underwear should be unsightly, or uncomfortable.  

Some recent innovations in the design of both women’s and men’s intimates are creating quite a stir, and getting people talking. Jodi Hunter, owner of Funky Monkey clothing store in Governors Square, shares two of the hottest new offerings in the world of underwear, both of which are selling as fast as she can order them in.  


Ooh La Bra!  

With strapless, off the shoulder and one shoulder garments dominating trends, it can be an exercise in futility trying to keep those bra straps out of sight. But who says you have to?  

Why not make a feature of them? Ooh La Bra’s range of designer bra straps are colourful and decorative. Attach them to any strapless or convertible bra and eliminate the need to keep tugging at and adjusting your bra. You can also attach the straps onto strapless dresses – no more pulling your dress up and it looks like a different garment altogether. Rather than flattening your chest, these straps will give you a welcome lift and draw some admiring eyes your way.  

Bra straps come in a variety of styles, from the high-bling factor rhinestone straps to metal chain, beaded, shell and pearl varieties. There are inch-wide straps for the fuller figure or dainty little ones for a more discreet look. There are looks suitable for every day wear, evening wear and weddings. Ooh La Bra straps will lend a whole new lease of life to those little spaghetti strap tops and light sweaters.  

“They are super easy to adjust,” says Jodi. “They come with a clasp the same as a necklace that adjusts the length. They’re also very comfortable to wear. I have a waiting list as long as my arm for the next order.” 


Saxx Underwear  

Wear these once and there will be no going back – at least if the feedback has been anything to go by. “Guys are literally coming in saying, ‘my buddy told me about this underwear that I have to try’ or ‘my wife bought me a pair of these and I have thrown out all my Calvins and I’m replacing them with a week’s worth of Saxx’,” says Jodi.  

These revolutionary men’s underwear offers comfort and support unlike anything that has been available before.  

Like many great ideas, the design was born from necessity.  

Brand founder Trent Kitsch realised men’s underwear was crying out for a better design during a fishing trip. After three days in a survival suit, he was experiencing significant discomfort and irritation – so he decided to do something about it. After returning home and working with a fashion designer Trent developed the concept behind Saxx underwear and its ergonomic comfort pouch: A boxer brief with two parallel polyester/spandex mesh panels that offer a barrier between a man’s package and inner thigh. The ergonomic design creates a comfort pouch that supports and keep men’s equipment in place, surrounded by lightweight and comfortable fabrics. The pouch is breathable, keeping the wearer, cool, dry and comfortable, whatever they are doing. No inner seams means no irritations and the moisture wicking waist band makes sure every pair of Saxx offers maximum comfort. 

Funky Monkey stocks boxer briefs in two fabrics: 24-Seven is a cotton/spandex blend made for long wearing everyday comfort. Ultra is a lightweight viscose/spandex that is a lighter weight, wicks moisture and is incredibly comfortable. 

Needless to say, they look great too. Available in sizes from small through extra large, Saxx men’s underwear comes in white, heather and black.