Refresh surroundings with artwork

The start of a new year is the best time to turn over a new leaf. It’s a time for fresh starts, shedding old habits and introducing change – whether it’s a change to one’s personal lifestyle or to one’s physical surroundings.  

There is no doubt that the spaces we inhabit, both at home and at work, affect our mood, attitude and general sense of wellbeing. A few simple changes, a touch of colour or a change in decor, however, can breathe new life into a house, condo or business space. 

One of the simplest ways to transform or update a room is by introducing some well chosen works of art, says Debbie van der Bol, owner of Pure Art gallery. It could be anything from paintings, large or small, to sculptures or ceramics.  

Artwork defines a space and conveys your personal style in the home, says van der Bol. A room with plain white walls will be altered completely by the addition of a canvas that brings to life the colours of the Caribbean, while some quirky and unique local pieces of art will lend a personal touch to a vacation rental condo. Art work in offices and boardrooms can equally speak volumes about the corporate culture and outlook.  

Pure Art exhibits and sells works of art by more than a dozen of Cayman’s leading artists, who take their inspiration from the aquamarine sea, the tropical flora and fauna and the traditional architecture of the Cayman Islands.  





Pure Art is now featuring a number of works by Hungarian artist Saba (Csaba Korsos – he dropped the C as nobody knew how to pronounce it) who has been living in Cayman since 1992. Saba has won a number of awards in Cayman and some of his work has been added to the Permanent Collection of the Cayman Islands. Saba typically paints oils on canvas, characterised by bold, energetic brushstrokes. Pure Art sells a selection of his recent oil landscapes and Cayman catboat seascape pieces, which are collected both locally and abroad. In addition to Saba’s medium sized pieces, Pure art has several larger paintings in unique colour palettes. 



Mark Frazer 


Mark Frazer, who typically paints in acrylic, has taken a new direction with his collection of sculptures of Rasta figures on bicycles, made from copper wire and plaster. These unique little figures will add some life, and a hint of humour, to any space needing a bit of a pick-me-up.  



Maureen Lazarus 

A very popular artist, Maureen’s acrylics on canvas are unique due to her addition of three dimensional details, which really make the subject pop from the paintings. Using papier mache, she creates raised leaves and branches on her vibrant paintings of endemic trees and plants that burst from the canvas, and even creep beyond the boundaries of the frame.  


Lorna Griggs  


Long term Cayman resident Lorna Griggs is a prolific painter and one of Pure Art’s top sellers. Her paintings range from tiny to vast, in both watercolours, acrylics and oils. Lorna’s miniature, framed watercolours make original art truly affordable and stand in stark contrast to her minutely detailed still lifes and sweeping seascapes.  


John Clark 

Although no longer residing in Cayman, John Clark continues to paint ‘old time Cayman’ in vivid oils that capture the peace and tranquillity of island life in years gone by. His paintings regularly feature old Caymanian cottages, sandy roads and plants in bloom.  


Debbie van der Bol also sells a number of her own pen and ink works as well as pieces by other local artists such as Avril Ward, Donovan Sewell,  

Dawn McTaggart, John Broad, Gordon Solomon and others.  

mark frazier sculpture

Copper wire sculpture by Mark Frazier.