Enchance home entertainment

Listening to music and watching movies are on most people’s list of favourite leisure activities. Creative Tech, suppliers of cutting edge audiovisual equipment and electronics, is the one-stop shop for those wanting to enhance their home entertainment experience. Offering the latest products from well established, reputable manufacturers, many of which are compact enough to wrap up and place under the tree this Christmas, Creative Tech can transform the quality of audiovisual entertainment at home.


onos Wireless Hifi System

New this year, Creative Tech is the dealer for Sonos Wireless Hifi Systems. These multi-zone music players will allow you to play


ll your music wirelessly, anywhere you like. A small and compact unit, the sound reproduction is surprisingly powerful. The player interfaces wirelessly with your iTunes account, allowing you to access your own music library as well as being able to stream radio stations from around the world. Want to play a different album? Wherever you are, you can control what you play through your smartphone or tablet computer. The modular system allows you to start with a single unit and expand your set up with additional units over time.

Paradigm Cinema Series

A whole home theatre system in one box set, the Cinema Series from Paradigm offers a number of options for stylish looking, space saving and affordable surround sound systems. The 100 CT system is a particularly noteworthy system, comprising five tiny satellite speakers aided by a compact subwoofer that can be hidden from view around the room. These award winning speakers produce high quality sounds to suit any budget.

Paradigm Millenia LP

Designed to lie flush with today’s ultra-slim flat screen TVs, the newly released Millenia LP speakers are less than two inches thick – and that includes the wall mount. You won’t find thinner speakers to match the flattest of flatscreen TVs. Easily installed – you simply hang it on a wall – the slimline speaker does not sacrifice sonic quality one bit.

Bose Soundlink Wireless Speaker

A great new portable device from Bose, the wireless mobile speaker from Bose links to any Bluetooth device to playback music from your cell phone, tablet computer or other mobile device. At 10 inches wide, 5 inches tall, and under 2 inches thick, it is small and lightweight enough to fit in a bag or backpack, yet provides impressive sound quality and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours of non-stop music.

The SoundDock 10 from Bose, designed as a music dock for iPhones and iPods, is also compact and stylish and can be Bluetooth enabled.

Bose Home Theatre systems

Bose has also recently released a home theatre system based on a sound bar, which eliminates the need for multiple speakers and complex installation and wiring systems: a single, long, narrow speaker installed above or below the television performs the function of the traditional five speaker arrangement wirelessly, creating the same surround sound effect by reflecting sounds around the room. These systems automatically customise sounds to the room’s acoustics. Choose from the basic CineMate 1SR system or the top of the line Lifestyle 135 system.

Flat Screen TVs

A quality HDTV flatscreen television is essential for an exceptional audio visual experience at home. Creative Tech stocks both Sharp and Toshiba TVs in a range of sizes from 19 inches up to the largest on the market today: Sharp’s recently launched 80 inch Aquos LED HDTV. This monster TV lends a whole new meaning to the concept of home cinema: standing at almost four feet high and seven feet across, the screen, which is backlit by rows of LED bulbs provides an outstandingly sharp and bright image and because of the longevity of LED bulbs, has a particularly long life span. LED technology also ensures that this vast TV runs very cool, thus keeping air conditioning costs down, in addition to consuming about half the power a television half that size would have done just a few years ago.

Need to see it to believe it? Creative Tech encourages the public to stop by their store at Bay Town Plaza, 36 West Bay Road to see and hear for themselves the difference these systems can make.

Many are simple and easy enough to install, so the average home owners can do it themselves, eliminating a frustrating wait until after the holidays are over to be able to enjoy one’s new toys. Creative Tech can however provide full installation services, and also offers pre-sales consultations free of charge, plus full manufacturer warranties on everything they sell.