Dynamic duo behind Dart

Organising the multitude of events at Camana Bay and keeping them moving smoothly is a big job for a team of two – with a little help from a friend. 


It seems there’s always something happening at Camana Bay. 

Take November, for example. In addition to the weekly Pan on the Paseo, Live on the Paseo and Farmers’ Market events, there were 24 other events taking place either in the Town Centre or at the Arts & Recreation Centre over by the Cayman International School. There were events like the Hedge Funds Care Gala; the Festival of Trees Showcase and Auction/Dinner; the Christmas Tree Lighting; Gimistory and lots more. 

Organising all of these events from Camana Bay’s side is a very small team of two dynamic young women – Molly Dalby and Davina Tresidder. 

The November schedule at Camana Bay is only slightly busier than other months, Dalby said. 

“I would say that on average, we do about 20 events every month,” she said, noting that those events include both public and private events, as well as the ritual events like Pan on the Paseo and the Weekly Farmers’ Market. 

Although their level of involvement varies for each event, Dalby and Tresidder are the point of all of them. 

“People would be surprised to know it’s just the two of us that pulls it all off,” said Dalby, adding that they do rely heavily on Jeff Zelaya, an employee of Camana Bay’s Maintenance and Facilities Department who does some of the necessary on-site work. 

“Jeff is our right-hand man,” Dalby said. “He’s our go-to guy and we couldn’t do it without him.” 

Originally from Texas, Dalby has worked for the Dart Group for four and a half years, coming to Cayman just after she graduated from college. 

“I was hired as administrative assistant,” she said. “Around every six months I’ve moved up to the position I am in now.” 

Dalby said the Dart Group has also supported her growth by sponsoring her in an event planning certification programme with George Washington University. 

Tresidder, who is from Cayman, took a different route to the company, having worked in event planning with the Massive Group for a number of years before taking the job with the Dart Group. 

“It was a hard decision to leave,” she said, adding that the Dart job offered her more room to grow. 

“There was a lot of opportunity here when it comes to events and being creative and having different challenges.” 

Because the two women have to work closely together – and in fact sit at desks right next to one another – it’s important for Dalby and Tresidder to have a good relationship, something they said they have. 

“We work together well. We’re at the point where we pretty much finish each other sentences,” Dalby said. “I think we both have strengths that complement each other to make a good partnership.” 

Tresidder concurred. 

“I think if I was doing this job with someone I didn’t get along with, it would be very painful,” she said. 

Although they have Monday through Friday office hours, Dalby and Tresidder have to be available during Camana Bay’s many events, which requires a lot of night and weekend work. But they like what they do, finding their jobs both interesting and rewarding. 

Dalby said the most interesting aspect of her job is that every day is different and that there are all sorts of events held at Camana Bay, from athletic events like the Tower Run, the Squash tournament and boxing, to culinary events like Taste of Cayman, to events aimed at children like the Halloween Spooktacular and Christmas snow days. 

“And we get to meet people from every sector of the Islands.” 

Tresidder said she likes the way the Camana Bay events are building a tradition for families.  

“You see all the repeat faces coming back and you see that they’re getting something out of it,” she said. 

New events are always being added and already existing events are fine-tuned and improved. 

“They’re always… growing and evolving.” 

Tresidder said her friends and family all approve of her working for the Dart Group. 

“They think it’s great,” she said. “I do get a lot of questions, but no judgments one way or the other. But there are a lot of questions.” 

She said she was proud to work for a company that supported community and Caymanian culture the way the Dart Group does, citing the recent sponsorship of the Catboat Club as one example. 

“The fact that they’re so happy for our sponsorship makes me proud.” 

Tresidder also enjoys the fact that there are many Caymanians working for the Dart Group. 

“In this building alone there are six Caymanians that I went to school with,” she said. “So it’s not like this is an expat company.” 

Dynamic Duo

From left, Davina Tresidder and Molly Dalby.