Christmas decorating

Although the Christmas hype starts months ahead of the main event, it is not until the home is decorated that one properly enters into the spirit of the holiday season. Once surrounded by trees laden with decorations, garlands, coloured lights and other ornamental pieces, the sense of celebration becomes contagious. 

Christmas is a time when one has licence to go overboard with decorations: no amount of colour, light and sparkle is considered too much. On the other hand, even the smallest decorative touches can transform a space from ordinary to festive at this time of year.  

The full range of Christmas decorations at Marksons allows one to tailor one’s decorating to the size of the home, the existing colour scheme and one’s budget. 

Christmas Trees 

Huge decorated trees in the store show off the array of baubles, angels, birds, silk flowers, candles and lights available and customers are encouraged to choose items off the trees. Each decoration is individually priced, allowing one to customise one’s own tree completely, although larger packs of decorations are also available.  

The different trees on display provide inspiration for colour combinations as an alternative to the traditional red and gold Christmas theme. This year why not go all out with turquoise and fuschia themes, or a more muted mix of turquoise and copper tones – or even a timeless combination of silver and white? This year, black, white and pink is a popular combination, says Anna Rose Washburn, managing director of Marksons Furniture & Windows. Matching nail polish and perfume ornaments can also be added for an unusual touch.  

Match table decorations, garlands and wreaths to keep themes consistent throughout the home. 

Budget friendly decorating 

If space and budget do not allow for a full-size Christmas tree, there is no reason why you cannot create a festive atmosphere with smaller touches throughout the house, says Ms Washburn.  

Smaller, pre-decorated trees are available, as are miniature versions, which sit perfectly as table centrepieces or on counter tops.  

Less is more this year and the trend is toward fewer, larger ornaments, rather than lots of clusters of small decorations. Ms Washburn suggests placing large, coloured balls in glass bowls and vases around the home and twisting two or three garlands together for a more striking effect.

Coloured ribbons, potted Christmas flowers and centrepieces with candle holders are all simple details that add colour and a festive touch.  

Garlands, lighted or otherwise can be hung over doorways, mirrors or pictures, and ornaments hung on nylon lines across foyers and hallways. Holiday scented candles complete the effect, with tones of cinnamon, citrus and cloves creating the rich, indulgent Christmas atmosphere.  

Marksons has made the switch to LED lighting for trees. LED lights do not generate the heat of traditional lights, will last for years to come, are safer and more economical to run. Battery operated candles are also a safer option, which can create the same warm effect but can be left on without supervision.  

Marksons is not only a one stop shop for all your Christmas decorating needs – it is also filled with potential gift items, both large and small. With everything for the home, from napkin rings and place mats to bedroom and living room furniture, plus everything in between, the gift potential is huge.

 New in, just in time for Christmas are bean bags for adults and children, wall art at phenomenally low prices and recliners suitable for every member of the family.  


Customers are encouraged to purchase decoratiosn off the trees.