From paper clips to PCs

Office Supply’s new 8,000 square foot retail facility serves all sectors of the population from business owners to school children, artists and everyone in between.  

When Stephen Heal says the recently opened Office Supply sells “pencils to laptop computers and everything in between,” he really means it. The huge retail space stocks far more than reams of copy paper and toner. 

“One of our largest suppliers is Office Max in the US and doing business with them allows us to be quite competitive in the market place,” explains Heal. 

It also means a huge variety of stock and among the array of pencils, pens, notepads and post it notes in every colour imaginable, there are green alternatives to be found: Recycled paper, pens made largely from post-consumer recycled materials and recycled ink cartridges.  

Office Max buys up used printer cartridges from manufacturers such as HP, Brother or Canon, explains Heal. They clean them up, refill them with ink, reseal them and re-sell them, clearly labelled with the brand and model of printer they fit. Office Supply display them alongside the brand new alternatives made by the big-name brands, which makes them easy to locate and the difference in price clear to see.  

“It’s saving the planet and saving us money,” says Heal, noting that the recycled cartridges retail at anything from $5 to $20 less than their new counterparts.  

Sharp dealer 

Office Supply is the exclusive dealer in the Cayman Islands for Sharp multi purpose printers and has a whole section dedicated to these versatile and functional machines. Far more than mere printers, MFPs today can scan, copy, print, fax or even email. “You can run your whole business standing next to your MFP,” Heal says.  

Easily operated with touch screens, each user can have password protected access, which stores their most commonly used functions for quick and easy access. Because these MFPs can store huge amounts of paper and perform so many tasks, they eliminate the need for many of the smaller traditional office appliances. One such MFP can serve a whole office or department, which equates to significant savings and also means far less equipment ending up in the landfill. 

“Say you have a 15 page document but you only want to print 13 pages,” says Heal, explaining the many functions of Sharp MFPs. “You just drag the two pages you don’t want down to the trash and 13 out of 15 pages come out. Sharp is way ahead of the game in terms of features and benefits.” 

The technical and support division means that help is always at hand for maintenance and servicing of Shapr MFPs, whether purchased through Office Supply or from third parties.   


Sending packages abroad has never been simpler: You can find the boxes, bubble wrap, padded envelopes, packing paper, labels and tape all in one aisle and without having to leave the store. You can then take your package straight to the customer service counter who can arrange fast and reliable shipping with DHL.

Art supplies 

Cayman’s artistic community has been delighted with the art and craft section at Office Supply, which is the largest on the Island is growing with every shipment. Paint brushes and pencils, acrylics, water colours and oil paints are available along with sketch pads, canvases and even easels. For those just starting out there are even books on painting. 

Print and copy 

For those who do not have home printers, or require a moderate number of copies or something rather more advanced than their desktop printer may allow, a full service copy centre is available. Customers can either use the self service printers, or seek assistance from the knowledgeable retail staff.  

Back to school 

School children are equally well served with a section dedicated to school bags, pencil cases, binders and more.  


In addition to small electronic devices like calculators, speakers and headphones, Office Supply stocks sophisticated electronics ranging from Kindles to IPads and tablet computers, Wiis, laptops and PCs. LIME also operates a store-within-a-store, which sells pre-paid phones, Blackberrys and telecommunications solutions for small to medium sized businesses. 

Office furniture such as filing cabinets and office chairs are also in stock and desks will soon also be available.

Office Supply has a very comprehensive selection of products in stock, but they have a wish list where customers can make a note of additional items they would like to find. The store is open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. 

OfficeSupply exterior

Office Supply occupies 8,000 square feet of retail space.