Green home renovation

Remodelling a home is no longer just a matter of creating the look you want.  

The impact of the finishes and fixtures you use on the environment has also become a very important consideration for homeowners.  

However, finding a point where the look you want and going green can coexist can be challenging. 

According to Robert Wood of Robert Wood Lighting and Interiors, deciding to take the environment into account when renovating your home does not have to mean sacrificing style or even limiting your options. 

“I figured sooner or later everybody was going to come around to where everything was going green and I have slowly been building towards that,” he says. 

When it comes to environmentally sound products, LEED certification is key.  



LEED certified 

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design has become the standard for green building certification since it was introduced in 1998. 

“I started with my flooring in which I offered the full range of flooring from eco-friendly products such as bamboo, cork and wood and now I have the largest selection of bamboo flooring with LEED certified accreditation of anybody here on Island,” says Wood. 

Even the hard flooring lines are green with the inclusion of recycled content, while the company also stocks Silestone counter tops, which is a manufactured stone counter product with strong green credentials as well. 


Bamboo does it 

When it comes to bamboo though, far from being limited to bamboo flooring, the range of products available is staggering. 

“We can supply anything in bamboo that you can think of, from a thatch hut on the beach, to a fence in your back yard, to a counter top, to cabinets and flooring.  

“You name it you can provide it,” says Wood. 

The store even stocks bamboo linens and towels. 

“Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource.  

“The bamboo that we use which is a LEED certified bamboo called the Moso bamboo. It only grows in certain regions of the world, and is a bamboo that grows straight, known for its hardness and its speed of growth,” according to Wood. 

Being green extends well beyond just the materials used though, with conservation of water and energy also playing a very important role.  



Bathroom too 

Due to a special focus on bathroom renovations, Wood is also the dealer for a number of LEED certified and green lines of bathroom fixtures. 

“We’ve become the local distributor for Coroma toilets. It is a product that has taken the business by storm, due to its water savings and no maintenance required,” says Wood. 

“We’ve become the distributor for Toto products, which is the world’s largest sanitary manufacturer and fully LEED compliant. Along with that we’ve added the Fluid line of faucets.  

“The quality and engineering is superb. When you look at the design, the feel and the touch you will be surprised at the price,” according to Wood. 


Green furnishings 

The green theme is also extended to furnishings and rugs, with the store recently adding a green furniture line, BKind. 

“We have our first sample pieces in the store, so our clients can view it and see what is being done with that. It is built on all recyclable materials and the fabrics are all plant based,” says Wood. 


Floor treatments 

Add to that a line of rugs that includes a rug made from recycled water bottles and you can outfit a room from floor to ceiling with eco friendly products, taking the green concept further. 

And speaking of ceiling, Wood has a long history in the lighting business, with extensive lines of energy saving lighting solutions by the likes of Lutron. 

To bring it all together, Robert Wood Lighting and Interiors offers a turn-key service when it comes to interior renovations, with the ability to take a project from design to done. 


Full service 

“Having background in all aspects of interiors it means I can provide a full service to the potential customer.  

“We’ve been concentrating on doing primarily bathrooms with some degree of kitchens as well,” says Wood. 

“We’re not going to be here for everyone, because we’re not a box kitchen store.  

“But if you’re looking for a kitchen for your home, where it’s your personal influence, where you want to put your personal touch on it, that’s where we want to concentrate.  

“Someone can give us a blank canvas, and we can turn it into a home.”