Future of Cayman strategic report released

The Future of Cayman Strategic Report has now been released and the response has been positive.  

At the official launch held at the Chamber of Commerce in July, Premier McKeeva Bush, Leader of the Opposition Alden McLaughlin and MLA for North Side Ezzard Miller each offered their support for this new approach to economic development and sustainability. In addition to this, the Premier signed an agreement with the Chamber, endorsing the initiative wholeheartedly. 

“No one is suggesting that this is a magic bullet that will solve all the country’s problems in one fell swoop.  

What is apparent though is that those countries that have brought their public and private sectors together to work collaboratively on a shared vision and strategy are seeing a faster and more solid recovery.  

The report is a starting point for Cayman as we put some strategies in place to give some solid foundation to our goals – it will not work in isolation but it will ensure that we are all pulling in the same direction,” said Chamber President James O’Neill.  

We know economic growth to generally be measured by a percentage increase in our gross domestic product, but the world recession and new economic power shift between east and west has left us with many other focuses including substantial deficits, employment loss and an increase in food and energy prices.  

The simple truth is we cannot sit still and do nothing – so let the ‘something’ that we do be a shared effort of resources, innovation and commitment.  

The Future of Cayman initiative is answering this need and we should feel proud and fortunate that our country’s leaders in both the public and private sectors recognise the power behind this kind of collaboration.  

It is not however the mission of a few – we are all able to contribute to the process in some way. The FoC strategy is about knowledge sharing and relationships as we build the Cayman we want to see. www.futureofcayman.com is an excellent resource and interactive website developed specifically to engage the public in the process and progress of the driver committees. Social media tools including a Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and a blog site allow anyone to offer feedback and suggestions along the way.  

But for those of you who feel you would like to be involved in a more hands-on way, the Steering Committee is recruiting individuals to join driver subcommittees that will work towards completing the identified objectives of the five key drivers.  

“Seldom does the opportunity present itself to be a part of the solution alongside such a wide selection of the community.  

Often we find it easier to moan about one thing or another, but now we have a clear opportunity to participate in a full functioning private/public partnership,” comments Co-Chair of the Create a Business-Friendly Climate driver Michael Joseph.  

“I urge all interested persons to reach out to one of our co-chairs or Steering Committee members or Chamber of Commerce and find out how you can get involved. You can also contact us through the Future of Cayman website.” 

Steering Committee members and co-chairs are listed on www.futureofcayman.com along with a downloadable version of the Strategic Report and supporting information.  

Businesses and individuals are also given an opportunity to endorse the FoC and upload their logo to the site.